Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rangers stars

Boston's baseball team "the rangers" had their end of the season party. 

throughout the games, the coach would give and honor the kids with 'rangers stars' like for home runs, good catches, etc. etc...

well Boston took the lead in "rangers stars" & the coach said some cute things about him and let him pick from the table of prizes.

they had all sorts of cool prizes.  wiffle balls in a bucket, bat and ball, bat bags, signed autographs from 'brandon mull' {the author of the fablehaven series} derek jeter hitstick etc etc...
Boston picked himself 
a "red sox" hat. 

he is starting to become a "real" red sox fan now.

after the awards, we ate ice cream and played in a baseball game with parents and 
siblings {and cousins} against the team.  
half way through the game, the sprinklers came on.

it didn't seem to stop the game though.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This past week has been so much fun, watching Boston with his friends jumping 
and doing sweet tricks off the high dive!

We used to sit at riverside and laugh at Boston and his buddy Chase at 5 yrs old trying to do
 sweet tricks off the low dive and twisting off the high dive with the teenagers.  
The teenagers would just cheer them.

I would have to admit, this has been one of the highlights of my summer...
sitting poolside @ riverside while my boy and all his buddies are literally backflipping,  doing gainers, aerals, and double flips with a twist off the "HIGH DIVE"  its so amazing!!  The college kids are just cheering them on, they chant  Boston's name and i get so nervous, but he amazes me!
These kids are so fun to watch.  Even Hayes & Livi got in on the action and were jumping off the low dive.

I am so mad that i didn't have my camera that day, but another day we went to our friends, the mortons pool and they did plenty of tricks off the low dive.

love these buddies!!

classic picture of these boys looking at "jacob's muscles"  that kid is totally ripped!!


these two just started jumping off the diving board. 
 now they LOVE doing it all by themselves and are swimming to the side ... it's awesome!

this little beauty just hangs with the kids... she loves to jump off the diving board to me!


we are in the "100's" lately and i am NOT complaining...
nothing but swimming going on around here & more diving.

love this picture...
check out his form, totally focused. haha

this day~ Boston landed a 1 and a half 


boston & his buddy brooklyn

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

steel days...

American fork had their annual "steel days" carnival and parade. 
 Cory's family is all from american fork so we are big supporters of this festival too! 

 We played at the carnival and then on saturday enjoyed the parade!  

I love that Boston had Charlee to ride on all those "Crazy" rides, while i took the little ones on the little kids rides.  

hayes & carson 
{two peas in a pod}
olivia on the dragon ride
olivia & camry

The Parade was hot.

they threw out a ton of candy to the kids and they were loving it!
hayes was involved for a bit and then when he got most of what he wanted, he sat back and enjoyed everyone else. haha

love that kid!

Boston got hooked up with popcorns, dvd {cosmo the cougar} candy and karate chopping.  Ivy loved picking up the candy and eating it right away.  so so cute...




Monday, July 12, 2010

despicible me

is hilarious!
One of my favorite summer flicks!

I am a huge "steve carell" fan so anything with him in it is going to be fabulous!

we literally laughed and laughed through the whole movie.... even little ivy.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

fourth of july celebrations...

were 'Spectacular' this year.

we celebrated on saturday the 3rd of July, 
sunday the "4th of july" 
and monday "the 5th of July"

this holiday is one of my favorites.  I love the parades, the colors, the patriotism everywhere, the colors of red, white and blue and the music that makes you tear up when you think of all those who we honor and who work so hard to make our country free.

'we are the home of the Brave'

I love that it was on a sunday this year.  My two favorite things...the gospel, and our country.  I LOVED in church when the congregation sang the "battle hymn of the republic" i totally lost it, the spirit was beautiful and to see so many others tearing up made my heart melt.  
We are truly blessed to be able to have freedom of religion & to live in such a beautiful country.

I love this country and am so proud to be an american.
"happy birthday america"

Cory's family got together for nana's delicious ribs & plenty of trampoline time!   Homeade ice cream and ice cream cones were to follow...

impossible to get all these cute little cousins to look at you and smile {normal} haha

cute little charlotte

livi & lucy

little miss 'chievious'


BBQ/Volleyball night at the Rhodes

swimming, volleyball tournament, croquet, & yummy food

we are big fans of "volleyball nights" at the rhodes.
  They know how to throw some fabulous summer parties.

below in the fireworks pictures,  Jane and I were experimenting with the night setting on our cameras.  I think they turned out pretty cool!

cutest little swimmers...

Boston & all his coolness



the little girlfriends...






July 5th 
Hansen family breakfast

Boston and his cousin Dalton presented the flag to start off our celebration.
We ate a delicious "kristy approved" breakfast with some other delicious treats.  The kids played Wiffle ball, balloon animals and made red, white & blue bracelets.   


My sister & I ran the 5k race at Provo's freedom festival that morning.
It was so awesome.  It's my favorite race of the year.  Everyone is dressed in the colors of our country and hot air balloons are everywhere.   Everyone {5000 runners} start the race by singing our "national anthem" and then the gun is fired and we are running through the parade route.  

It was so awesome! 
I finished in 24 minutes!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

happy '11th' birthday to my boy...

Boston is an absolute joy to have around!  Cory & I always say "how is this child ours?"
 he's such an amazing kid.  He sets his own alarm and is so responsible at getting himself ready for school, makes his own lunches, and gets to church at 8:30 EVERY Sunday and sits up in the front!!  {church starts at 9}
He pays his tithing all on his own, i haven't ever had to remind him.  He saves his money and NEVER wants to spend it!  we literally laugh that he definitely is not taking after his momma in that area! haha 

 He loves "adventure" and is a true "adrenaline junkie"  he needs action at all times.  I love how he is continually working on some sort of trick, either on a bike, skateboard, trampoline or diving board.  He is SO much fun to watch!  His energy is contagious...  now that is from his momma~wink

He loves his siblings like crazy and loves to tease and wrestle them,then make them cry!
 a perfect older brother!  

lately he loves to watch "CSI", Billy the Exterminator, Worse case scenario with Bear Grylls, discovery channel, and ESPN with his dad.  He loves crab legs, artichokes and his dads famous hamburgers! 

 He has been so pumped to play tackle football this fall and has been padding up and playing in the yard with the neighbor boys. It would be hard to pick his fav sport right now, but is very possible that right now it is football!

this child has become an amazing little chef!  He makes the most incredible omeletes, and chops everything just perfect, and it is so delicious.  A few times in the kitchen he has asked if chef's make very good money! haha

he is our first love, and we feel so blessed to have been chosen to be his parents,
 love you bos,

Happy Birthday...

The birthday boy...

turned 'eleven' on wednesday!

and for his birthday he could pick a birthday party or a getaway with a friend to park city!

He chose the 'get -away'

we stayed 2 nights at our favorite resort in Park City, at the Canyons, 

We picked up his friend Luke to come with us and we grabbed Mc Call  to help out.
that night the kids loved night swimming & shopping.  Boston's choice {nike factory outlet & adidias}  

the next morning we were going to go up in a Hot air balloon, but decided last minute against it since it was at 6:00 am and my little ones were a bit freaked out!

So instead we did the "Alpine slide, coaster and zipline" in Park City. The hot air balloon ride will have to wait.

Boston & Luke loved the zipline.  They needed some real adventure!


Alpine 'coaster' {our favorite}

Birthday dinner at "red rock brewery" 
another favorite of Boston's...

Night swimming!

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