Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Very well...

I flew to Idaho to have my brother in law Steve do surgery on my foot.
{he's an orthopedic surgeon}
 I've had a 'neuroma' for the past few years and apparently they are 'genetic.'
 my foot would kill after running long distance or even after skiing.
more like THROB!
my nerve endings in the left side of my left foot had
 all balled up and attached themselves to a cyst.
Well that was removed finally.

 Ivy and i were very well taken care of while we were there. 
Rachel was spoiling her rotten. yah, i know She's amazing!
 see her rehab post here.
we were loving it!
Ivy loves her aunt rachel, and banjo! {their cat.}
 She also made me the cutest little church bags for my kids, with their names 
embroidered on them! So darling.  yah, i know... i have the best sisters ever!!

  While i was recovering from this surgery, my darling sick husband was tending to the others, 
luckily i have very amazing in laws that came to the rescue!  

Well, I am home and everyone is doing much much better.
I am getting all caught up on my tv shows that i haven't seen in forever
My family is taking very good care of me, lots of helpers to help me crutch around. 
 and lots and lots of cuddles.
{they missed their momma}

 while at Rachel's i was introduced to a new favorite must see..
"Modern Family" 
it's so awesome, and i am now hooked. 

anyone have any "must see" seasons i should be watching?

i also got hooked on "Glee" and now have seen the whole first season!
i "dvr'd" the 2nd season and this has been so fun to watch.


Esther Attridge said...

How nice of Rachel! Modern Family is seriously the best - love it!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are home and recovering well, glad everyone else is better too.

Idaho Penningtons said...


Molly said...

I had that same surgery on both feet and the are both doing pretty well! It's so worth it not to have that stinkin pain anymore...I totally know how it feels!

Granum Family said...

Glad it went well! Modern Family is our FAVORITE show!!! We've been telling Geoff and Jenn they have to watch it but I don't think they have yet. Seriously look forward to it every week. Have you seen Friday Night Lights? We both love that show too!

{jane} said...

i know you are abundant with family to take care of you...but, if you still need anything - please let me know. and...

get well!
get well!
get well!

LOVE Glee...however, sometimes when we're watching it at bedtime we have to have a sudden PAUSE and "ok, it's time for sela & KJ to go to bed!...maybe myla too!" wink. it gets a little crazy! but, we love it & one of our Center Stage dancers is a frequent dancer, so it's really fun to see her appearances.

Kierstin said...

I am so glad that everything went well. I hope that you feel better and better each day. We love Modern Family too, it is so good! Glad you are enjoying it...I love when I find a show that I haven't watched yet and we get to watch the whole dvd!

Cassy said...

Rachel is pretty amazing :) It almost makes me want to have surgery so I can be taken care of. haha! Hope you get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Shannon! How painful?! Glad you got this taken care of. And, for the record, I am a total Gleek! Wishing you and your family a happy March!

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