Wednesday, February 23, 2011

oh yah, Baby!!

did you all see this weeks weather for Utah? It's going to be one rockin ski week!

apparently this is one of the busiest ski weeks of the season {besides christmas break of course}
so just wanted to remind you to get your discount  lift tickets and ski/board rentals at 
Canyon Sports, and enjoy the beautiful weather & skiing!! 
We have 5 locations from 106th south to Ogden.

click here for store locations.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'night owls'

Our president's weekend was spent with lots of advil and tylenol.  
I had a sick hubby and kiddos to tend to.  they all had high fevers and strep throat! ugh.
 Everyone was sick but Boston and me. 

We all had big plans of hitting the slopes multiple times this weekend. 
 Alta and Snowbird got 35" of fresh powder on sunday so we were all pumped
 to get out and ski on 'presidents day'. 
this was killing Boston!

so boston and i escaped with my niece shae for some night skiing at sundance on 
monday night.
it was Awesome!  
The weather was beautiful and i was surprised at how much powder 
Sundance had.  and the best part, NO lines!!
It was so fun to ski under the lights.

so my thoughts on night skiing?... LOVE IT!

{pictures are all from my camera phone, sorry!} 

Friday, February 18, 2011

survival swimming...

 We just fininshed up a 3 week program for swimming.
Pam is extremely skilled in the swimming department, specializing in
'survival swimming' with mostly small children.
 Olivia and Hayes have swam with her before and so now
she is teaching them strokes and they both can swim the length of the pool
with no problems at all.  They are such great little swimmers,
 and ready for the swim team!

this year  my little 2 year old started, and i was so nervous for her... 
  she did so good.  she knows where her 'safe place' is if she needs some air.  
It's amazing!  this is Ivy's first year.

We love swimming with Pam
She's wonderful.  I love how she is so calm and patient with the kids.  
even if some of them cry for the first week. ~wink {my ivy}

nothing is more important to us momma's than water safety, i hear more than
enough times about a child drowning, or near drowning experiences.
so i thought i would pass the information along to you so we can all just be a little more
prepared at the pools or on vaction this summer!

 Pam Young, in Orem.  {225-5753}
she's gets booked super fast.

I'm pretty set on having my children be awesome skiers and 
awesome swimmers in their lifetime!  haha


every friday is "fun friday" which means they can jump off the diving board or do the slide, 
play some games etc. well our last day she brought snorkels for the twins to get used to for 
when we all go to Hawaii!  
so cute!



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

feelin the love...

all weekend long!

we played with cousins at the provo beach resort,  out to dinner,
 went to the cinderella ballet,  swim party for Boston,

we pretty much partied this valentines weekend.
On Valentines day we started off our day with a "heart" breakfast of 
pancakes and strawberry milk, and of course some extra goodies from mommy and daddy!

then off to the school parties!

i love the age of my kiddos right now and their excitement of the holidays, it's pure JOY!
they kept hugging and kissing us all day telling me "your my valentine" and "i love you soooooo much"
~maybe i love that ivy breaks out and does a dance everytime she opens her  music valentines card.

Cory and i hung out with our kids for dinner and ordered a "heart shape" papa murphy's pizza
{one of my favorites} and watched the cutest show ever...  The return of Nanny McPhee. 
 absolutely adorable and a perfect end to our super busy fun filled valentines!

one of my favorite valentine days yet!

 In Boston's class i brought the chocolate fountain and that was a hit.  The kids were in heaven dipping pretzels, bananas, rice krispies & marshmallows in chocolate and they also decorated boxes for their valentines at another station.  They were a perfect age for this!

