Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve...

We are heading to the Matinee this afternoon with Grandma and Papa joe and all the cousins, then off to Jill and Tylers for our New Years eve Party! We have all sorts of goodies& Games planned, and Tyler will make his most delicious Shrimp dinner!!Mmmmmmm....
Then Grandma plays Bingo with all the kids with Prizes!
It is sooooo Cold here and still keeps on snowing!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Candace!

We hope you have a wonderful birthday, Filled with lots of loves & kisses...
I can't wait for you to see what we got you!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


My Mom and Joe are here visiting for the New year and so We all went to "Fat Cats" bowling tonight with all the Cousins! It was so fun, we put all the kids in their own lanes...Boys against girls. They loved it and well, The boys won!
Olivia won on the girls, which was AWESOME!! Then all of us adults played on our own lane.
Papa joe was the Winner, then Cory!!

Olivia and Hayes had the Cutest little bowling shoes! ;)

Grandma bowling it up...and unfortunately, behind!

Olivia Helping megan bowl a strike! Eating some "Costa Vida" for dinner, while bowling!Daddy showing hayes some Skills...
Olivia bowling all by herself.
Boston was actually bowling so good tonight, and came in 2nd place
Shae was helping out Olivia all night, which is why she won! The boys were the Big winners!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Soldier Hollow...

It was a beautiful day today up at Soldier Hollow. We went with our neighborhood and had an absolute blast! Thanks Jane, for putting it all together! Hayes & Olivia were old enough to go this year, and they didn't really like it. They did love the tow rope part, but not tubing down! They just played in the tubes and did their own kind of tubing fun!
Boston had a blast with all of his buddies, and it was seriously such a great day to go tubing!

Happy Birthday Darla!

It is the big "40" for my sister!! Woo Hoo....She is getting old. hehehe
She doesn't know it but she is coming over tonight for a "SUPRISE" Party at my house, she should be on her way, so she won't be blogging!

Happy Birthday Doll! I love you so much!
Hope you have a wonderful Birthday, and Have fun skiing tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day...

Awww... The magic of Christmas Day!
We had so much fun this morning watching the kids with their presents. Hayes LOVES his Train and Especially loves taking his Shrek and Donkey figurines and putting them in Olivia's Doll house! (he is hilarious to watch while playing)
Olivia got a cute little Pink kitchen and has been cooking for us all day! Another Huge hit was the Twintime Dollhouse, which is adorable by the way. They both have been playing with it all day.
Boston has been Rocking out to "Rockband" and was totally into the Drums, but now after Shae, Witney and Jaxon were playing with him today, he is now a total "Singer"!!
The game is seriously a blast!

He now can totally rip on his Ripstik! When can you ever ride your Skateboard in the House all day.....Awwww the Joy of Christmas day...

I just LOVE Christmas! I love the Anticipation of the morning, the feeling of not being able to sleep, opening Presents, Christmas Music, and Just being together as a family all day (in your jammies :))
But i mostly love the "Spirit" of Christmas that we feel throughout this time of year. It makes you feel a greater love towards one another, and helps you to want to serve others more! I am extremely grateful for the Gift that our Savior has given to each of us, and how lucky and grateful i am to be able to have that knowledge and feel of his love Always!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve with my Sisters...

We had our Christmas eve dinner tonight at my Sister Mindy's House, all my sisters minus one! We were missing you Rachel!!! Oh and my brothers were missing too. ;)
We had a Delicious Prime Rib dinner, mashed potatoes, mindy's delicious homeade rolls, and lots of other Treats!We played games, Sang Christmas Carols, and did the white elephant gift exchange for the kids. My Grandma Jacobsen came and she is turning "90" next month. She even played the piano for us while we were all singing along!
It was a fun night and now we are ready for Tomorrow!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Oh yah...Boston wrote santa a letter tonight saying "Only Read if you are Santa" He said he has been waiting his whole life to go to the North Pole, and asked if he could go with him and he won't ask for anymore Christmas Presents! Isn't that adorable! So now what do i do??!!(besides keep the letter for life) ;)

Grandma Hansen's Christmas Party!

Cory's Grandma has seriously like a gazillion grand/great Grandchildren, and we always have the funnest parties ever! Last night was her Birthday and so we had this huge production of the Nativity, Singing, Santa's Arrival with George of the Jungle! (I would have to explain that one;))
In this Nativity Tyler was the Donkey and it was so hilarious! My cheeks are still really sore today from laughing at him!
Then Santa came and brought presents to all the kids, which can take hours! It is such a fun Christmas party to catch up with everyone who we haven't seen for a long time.
This is just some of the Great Grandchildren.

Hayes did not LIKE this santa for some reason, but when i asked if he wanted to tell santa that he wanted a train, he Cried "Yahhhh"

Santa was so funny and asked Boston what he wanted for Christmas and Boston said "Rip stick" and santa thought he said "lip stick"! hehehehe

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We awoke this morning to some more Snow...
So the kids were dying to get out in it! They seriously stayed out there for 2 hours. Hayes & Olivia were doing Snow angels, it was so adorable, They didn't want to come in. So guess who got a whole lot of stuff done??!!
We had some Yummy "Candy Cane" Hot cocoa with an assortment of stuff to put in it.
Now We are going to go see "Alvin & the Chipmunks" We have been dying to see it!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Two weeks in"Paradise"...

First off let me wish my "WONDERFUL" husband a "Happy Birthday"! Cory has such a Sweet & Giving heart and would give you the shirt off his back..(so, please don't ask hehe) He is the greatest Father EVER, and my heart melts when i see him with his babies! I am Extremely LUCKY to have him as my Hubby and Best Friend!
So Happy Birthday Baby!
He turned the Big "36" today! We got home this morning at 10:30 am and haven't slept since 10 pm last night (hawaii time)
We Celebrated his Birthday in Hawaii at "longhi's" restaurant and cruised around on the Scooters! Geoff & Jenn came out for Christmas, so we got to play with them for our last few days. It was Very Hard to leave!!

We had the Most Fun, Family Vacation in Maui! Boston was truly rippin' it up on the Boogie Board & Skim board and then showed us how (it is NOT easy, btw) Cory & I finally caught on by the last couple of days of our Trip!
Hayes and Olivia loved the Sand, Ocean (well Olivia did) and Especially LOVED the Pool! They wouldn't get out and LOVED the Waterslides at the Grand Wailea pool. By the last day Hayes was swimming under water and was actually doing really Well, it's so funny! Boston Went to this Kids Camp at the Grande Wailea at night and had a BLAST, (I wanted to go!) They went Crab Hunting on the Beach, played Ping Pong, Pool, Arcade games, and Had a Huge Movie Theater with Snack packs and the works!

I loved Watching Boston on the Skim board, he & Chase made it look so easy!
"36" years old....And he's still got it ;)

Lacey came with us and helped out a ton, especially while we were furnishing/decorating the Condo! Geoff & Jenn met us for our last 4 days, it was so fun for us to have our Best buddies right next store.

Caden, Hayes & Olivia, thinking they are really going to ride the Scooter! Which by the way is an absolute Blast!

We had a Great time, and it is so fun to come home and get ready for Christmas!!
Hayes now will say "aloha", "Mahalo", and "Mele Kalikimaka"
He is quite the talker since he turned "3" it's Crazy!

Check out my Smugmug for more pictures... I had my new Lense, Sorry I couldn't help myself!

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