Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Babe Ruth

Boston's 3rd grade class does a Book report every month. This month it was an Oral report on a Biography of anyone they wanted to choose. He Chose Babe Ruth, and learned so much about him. The kids got to dress up as their person and list facts about their Character and at the end the kids could guess who they were.
All of the kids did such great Jobs and I loved learning about all the things these wonderful Explorers did.
I am LOVING his class, he has such Great friends!

It was hard for him to not tell all his friends for a whole month who he was.

Way to go Boston!


Jenn Granum said...

Good job, Boston! Chase said that Boston's was the funniest!

Jane said...

way to go, Boston! I hoped he burns that jersey, now that he's done... hehe.

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