I love watching Ivy feel so special in the classrooms because everyone loves 
to see her, especially her siblings.  Ivy loves sitting at their desks and all the extra attention!

after Boston's class party i went to the Kindergarten party and helped with fun games.  
at the end of the party i played a fun game of "musical kisses" with them. 
{you should have seen their face when i told them that game! wink} 
kind of like musical chairs but you pass around a bag of kisses and when the music stops 
whomever has the bag is out, but gets a bag of hershey's kisses.  
cute, fun, giggly game.

livi and addie being so perfectly sweet.~wink

hayes and his besties being goofballs.

after more sugar! ha

crush party, xxoo

we partied it up at the Rhodes house,  valentines style!

Love being with good friends and good food. 
we ate yummy delicious crepes, with plenty of ways to eat it.  My kids loved the vanilla ice cream/berries combo.  mmmm delcious.   

she made the cutest and yummiest cinnamon bear popcorn balls and 
of course plenty of sodas for everyone.

great fun for all the family.

thanks jane, xxoo

loved these two twirling around in ballroom dresses! haha

Monday, February 14, 2011


i took Olivia and her cousin Lucy on a date to the Cinderella ballet at BYU. 
Cory's sister got us all tickets to the saturday matinee, and the little girls loved it.
i wondered if it was too long for them, but they did good and loved the twirling
 between intermissions, which was my favorite part too.

we went a little early and got some pictures with cinderella and some of the cast members.

provo beach resort... {again}

friday night we celebrated witters "live to dance"  experience with curry's, and Both Carson families.
Happy Sumo with 22 people and then off to run amuck through the riverwoods! ha

beautiful night with live bands and dancing from the kids.
Great fun!

we sent our kids on a golf cart ride throughout the riverwoods, with some stranger! 
yah we know, we are awesome parents.

we love the "provo beach resort" especially the kids.
the older boys did the ropes course, while dad's were bowling and mom's were 
hanging out in the play center with the little ones.

 my children think they are funny to ride the bench instead of the carousel horses.  
it's like $4 a ride!! stinkers! haha

while we were close to leaving, boston had to ride the flowrider! He's a big fan of this thing...
so we got sucked in and let him ride for the hour.  
but guess who else joined him...

little miss "livi"  
that was about the cutest thing EVER!

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Live to Dance" finale...

It was a beautiful and sunny 75 degrees while we were in LA, & was so much fun! 
such a fabulous experience for these kids, and they are truly amazing to watch dance.

 I went with my sister to California to support my niece witney & "the Vibe" in 
their final dance on "Live to Dance." 
They were incredible!  
every single dance act was deserving to win.   It was fun to see 
Paula come to the Hotel and rehearse with all the groups. they all became 
such cute friends and everyone loved
Kendall Glover, she's adorable!!

the Production number that they did at the beginning of the show was so awesome to watch.  they pre recorded the whole dance so we got to see them do it over and over again.  i loved it!  

Paula Abdul is pretty much the cutest little thing. She is so tiny!  The kids all loved her but she 
definitely can drive you nuts too. haha

we went shopping at "the grove" and "farmers market" daily and ate the most 
delicious crepes covered in Nutella. Yummy!
i also loved their chips and quacamole. delicious!

it was funny that the first celebrity i saw while out shopping was "Paula Abdul"
 being interviewed by Extra!

some of the girls taking a break from rehearsal.

we all woke up at 4:45am to get the girls ready to go... it was a long day for them.


this was all the pre-recorded stuff that we went to watch.  all the dancers were so sweet to each other.  i love love loved the cute ballet couple. Nikki & Ethan, she is such a sweetheart and all of those kids LOVED her!

the night of the show was AMAZING!!  I loved watching all the dance acts, especially the Vibe.  Did you see me on TV?!   who would have thought that they would have sat me by the
 "Chi town" breakdancing kids! and to top it off those kids won a new car! haha  
  I was also sitting right behind the mom and dad of the cute little ballroom couple
 who won too!  I got some TV time. 

the next morning we were eating breakfast next to Kendall and her family.  She really is the cutest thing ever.  I wanted her to win so bad {of course if the Vibe couldn't}!!  

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