Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leadership day...

Every year people from all over come and spend the day 
observing the students and learning all about the "leader in me"  program at my kids school.   

I feel so lucky to be able to have my kids learning all these awesome principles and it
 starts with my kindergarteners!
 We  have fabulous teachers! 
voted the #1 Leader in Me 'lighthouse' school  in the western united states. 
this is part of Stephen Covey's 7 habits of highly effective people.

anyway the best part is Boston's class was interviewed and his 
teacher, so he is was on the news and was so excited.  look for him in
 the background of his classroom.

{press pause on shannon's tunes on the right}

Sunday, March 27, 2011

'Releve' {dance competition}

Olivia had her first dance competition on saturday with her company team 'boogie babies'.  
The dance comp was called "Releve" and it was at Mapleton high school.  
She performed 2 dances and they were awesome!!
 I still can't believe how adorable it is to see the little kids out there dancing. 
 they are sooo cute.

She did so good.  she wasn't even nervous at all!
Her first dance was called "baked a cake" and they won the highest points
 in their age division!!  

Her second dance was "hot hot hot"where they are wearing the red costumes.  
they got  what is called "white diamond" award for that dance!
they all got trophy's and the Vibe got to take the big trophy for "Baked a Cake" to put in the studio.

my livi was so much fun to watch.  she loves dancing, and is actually doing so good.
i think i loved most that she told hayes "remember you have to bring me flowers" haha  
she is totally our little princess.   I told her she doesn't really get flowers at dance competitions 
just at shows.  but guess who got her some flowers... her daddy! {he's a sucker}

liv with her cousin camry.

my camera died when it was awards times.  So i video'd instead. 
 And i was totally on the wrong side to take pictures of her.  she's on the far right of  all of the pictures.
remember i'm new to this stuff!! {sigh}

liv is on the far right.

again far right.

"hot hot hot"  she is the very first one coming out.  

and again... far right.

Friday, March 25, 2011

"spirit week" at school...

our school had "spirit week" this past week.  Tuesday was "sassy sock" day and i have
no idea where those pictures are.  Weird!   they had fun dressing crazy all week long.

 'perfect pajama day'

 'sassy sock day' {oops no pics}
but they looked so cute.  hayes wore his batman ski socks and olivia wore heart knee highs.  boston wore my striped christmas socks.  2 different ones! ha

'happy hair day'

this one just cracked me up... when we got to school i remembered cory wanted me to text him
  a picture.  Hayes is hilarious!
 my niece witney came over after school and had no idea about "crazy hair day" and said to us 
"wow hayes' hair is so cool like that'!  hahaha  she's a freak! 

'awesome accessory day'

'friday free dress'
{we are a uniform school, so this day is actually a big deal!} haha

after school today {early out} Boston had a "dodgeball" tournament against the junior 
high kids and his 5th grade team of kids WON the championship!  They were so excited 
especially since the championship game was against the "8th" graders!

We always go to see a movie on early out and today we saw this with some friends. 
 They loved it, i had a couple of laughs too.  Boston loves the books, he's actually reading the kids one of the books right now.  so cute! 

 Then we took our reports cards and went  to "krispy kreme." 
they reward all "A's" with an original glazed donut!  
How awesome is that?  

wow, this week went by fast!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

and the winner is...

from the "eyelash extension" giveaway is...

congratulations cassy.  email Jenni @
''  and you can make an appt with her.
thanks to all who entered!  

hanging with our cousins...

My sister rachel and her girls came to visit for their spring break. 
one of her daughters{lauren} is at BYU and one is at Utah State 
{jackie, she has the twin babies}and then of course us SISTERS!

 they came and we played with them all week. 
and to top the week off.  My mom and Joe came to play as well. 
kids were in heaven with all their cousins and crazy papa joe joe.

we ate out ALOT! went to see this movie, shopped, played with the twin babies,
 night swimming, jump on it, watched plenty of basketball with "Jimmer", and provo beach resort. 
good times! 


Provo Beach Resort.
always a blast!

 We love boy/girl twins in our family.~wink

***Malawi's pizza***
{my absolute fav!!}

*****Jump on it****
{st. patricks day}

night swimming at aunt rachel's hotel.
we pretty much dominated the pool everytime we went swimming!

'BINGO' ...
with grandma marlene is what my kids will always remember. 
 I love that my mom plays this with the kids everytime she's with them. 
 I remember playing it when i was little. 
my kids Love this!

 my kids with Grandma marlene and Papa Joe

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's day.

we filled up our "st. patrick's day" with plenty of festivities!

my kids were excited to wear green, eat leprechaun cereal, and drink green milk!
~those sneaky leprechauns. ;)

 my kids have this silly obsession of making a trap to catch the leprechauns!  boston was totally helping them to make some sweet traps.
i love that Boston gets super into it and made his own homemade note to the little kids from the Leprechauns.  Is that not the cutest older brother or what??

