Sunday, March 18, 2012

state basketball tournament!

My nephew Derek's team made it to play for State in basketball! we packed up the family and headed to Boise to support the "Moscow Bears!"   

we had a blast hanging out with cousins and watching lots of basketball games.   
The first game mynephew hurt his ankle but continued to play and WIN the game.
later that night they found out that his ankle was broke 
and he had to be on crutches.  
So devastating to him since this is his senior year in high school 
& he worked so hard for this!

they ended up taking 3rd in the State which is still good, but they had the potential to win
the whole thing.  Derek makes about 15 points a game and so they really needed him to win.

regardless, we still enjoyed hanging out with our Pennington and Carson cousins.
lots of pool time!!

we saw the Lorax on Imax and it was so cute!  We loved this movie!

 our hotel room had a sweet huge tub the kids used as their hot tub every night! haha

then on our way home we ended up staying one more night at the "Grand America" hotel!

  they have the cutest little candy shop "Jou Jou's" inside the Hotel and it is darling!

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