Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday lunch...

Today we had "My Birthday" lunch with my girlfriends at Guru's! Jenn, my darling friend put it all together and had my favorite apple pie Caramel apples to hand out to everyone who came. Isn't that so cute!!
It was a Delicious lunch, and i love having Birthdays!!
Thank you everyone!

Back Row
L to R
{Jane, Crew, Lacey, baby Vinny (hiding), Tasha, Roxy}
Front Row
{Jenn, Kara, Caryn, Mindy, Daphne, Cynthia, Me}
My sister Jill just left with Camry... oops

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

oh my,

I think i could Seriously EAT these kids up...

Babe Ruth

Boston's 3rd grade class does a Book report every month. This month it was an Oral report on a Biography of anyone they wanted to choose. He Chose Babe Ruth, and learned so much about him. The kids got to dress up as their person and list facts about their Character and at the end the kids could guess who they were.
All of the kids did such great Jobs and I loved learning about all the things these wonderful Explorers did.
I am LOVING his class, he has such Great friends!

It was hard for him to not tell all his friends for a whole month who he was.

Way to go Boston!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hansen "Trunk-or-Treat" Party

Last night was the Annual "Hansen Halloween Party!" If you couldn't already tell, We LOVE Halloween! I love Dressing up and going to all the Parties. Cory, however is just a good sport, it's not his Favorite, but he dresses up every year regardless {He's the Best!}

Cory & I themed our Costumes around Hayes & Olivia. "TOY STORY 2" My kids are obsessed with Buzz lightyear and Woody, so how appropriate to have their Dad be Woody!

The Party was so fun. The kids did a Cakewalk, Costume Parade, got Awards & then we Trunk Or Treated! I am still amazed at how much candy they came home with!!

Little Bo Peep {Shannon}, My Sheep {Ivy}, Woody {Cory}
Jesse {Olivia}, Buzz {Hayes} & of course Boston {Richard Simmons}
I love how Hayes and Olivia LOVED our costumes, they kept calling us by name the whole night {little bo peep, and Woody}.

Boston did not want to match us, so he went with the Best Costume of all...
Richard Simmons

BUZZ {eating a cupcake}


Little Bo Peep and her Sheep

Woody & Bo Peep

I loved this one of Lacey and Tyson & Ziggy {yes even the dog was a Gangsta}

The Curry's as "Super Hero's"
I am very proud of you John for Dressing up. haha!!!

Most of my pictures didn't turn out so great, their was something weird with my camera. I must have had it on a different setting. Sorry! Check out Tasha's Blog for some more great pictures of the Party!
Everyones costumes were so fun!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


These babies were delicious!

After you put the caramal on, you drizzle melted Chocolate, and then White Chocolate.
Top with Coconut.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Loved it...

We went to see this last night, and we Loved it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

the the the..."Grinch"

{A 3 yr. old Conversation}
While talking about "the Grinch"Movie...

Livi- -"The Grinch is mean, i don't like him, he's so scary."

Hayes - "If you yuv (love) the Grinch Yivi (Livi), he will yuv (love) you".

Mom - "The Grinch is naughty at first & then he turns so nice, he's not scary".

Olivia -"mom i will hide behind you so the Grinch doesn't get me"

Hayes - "I will save you Yivi"

Hayes is such a sweet Brother, even though he can be a little crazy. But the bottom line with him is you don't mess with Livi's! ;)

They say the Funniest stuff together, i wish i could remember all of it!
I think this is my Fav. age!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Don't make fun of me, but i totally LOVED it!!

My niece Witney is a dancer in this movie so we had to see it on Opening night! I saw her 3-4 times dancing in the Lunchroom and as a doting fan of "Sharpay."

The Theater was packed and kids were dancing and Screaming the whole time, it was driving Cory nuts. Oh yah, the whole family went even my Sweetheart Hubby who is NOT a fan of HMS3! haha

Boston sat by the boy who played the little version of Troy.

