Tuesday, August 29, 2006

17 mo. Pictures!

These are the Cute Pictures that I was talking about in one of my Blogs. We just got them back today. How cute is Hayes in his little hat. I am having so much fun with this age. They are definatley everywhere, But so fun. They cruise all over the Kitchen with two tupperware bowls upside down one hand on each one and push the bowls all over. They prefer dishes and Drawers instead of toys. No, Seriously!
They both follow each other everywhere, if one of them has a hair brush then the other has about 2 or 3 coming out of my bathroom. They go from one room to the other & DESTROY! They are double trouble.

I love it when they first wake up in the morning and I have to carry both of them out of their cribs, Olivia says "no, No Hayes" She doesn't want him to grab her Pooh Bear, she is very concerned. Then after a little bit of a fight, they look & Point to each other and just laugh their little heads off, Its so cute!
Olivia is so cute with her words, She is starting to say Please and Thank You. Hayes love to say Dog! They have learned how to tell Deagon (our dog) to sit, Holding their fist out in front of them. Although, it doesn't really sound like SIT!
I am looking forward to trying to work on my Quilt! I need it to be rainy outside so I don't have anxiety. I feel like I need to be out enjoying the weather while it's still nice. And it has been nice!

Monday, August 28, 2006

I love early out Day!



Every Monday we have Early out day, So Boston came home from School at 2:30. It was a beautiful day so we went to Play Tennis and Then To the Skate Park! Brooke & Brigham came with us. Boston & Chase on Scooter, Brigham on Bike & Brooke on Feet, We should have had her wear Boston's Heeley's!

Family Pictures

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Boston's team is the Lighter Green, He is #5

Here he is trying to steal 2nd base

We had a soccer game this morning in Orem, and Baseball this afternoon in Heber.
Boston scored a goal in soccer, he was so excited! They were up 3 points to 1 and then the other team ended up winning. It was a good game!
Then in Baseball (they are the Sugar kings) they won 16-3 it was a great game! Their baseball team is amazing. They are all 7 or 8 years old. It is so fun to watch. It was cool, because we got to see alot of our friends from our old neighborhood in Pleasant Grove, Their kids were playing in the 10 yr old League in the Field next to ours, So that was fun to see them. They hadn't seen Hayes & Olivia since they were babies either so they were loving to see how big they have gotten.
Our next game is in Park City against the Miners. Boston played 2nd base, he did great! He just loves Baseball.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to Geoff

He is going to kill me when he sees That I put this picture up! SWEET

This is a picture of the Granum's in Lake Powell.

Since I have all day without Boston, I finally went and got Hayes & Olivia's Pictures taken at Fotogenix, they turned out Darling. Then I cruised around the Mall, they were such good kiddos! I finally used my Free 8x10's that they won from the Baby Contest back in July!
The guys to put my fence in are finally here today YEAHHHHH!!! So that's going up, I got my car washed, had lunch with Cory, bought Geoff's Bday present, Hayes & Olivia's pictures done, my house is clean -Now that's a productive day!
Now, after he's been gone all day, Boston says "Mom, can I go and Play somewhere?" What am I chop Liver!
Now we are off for a Date with our friends!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Today was Boston's first day of the First Grade! How Exciting for him. He was so excited to go this morning. He looked like a little Hottie! He had his hair all Fouhawked, His striped Polo, with his Brown Pumas and little messenger bag. He Looks so big! I am tempted to go see him at lunch today, but cory said to Leave him alone! so Maybe tomorrow. Here is his teacher Mrs. Whitaker with him. He did not want his picture taken, he was a little embarressed. That's OK
I just bought the cutest "Olivia the Pig" Material and so now I am off to Start my Quilt! I have the Quilting Fever

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I can't believe we did it, but we hiked up to the "Y" this morning. It took us 45 min. up and 20 min down. It's quite the hike too. We went with the Morton boys and Caryn. I couldn't believe how good the kids did. Sometimes Boston would start running.
The Bottom picture is of Boston on the "Y" which he even climbed to the top of that too!
So now That is off of my list of things to do. We were going to go to 7 peaks today but it's not open until 4pm now, All the kids are back in school.

