Thursday, April 30, 2009

Canyon Sports "End of the Season" Party!

We had a Great Ski Season this year!

   We celebrated with all the Employes of Canyon Sports up Millcreek canyon.  The Lodge was a Boy Scout camp and we BBQ'd Chicken, Hamburgers & Hot dogs and watched a Slide show presentation of the Ski year. It was great!

The kids loved running around outside and roasting S'mores. Boston and Ashlyn went fishing at the Pond they had right outside the Lodge.  They were loving it!

It was a great night and we are so Grateful for all the Hard work all the Canyon Sports employees put in.

Thanks for a Great Season.
 Come and see us next year for all of your Ski & Snowboard Rentals!

Are you kidding me??

This last Soccer game was FREEZING! I can't believe I had to bust out the Winter clothes again. This spring weather is very Unpredictable!
We had to watch from the car at Half time, it was seriously so Cold!

Luke & Boston found someones Jacket to stay warm. hahaha

KJ's Party...

KJ is one of Hayes & Livi's Bestest Buds! He pretty much had the Coolest "Star Wars" birthday party ever...

There Highlights of the Party were making their own Light Sabers and Then they attacked Chewbacca {excuse my spelling i am not star wars literate} aka "Gorilla man",
The Cake was UNREAL and delicious.  Jane is the Ultimate Party planner.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to you...

Today is my Best friends Birthday!  Yahoo...

Jenn, I wish I was with you in Beautiful Maui, celebrating your birthday!  

If I was with you we would start out the day with our favorite breakfast at Longhi's with a Cinnamon roll and their delicious French Toast. { oh actually we would start out our day with our favorite run, then breakfast, hee hee}
Then we would head to the Beach and do some Paddleboarding, laying out and just enjoying watching our kids play in the Ocean & sand for most of the Day. We would definitely have to jump out on that tramp and log just for a good ol laugh. ;)
  Maybe a quick game of beach soccer with the little boys and they would probably kick our butts! 

Of course it would be a Carb free day, it's your birthday!
 So we would have to have one of those  banana, strawberry smoothies at the Grande, Oh and some Round table pizza delivered to us for our Lunch. {I would make sure he would deliver it to us on the Beach} 

Then we would head back a little early like 4 ish and spend an hour or so at the Terme's and maybe get a massage.
Go back to get ready to send the kids to "Kids Camp" because it's Monday and they love "walkie Talkie tag!" take the Scooters out with our Hubby's for a yummy Steak Dinner at "Ruth's Chris" and maybe just finish the night off with lapperts Ice cream.

Oh that sounds so lovely.... Maybe i will go to lunch with my kids to Cafe rio today just for you. Hope you have a wonderful Day!

MISSING you so much...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Math Bowl

Boston's school picks 3 of the top Math students in each grade to compete in the Math Bowl.   It's like the Math Olympics!
Boston was chosen for the third grade along with two of his classmates.   They are given a problem, when they know it  they have to run and ring the bell.  The first one to ring the bell gets the point. {if the answer is correct}
 They had some super hard questions that i even glanced at Cory a couple of times to see if I was right.  
Boston was ripping through without writing them down on the board, he just did it in his head. 

He got "2nd" Place!

Boston (2nd), Audrey (1st), Mauren (3rd)

Way to go Boston you little Smartie Pants! He has already passed me up in math, his Dad has to help him.

Chicago Cubs

Were a little bummed that we couldn't be the "Boston Red Sox" this year, but the Chicago Cubs will be fine.  He plays with all of his friends the only one missing is Chase.

Boston Pitched for the first game, it was a little nerve racking for the Parents, but he did Great!

This last game he played Catcher and Rocked! He loves it and does so great at it. 
{it gives me an ulcer ;)}

This is now his favorite Sport!

Boston hit a double and 2 RBI's in one play!  Way to go Boston!!

The Victory Lap...


Soccer is one of Boston's favorite sports. He has enjoyed playing on the team with all of his Friends from Hillcrest.
  It is slowly coming to an end while Baseball season is starting.  It gets crazy with games or practices every night of the week.  Fun but Crazy!

Meet the "CYCLONE'S"

We lucked out this season, all of the games were on the fields right by the playground so my little ones loved it!!


Catherine & Olivia  are the cutest little buddies they are the same age and are in CTR 5 together.  Kind of Hilarious!
{Catherine is Elder Holland's granddaughter}

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy "Earth" Day!

Today in Honor of "Earth Day" we decided to ride our bikes with the kids to school.  It was such a perfect day  and  I love riding bikes with these guys. 
Even though it was Dressy day at School it didn't stop these kids.

Kiana/Myla/Jane {pulling KJ and Sela}/Boston/Me
Dusty {taking pictures}

What good sports riding in their dressy clothes

at lunch time I took the little ones (yep, all 3) in the bike buggy and we rode with some friends to the Park. We had a picnic and let the kids all play on the playground.  I love this 80 degree weather it's like a taste of Summer!

 My little Ivy might be the best baby ever to squeeze in between these little monkeys!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break...

We had a very different spring break this year.
 We stayed home and slept in everyday!  It was so nice to not have any soccer, baseball, scouts, car pools etc.   Boston had a sleepover every other night, or someone was sleeping over here.  Late Nights, Bowling with Friends, & Playing with Friends in the neighborhood all hours of the day. 
 It was great!


Hogle Zoo

We had Beautiful weather for our first day of Spring Break...
So we decided to head to the Zoo with The Carson & Curry Cousins.  The highlight there was the Carousel...

Lots & Lots of Rain.

 While Boston was out Bowling with some of his friends from school, I took the little ones to get some rain boots and let them jump in all the Puddles.  
Pretty much Paradise for "4"year olds! ;)


Well then the weather was ALOT different for the rest of the week!  
This is Utah Spring Break remember...


So we had a Great day playing Xbox inside and watching Movies, Oh and of  Course
Krispy Kreme donuts...
This day Mom got a whole lot of stuff done.


We woke up to the Most beautiful Snowy day!  Probably like 8 inches of Snow.
My Friend Roxy and I grabbed our kids so we could be the first ones to sled on the Fresh Powder.

Which meant time to bust out those Winter clothes that i had just put away 2 weeks before...

After Sledding we went with a bunch of our friends to see this darling Show...

We LOVED it!
"The Hannah Montana Movie"
{just bought the Soundtrack, it's darling}

After the Movie we went with everyone to one of our favorite Burger spots in Provo.
"Sammy's" Burgers and Fries.
There Shakes are to die for...



Still cold outside.

We went with our Taylor cousins to "Jump On It"  one of our favorite places where we haven't been in a while.
The kids loved it and got a lot of energy out...

Hayes {way in the back} Livi & Lucy


Finally a bit warmer.

Boston & his friend Myla spent a lot of time this week building their own fort in the Lot that is empty behind our house.  Seriously they even found Sod somewhere {oops} and layed it on the huge mound of dirt that was their Fort.  It was awesome!

They even made a Hammock...

Cory took them night Fishing  with the worms that they caught, since they both helped out in the Yard.  They didn't get home until 11 p.m.  They Loved this.

We had a great time just hanging out and planning each day as we go. 
 I only wish that "Spring Break" was 2 weeks!  
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