Monday, May 31, 2010

"Schools out for SUMMER"

our neighborhood had an annual "last day of school" party!

It was HUGE! 

school got out at 10:45 am and we played until they were tired...
they had waterslides, dunking tank, lots of food~ hot dogs, cookies, ice cream, popcorn, twinkies, popsicles, chips you name it, they had it!

so many little friends and lots to do.

after a while we ended up having a water balloon fight with some neighbor kids and the kids were thoroughly entertained.  We ate "jello Popcorn" which is my sister mindy's specialty {to. die. for.} recipe will be coming later.  Then headed to the "lehi legacy pool" to play indoors since the weather was cold outside!

I love summer!!!!

oh and please don't let me forget!

the "summer buzz" was also a hit at the neighborhood party.
all boys were lining up to get theirs and i couldn't believe that Boston did it!  
He has GORGEOUS hair, but couldn't wait for the "buzz" haha


Jenn Granum said...

Sweet party - dunk tank and all! I cannot believe Boston buzzed his hair! It looked so good!

{jane} said...

that is a serious schools-out party! it seems you have found an awesome neighborhood, they are totally your style when it comes to parties & kids!

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