Friday, February 18, 2011

survival swimming...

 We just fininshed up a 3 week program for swimming.
Pam is extremely skilled in the swimming department, specializing in
'survival swimming' with mostly small children.
 Olivia and Hayes have swam with her before and so now
she is teaching them strokes and they both can swim the length of the pool
with no problems at all.  They are such great little swimmers,
 and ready for the swim team!

this year  my little 2 year old started, and i was so nervous for her... 
  she did so good.  she knows where her 'safe place' is if she needs some air.  
It's amazing!  this is Ivy's first year.

We love swimming with Pam
She's wonderful.  I love how she is so calm and patient with the kids.  
even if some of them cry for the first week. ~wink {my ivy}

nothing is more important to us momma's than water safety, i hear more than
enough times about a child drowning, or near drowning experiences.
so i thought i would pass the information along to you so we can all just be a little more
prepared at the pools or on vaction this summer!

 Pam Young, in Orem.  {225-5753}
she's gets booked super fast.

I'm pretty set on having my children be awesome skiers and 
awesome swimmers in their lifetime!  haha


every friday is "fun friday" which means they can jump off the diving board or do the slide, 
play some games etc. well our last day she brought snorkels for the twins to get used to for 
when we all go to Hawaii!  
so cute!




curryclan said...

They look ready to go!!

Jenn Granum said...

That's awesome! I cant wait to go snorkeling with them!

{jane} said...

so fun! it's crazy, i swear i look at these pictures and my mind just thinks that ivy is a little livi - it just doesn't seem possible that the twins are so old & this ivy i just part of the gang now.

there needs to be a swimming/skiing-athalon for your family of future olympians!!!

Diana and Derek said...

I agree with you. At first, all of my children hated swim lessons. Being safe around water is not a choice, but a necessity. It is not like choosing a sport you enjoy playing.
I am impressed that Livy and Hayes can already swim a length of the pool. Ivy is darling as always.

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