Monday, May 31, 2010


if you know me and my husband at all, then you would understand how absolutely amazing  it is for us to be taking our 10 yr old son on real mtn bike trails!  

we are loving this...

Boston is now on a real mountain bike, so we couldn't be more thrilled! 
 He is doing so awesome.  
We ride the "lambert park" trail in alpine a couple times a week with him and he now rocks!  He is asking when we can put clip pedals on his bike! haha 

 LOVE this kid of ours.

love love love these pictures. 

"Schools out for SUMMER"

our neighborhood had an annual "last day of school" party!

It was HUGE! 

school got out at 10:45 am and we played until they were tired...
they had waterslides, dunking tank, lots of food~ hot dogs, cookies, ice cream, popcorn, twinkies, popsicles, chips you name it, they had it!

so many little friends and lots to do.

after a while we ended up having a water balloon fight with some neighbor kids and the kids were thoroughly entertained.  We ate "jello Popcorn" which is my sister mindy's specialty {to. die. for.} recipe will be coming later.  Then headed to the "lehi legacy pool" to play indoors since the weather was cold outside!

I love summer!!!!

oh and please don't let me forget!

the "summer buzz" was also a hit at the neighborhood party.
all boys were lining up to get theirs and i couldn't believe that Boston did it!  
He has GORGEOUS hair, but couldn't wait for the "buzz" haha

to: cooper and camden

on your baptism!

we love you!

Love: Boston

cowboy up!

good thing that our little cousin Camden had a "Cowboy" birthday party so we could ride some pony's.

my little kids loved riding these little pony's.  They think they are deprived from riding horses.  They don't understand why we don't ride all of grandpa hansens arabian horses. 

one day we will take these kids out on a real horse ride!  Until then, they can go to these sweet birthday parties. haha

love carson's expression in the background...


Thursday, May 27, 2010

cuppy cake...

was the name of the song that they danced to.  It was probably one of the cutest nights of my life.  She did awesome!  which is surprising because she was crying and nervous at the Dress rehearsal. 

But she did it and we were all so excited.

I love to hear Boston with her, he was so proud of his sister and ran back to get her right when it was done...

livi and her cute friend audrey so
excited to get their treats and flowers.
tutu cute!


Olivia's dance teacher  "mrs. alexis" is seriously so awesome.  She had so many other performances she was in charge of that night and still made time for the little ones, she got them a treat bag and put glitter on their face to make them feel so special. 

Love her!

all of her cousins dance at the "vibe" and were all dancing in the show that night.  They were so cute and so happy to see livi dancing! I think they were more excited than we were! haha

our cute neighbors came along to cheer her on.  We love these girls!

on to the tournament...

Boston has been in"sports heaven" lately.  He has had soccer, and baseball going on at the same time and has been doing  both very well. 

They are now in the tournament.

this last game we had Boston was on fire!  he caught 2 of the outs and threw both to 1st.  He later hit a double.  and played pitcher...

he's loving this game, and is making his daddy one happy man!

while we are watching our boy play intently... 

my little ones are loving all the playground time.

"celebrate utah"

Boston's 4th grade class learned all about Utah this year.  They put on the cutest concert for the school and then one after school for families.  The songs were so awesome and i even got teary eyed with the new Utah song that they sang.  It was beautiful!

His class showed dancing, talked about some of the early pioneer heritage and then sang some more.
Boston was pretty excited to have a main part in one of the activities.

they ended with the star spangled banner.  It was such a great little concert that they put on...


Was awesome!

I helped volunteer for the field day at Boston's school last week.  It was a Blast!  The weather was just perfect for water games & all sorts of sports games.  We literally spent the whole 4 hours outside!

The PE teacher was incredible, thought of a gazillion games and they were crazy, fun & silly.  The kids LOVED it!  We would rotate sections every 12 minutes.

I think i had one of the Coolest games that i was in charge of...

"football frenzy"

where  you have two different teams {yellow/red} and you line up on each side and throw the ball and if one of your team members catches the ball you yell "yellow Point" ( or whatever color you are)  you are also allowed to intercept the ball from the opposite team and gain a point too.
  we had a scorekeeper and a ball boy. 

it was so intense and so much fun!

Boston was all over this game, scoring points like crazy.  the cutest part was him and his friends would back up way past the line just to make it even more of a challenge. haha

some other fun games were Crazy soccer, sack races, water relay races, balloon toss etc, etc... soooo many games.  

Boston and his buddies after a big water fight!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"pool time"

This weather hasn't stopped us from playing at the pool.  They have a fabulous Indoor pool at the Lehi Legacy center.  We love this pool!  Waterslides, huge play center, baby play area and a lazy river. 

 yep all of this is


I think i especially love that everyone is still in school so their are NO crowds!

How do you NOT want to eat this one??
 ew she is so cute!!

this picture cracks me up... it's just my kids and summers kids, but yet it looks like the whole neighborhood came with us. 

Love it!

The living planet aquarium.

We went with our friends the birchall's to the Aquarium last week.  It was so much cooler than i thought it would be.  They had everything there... 

Our highlights were the sharks, stingrays to pet {olivia fed them}, miniature seahorses, Penguins, and the frogs.  
Seriously very cool.  

The best part was that we had our own "tour guide barbie" summer telling us all about the habitats and educating us on the fish! haha  
She comes here alot so she knew her stuff.

I love her expression in these pictures, she LOVED feeding the stingrays.  

i LOVE this picture of Austin!  He is so handsome, but how adorable is it that the penguin is staring right at him.  He thought that was pretty cool.

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