Some parts were a little cheezy, but i still Loved it!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Palooza

Thanksgiving point has this Darling Event called "Pumpkin Palooza" around Halloween time. They only do it for one night and you have to be signed up ahead of time so they can plan on enough treats and Pumpkins.
The kids had a Great time carving their own Pumpkins and digging out the seeds. Cory made a SWEET  Black Cat for Olivia and Boston did an Awesome Spider, and Hayes make a
 Jack o lantern.
We went with the Carson's, and Curry's and then went up to Salt lake to Ruth's Chris for John's Yummy Birthday dinner!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I am putting my addresses on my Mac and need everyones Addresses for Birth announcements and Christmas Cards.
So will you all please Email me with your current Home address so i can get those darling announcements sent to you.



Pumpkin carving

We have a whole lot of Hansen Cousins {Cory's side} that we love to play with! Tonight we hung out with some of them while carving pumpkins and eating Pizza. The kids had fun and now have 2 darling little pumpkins to light up at night.(Boston and Cory were at Football practice)

Thanks Aunt Cheer for a fun night!

Left to Right
{Hayes, EsDee, Olivia, Cade & Carson}

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We BROKE her...

While playing a little too hard yesterday at the Park, Charlee Broke her Collar bone!
For more information on this, go to Boston's blog...

We can't believe it. Boston is so sad for her, she is out of dance and soccer for 4 weeks. After she went to the Dr to see if it was Broken, she was worried about Boston, because he felt so bad. She came over right away to show him. These two are so sweet to each other, they have such a special Bond.

We hope you get better soon Char!

WE LOVE YOU Sweetie!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A beautiful Fall day...

We couldn't ask for any nicer weather for our fall break! It has been 70 degrees and we are loving every minute of it! This is why I LOVE UTAH!!

My friend Jenn and I took our kids +Charlee (my cute little niece ) to Lunch and then to the Park to play for a while.
They pretty much loved it! They were running up and down the hill, exploring by the
river and playing relay races!

Oh to be a kid again...

Left to right
{Charlee, Olivia, Crew, Chase, Boston, Caden and Hayes}

Flag Football

This is Boston's First year playing Flag Football and he loves it. He is very into Football and we decided against Tackle this year since he is only 9! His Dad gets to help out with Coaching so that makes it fun. He knows the Plays and gets to play all different Positions.
His favorite is Wide Receiver!

I love this photo especially, with Charlee's head poking out the side of the picture. She is Boston's Cousin and has always gone to his games, Rain or Shine!!

Way to take him down Boss!

The "Haunted Forest"

This is one of Boston's Favorite places to go around Halloween! Which is hilarious, b/c he gets himself so freaked out before he even gets there. This year the Dad's took the older kids. We had all the little buddies from our neighborhood together and they had a BLAST!
Boston called me right when they got out to tell me all the Gross and freaky stories. The best was his Best Buddy Chase, who got so freaked out he threw up like 5 times! hahaha
This same incident happened last year too. It's the highlight now of the "Haunted Forest" hahaha

{I am hoping one of the other cameras turned out better, i had my little camera and the pictures don't look so great}

Before the Haunted Forest, we went to Witney's Birthday party at the Olive Garden with all the Family! She is now "15" Woot Woo! Witney Shares a Birthday with her Grandpa {my daddy} So Happy Birthday Guys!!
After the Haunted Forest we had our Cousins over for a Sleepover! These boys played Games all night and morning! I LOVE listening to them talk with each other, they say the Most hilarious things. We love having Cousin Sleepovers, even Hayes & Olivia were in all the Action.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Patch...

We started our Fall Break with "Cornbelly's" at Thanksgiving point. Their pumpkin patch is one of our favorites with so many activities for the kids to do. We went with Tasha's family and ate lunch at the Deli then headed over to the Scarecrow Festival where we met up with Jenn and Roxy's families. It was a little bit crowded, but the kids had a blast!

They had this Jumping Bubble that the kids would jump on and it was so fun!

{Tasha and Carson}

The kids LOVED the slide! I think it was their favorite part of the whole day.

Olivia didn't LOVE it as much as the Boys! haha

She did love it when she went down with Myla

The Horse train...

{Carson & Hayes}

What would it be like to go to Farm Country and not ride the BULL?!! This was Seriously so awesome, Boston hung on for quite a while too.
My sweet baby slept the Whole time, what an angel...

And of course the Pumpkins! Hayes was thinking he had big muscles to carry this Ginormous Pumpkin! haha

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