Monday, February 14, 2011

provo beach resort... {again}

friday night we celebrated witters "live to dance"  experience with curry's, and Both Carson families.
Happy Sumo with 22 people and then off to run amuck through the riverwoods! ha

beautiful night with live bands and dancing from the kids.
Great fun!

we sent our kids on a golf cart ride throughout the riverwoods, with some stranger! 
yah we know, we are awesome parents.

we love the "provo beach resort" especially the kids.
the older boys did the ropes course, while dad's were bowling and mom's were 
hanging out in the play center with the little ones.

 my children think they are funny to ride the bench instead of the carousel horses.  
it's like $4 a ride!! stinkers! haha

while we were close to leaving, boston had to ride the flowrider! He's a big fan of this thing...
so we got sucked in and let him ride for the hour.  
but guess who else joined him...

little miss "livi"  
that was about the cutest thing EVER!

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{jane} said...

wow! were you there for h-o-u-r-s??? we finally took myla, and kj on saturday, we made it through a couple activities. of course they loved it - but you guys owned the place!

cute cute photos, i gotta take my munchkins back!

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