I surprised my kids and made them all green lunches!
livi and hayes only get a snack, so when i picked them up from school i asked "did you love your green surprise snack?"  and livi said "well i gave my green jello to evelyn because it looks yucky, but i ate the chips"
~stinker children! ha

off to school...

  then after olivia & camry finished up at dance we headed straight over to "jump on it"
 with our cousins, grandma & papa joe .

we had the whole place to ourselves!! 
So. much. fun


Ivy and her bff aunt Rachel

"jump on it" now has their 'foam pit' area open and it is incredible!!   
such a cool part of going there now.  Boston is such a trickster, i could watch him
 all day long on that thing.  
He pulls out tricks and flips and makes it look easy!
he did a double front flip, double lincoln? and a gainer and a half. 
 into the foam pit!  looks sooooo fun!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'boogie babies'

my little livi is performing! 
 she's been dancing up a storm lately.  her dance company team "boogie babies" is in a dance competition next week so the studio had the little kids perform at the "Cove Point Retirement Center" to get the girls excited and used to performing in front of lots of people. 

 This is her first year being on a company team and she did so good!!!
she does 2 dances and we couldn't stop smiling!!

liv with her dance company. 
{she is at the front right}

kate & liv

{liv is far right}

she has some very loyal fans!!  i love how everyone in our family gets so excited to see her.

camry and livi {cousins} are only 1 year apart

Monday, March 14, 2011

it's a "GIVEAWAY"...

i got succored into "eyelash extentions." 
actually i won them off of a blog post. 
Hurray for me!

i had no idea how much i would like them. 
 I actually was a bit concerned because some people i know
 that wear them look like they have way too bulky of eyelashes.  
but i went for it & actually LOVE it.  I didn't want them to look too full.
the best part is when you wake up in the morning. They still look great!

I figured this is the perfect time to do it, SUMMER is on it's way and 
no make up {less make up} is what i'm talking about! 

what i loved best is Jenni comes to your house, 
she's fast but very thorough, she uses real mink, and is such a sweetheart.
 we're good friends now. ~wink

so what is the "GIVEAWAY?"
 she is offering a free 'full set' of eyelashes to one of my readers!

Jenni's Description: Having beautiful, long, full eyelashes is one of the best ways to enhance your look and getting mink eyelash extensions is a perfect way to start off the year with a bang! Mink extensions are natural, affordable and effortless. Prices can range up to $300, but for 2011, I am only charging $75 for the first full set and $40 for touch up appointments. They are easy to maintain, will NOT be damaging to your real lash by taking good care of your extensions and are incredibly convenient! (Think of never having to wear mascara again!) Whether its a special occasion or a desire to have beautiful eyes all the time, mink eyelashes are a MUST HAVE! 
Check out my blog "alittleblinkofmink" for more information, FAQ's and photos of some clients. 

so here is what you need to do to enter...

~become a follower on her blog
~leave a comment here on why you would love these "minkie lashes"

a day in the life of...

 little miss ivy...
yah we know she is pretty spoiled rotten. haha

we love her like crazy!  
 at times she can get super bossy and demanding & she usually gets what she wants.
like her chocolate milk ba ba, pirate booty and treats while she watches Dora.
this picture cracks us up!

i love that she is watching tv,
playing the ipad, and also playing the itouch.

we're teaching her to multi task~wink.
love her personality so much.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

as if it came straight from my mouth...

i have always loved this quote!  
i believe it is very true!

check out the 'giveaway' here.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

i'm still here...

it's not like me to not be blogging daily, sheesh... what's my deal?!

I am still alive and just hanging out with my cute little family recovering. I've been watching
plenty of icarly, Good luck Charlie,Dora and lots of redbox movies!
we have early out on friday so we escaped to the theater right after school to see this movie...

we loved it.  lots of giggling in this movie.

We've been busy with Boston's state report.  I love that his teacher put all the
 states in a bowl and all the kids picked their state without knowing.  I love that Boston
 picked "Massachusetts"  how ironic. haha
we've been learning some very interesting facts. It is quite the state project too.  

The kids have been going to gymnastics and perfecting their flips and cartwheels.  
Olivia is getting ready to perform with her dance company at many competitions 
coming up and I am so excited!

Ivy is always cracking us up with the things she says... the other day she was hiding behind the curtains and we asked her what she's doing. she said "hurry & hide the cops are coming!" haha
where is she getting this stuff?!  She loves playing with the Ipad and watching her
 momma kick some butt at "angry birds!"

Cory is getting ready for biking season, he has a big bike trip coming up.  it's like torture
to see people outside running and biking while i am limping around on my foot. 
seriously, this weather has been amazing.

anyway, i'm alive and doing great.  I love taking the time to just hang with my babies and
enjoy the things that they do on a regular basis.  I occasionally  prop my leg up on the couch pillows while icing my foot and i am suddenly surrounded by all my little cuddle bugs.  Every child is sitting on me, laying on me or close by.  it warms my heart.  I could get used to this!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Groupon today...

check out the deal of the day for "Groupon!"
Canyon Sports is offering a bike tune-up for only $19! 
 That rocks!! 

I can't wait to get out and ride.  

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