Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aspire dance competition...

olivia had her first dance comp of the season on St. Patricks day, which meant 
the girls went early saturday morning while the boys stayed home.  too long of a 
day for those boys, but they will be to the other ones. 

we went with my sister Jill and her daughter camry, which made it fun for liv.  
she danced 3 dances.  2 jazz numbers and 1 hip hop! 
the hip hop dance is my all time favorite! it's ridiculous! ha.

when we had a break we ran to cafe rio for some lunch and then back for awards!
i love having me some girl time!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's day...

holy cow, it has been over 2 weeks since i've blogged.  i'm kind of a slacker, life has been busy!
i'm more of an Instagram-er now!
if you have instagram look for me... shashtay!

those silly leprechauns left some footprints and a mess in the kitchen. 

my kids laughed hysterically when they went to the bathroom. hahaha!

 We celebrated st. patty's on friday when the kids went to school in
 all of their green clothes! 
we had a dance competition early saturday and i didn't want to miss out on the fun.  

 i  sent them off to school with their lunches packed with all green 
{except their sandwiches of course} 

"gym on the bus"

Ivy started "gym on the bus" with her bff mckelle!  
 it's hilarious... this bus drives to your house and inside the bus is all this gymnastics equipment
where their coach teaches them for 30 minutes.  each week it is something new.
only in utah! haha

she loves it! 

scout winter campout!

Boston went on his very first Scout campout!  yikes!!  
he had so much fun! they had to snowshoe into their campground,
 and after they set up their tents and campsite they went sledding well they
 called it "redneck sledding" and he said it was crazy!!  

maybe i don't like to hear about the crazy stuff they do!

waiting for all the boys to arrive so they can pack up.  

state basketball tournament!

My nephew Derek's team made it to play for State in basketball! we packed up the family and headed to Boise to support the "Moscow Bears!"   

we had a blast hanging out with cousins and watching lots of basketball games.   
The first game mynephew hurt his ankle but continued to play and WIN the game.
later that night they found out that his ankle was broke 
and he had to be on crutches.  
So devastating to him since this is his senior year in high school 
& he worked so hard for this!

they ended up taking 3rd in the State which is still good, but they had the potential to win
the whole thing.  Derek makes about 15 points a game and so they really needed him to win.

regardless, we still enjoyed hanging out with our Pennington and Carson cousins.
lots of pool time!!

we saw the Lorax on Imax and it was so cute!  We loved this movie!

 our hotel room had a sweet huge tub the kids used as their hot tub every night! haha

then on our way home we ended up staying one more night at the "Grand America" hotel!

  they have the cutest little candy shop "Jou Jou's" inside the Hotel and it is darling!

finally it snowed!!

it finally snowed and the kids were dying to play in it!  it was actually the second time it
 snowed and stayed on the ground this winter.  The first time we went skiing and
 came home to sled and it had all melted so they were bummed! 
We have had a very mild utah winter.  

just look at these happy faces!
we LOVE snow!!

this one cracks me up with her awesome outfits!  she changes so many times in a day!

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