Friday, July 31, 2009

The Lakehouse...

...was a BLAST!

My sister Rachel has a Lakehouse on Couer D' Alene Lake, Idaho. It was BEAUTIFUL.
We had a bunch of siblings come and visit over the 24th of July with their families and we all LOVED it. The cousins are so much fun, they are getting so big, graduating, going on missions off to College & some are married. We have such a Close fun family and it's always a blast when we get together.

Click here and here for more pictures... (as if i didn't have enough, heehee)

I love how my little ones {the younger of the cousins} LOVE being with the older cousins, no matter the age. They don't starve for attention!

Hayes Wrestled the boys pretty much the whole time!

Rachel is such a GREAT Hostess, we ate GOOD, and Played lots of fun games. My new favorite game is "Canasta"

We went Fishing, wakeboarding, kayaking, waterskiing, Surfing, TUBING, bike rides, celebrated 3 birthdays, went to SILVERWOOD amusement Park, played on the Beach, played ping pong tournaments, LOTS of Monopoly & just enjoyed all being together!
I'm ready to go back!

She SPOILED us rotten...

Hayes& Brody

Daddy & Hayes

Getting a tan

Rachel had all sorts of games & crafts for the little kids to play with and they loved it, even the older ones. haha

Bugging grandpa while he is sleeping.

My kids with Grandpa & Grandma


Olivia With the Goofballs ;)

Ping Pong tournaments

Brody & Hayes fishing off the dock...

Derek & Savannah

Brody getting ready to jump off the diving board

Taylor & Boston or Boston Taylor ;)
{oops out of focus, Still cute though}
Aunt Rachel, Brody & Livi
Brody sick of smiling for the Camera. haha

Cousins being Crazy

Grace & Charlee jumping off the diving board...


Brody & Hayes loved jumping from Tube to Tube

Jaxon & Boston Snorkeling

Daddy & Hayes

Shae & Jaxon


We had some little rides and some Crazy rides...
I wasn't on the boat for the SUPER Crazy rides with Uncle Cory.


We spent the day at this amusement park that was so Fun, they had sweet Rollercoasters for Boston and all the teenage adrenaline Junkies, and they had little kids ones too with a HUGE Waterpark that we went to after the rides!

The Log Ride


The waterpark of SILVERWOOD...
They had 2 wave pools, Tons of waterslides, a lazy river and a huge kids center that my twins LOVED...

Haley & Livi

Jaxon & Boston


Uncle Derek

Aunt Mindy
Derek P.
Uncle Steve Waterskiing

My Brother Derek got injured while Waterskiing. He shredded his hamstring and ended up having surgery...Bummer ;(
So he spent the last day recovering from surgery and relaxing on the Couch.
If you are going to get injured this is the house where you want to be... Uncle Steve is an Orthopedic Surgeon!

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