Monday, August 21, 2006


School starts on Wednesday! I cannot believe how fast our summer went. I asked Boston "what are the things you want to do before School starts." He said "hike the Y", Go to an Orem Owlz Baseball game, & Go to the Skate Park". So Today we went to the Skate Park for another Grinding session. Then to Trafalga to play Miniture golf & Batting Cages, they weren't big enough to drive the Go Karts. (thank goodness)
We are now into the fall Schedule with Sports! Boston is on a Super League for Baseball, and has practice every day this week for a Big game on Saturday in Heber. And on top of all that he has Soccer games on thursday and Saturday with Practices inbetween. (and all day school AHHH!) It's a good thing he loves Baseball because we will be busy!
We had back to school night tonight at Hillcrest. So after his baseball practice, we just barely made it to meet his teacher, Mrs. Whitaker and see his classroom. He is so excited, he has a fabulous teacher, 4 of his friends in his class and his desk is right next to Myla, our neighbor. He is going to love it. I am a little worried about me!
We are going to have another fun filled day again tomorrow, I am trying to get all of my Boston time in! I am going to miss him! He is such help to me and i just love to have him home with me. We are thinking of Hiking the Y tomorrow! Tune in to see if it Happens. haha

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Congratulations Jake!!!!!!!

Cory's Brother Jake Graduated from BYU Yesterday! YEAH!
We had a Fabulous Dinner at Riverside with the Taylor Familly and Grandma & Grandpa Hansen.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Skate Park Junkies!

We went to the Skate Park yesterday and on monday with Chase (Boston's Buddy) and Brigham (Boston's Cousin), They are seriously really good on their scooters. Here are some of their sweet tricks.

Boston Found out today who his 1st Grade Teacher is! It's Mrs. Whitaker, and his friends Jacob, Hyrum, Myla, & Aubree are all in his Class. He is so excited to start school, and I am so sad! He is going to be gone all day long. That will be so weird to get used too.

We went to Riverside today and Boston got his Trophy & Ribbons from Swim Team because we missed the Banquet last week when we were in Powell. He was very excited cause on his trophy he had his name on it with CO- MVP of his Swim Team with his Buddy Chase. He was so excited, I told him he was voted "Most Valuable Player" and he was grinning from ear to ear, then he told his friends and then said to me "Mom, What's MVP?" It was so funny.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

She is FINALLY Walking!!

Olivia is walking all over, It started in Lake Powell and I think its final! 17 months old (adj) & She walks everywhere now, its so cute!
They are so funny together (Hayes & Olivia) They are such cute friends, they play so good, Hayes likes to move all of the Furniture in the house, Like Bar stools, Chairs, Hi Chairs Etc... While Olivia is cleaning the floor or tables with Wet Wipes, Her favorite thing to say latley is No, no, no... and She always says "I want it" while screaming or crying, its usually when hayes has something she wants too.
She finally got her very first Cabbage Patch Kid, She's a newborn with a carseat and Ba, Ba (her words). Her name is Loren Evelin.
They have been loving her all night. Hayes actually likes to suck on the babies Bottle, while Olivia is yelling No, No.... Nonetheless they are so funny.
We had an eventful day today, Brigham (Boston's Cousin) Came over and I took them to the skate park, (that is now 2 days in a row. wow, I'm nice) where they were tearing it up on there scooters. Then we went to Riverside to swim for awhile, then off to Soccer Practice for Boston and then to Brighams Soccer game. Now he is over at Aunt Jane's for a sleepover, He should be exhausted. Because I am!
We went to the skate Park yesterday too with Chase (Boston's Best Buddy), Here are some Pictures of there sweet Tricks!

Monday, August 14, 2006

More Photos from Lake Powell!

We're Home from our Vacation!

We got home from Lake Powell late saturday night! We had our Taylor Family Reunion. It was so much fun, The weather was fabulous and the cousins had an absolute blast. We stayed on a Houseboat for one week with 15 kids including baby Lucy and baby Sophie,& 14 adults, It was Awesome.
We did kneeboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, Tubing, CLiff jumping, Fishing, Jet skiing, etc..... The Boys set up a BUOY Course for the jet skiis, and that was so fun! The food was fabulous, we had every couple be in charge of one night of food, Cory & I BBQ'D Hamburgers & Hot dogs , Oreo Pudding, Chips and Homemade Salsa, and for dessert we made Peach Cobbler.
Between my sis-n-law Jane and I we got a ton of Photos and Video Coverage, Thanks to cory for my new purchase of my Canon Digital Rebel Camera. I just downloaded them onto my computer and I had taken 520 Photos!! I am sure that Jane has hit her Max of 1,000! (She got one too!) WOW, now thats some Photo Coverage. Everyone just knew to be looking Good at all times, cause you never know when we were gonna take your picture. What troopers! We got some great pictures too.
Boston's favorite part of Lake Powell was Fishing, He caught alot of fish, So did his cousin Ally, She caught 2 Striper Bass and then Todd caught one, so we (cory) decided to filet them, and they were good!
ALL the laundry is now done! WHEWWWW It helps when you have 2 Washers and Dryers, but now I have to put it all away! Boston finds out in the next few days who his 1st Grade Teacher is. So now we have one week of fun before school starts next wednesday!
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