Tuesday, February 15, 2011

feelin the love...

all weekend long!

we played with cousins at the provo beach resort,  out to dinner,
 went to the cinderella ballet,  swim party for Boston,

we pretty much partied this valentines weekend.
On Valentines day we started off our day with a "heart" breakfast of 
pancakes and strawberry milk, and of course some extra goodies from mommy and daddy!

then off to the school parties!

i love the age of my kiddos right now and their excitement of the holidays, it's pure JOY!
they kept hugging and kissing us all day telling me "your my valentine" and "i love you soooooo much"
~maybe i love that ivy breaks out and does a dance everytime she opens her  music valentines card.

Cory and i hung out with our kids for dinner and ordered a "heart shape" papa murphy's pizza
{one of my favorites} and watched the cutest show ever...  The return of Nanny McPhee. 
 absolutely adorable and a perfect end to our super busy fun filled valentines!

one of my favorite valentine days yet!

 In Boston's class i brought the chocolate fountain and that was a hit.  The kids were in heaven dipping pretzels, bananas, rice krispies & marshmallows in chocolate and they also decorated boxes for their valentines at another station.  They were a perfect age for this!

I love watching Ivy feel so special in the classrooms because everyone loves 
to see her, especially her siblings.  Ivy loves sitting at their desks and all the extra attention!

after Boston's class party i went to the Kindergarten party and helped with fun games.  
at the end of the party i played a fun game of "musical kisses" with them. 
{you should have seen their face when i told them that game! wink} 
kind of like musical chairs but you pass around a bag of kisses and when the music stops 
whomever has the bag is out, but gets a bag of hershey's kisses.  
cute, fun, giggly game.

livi and addie being so perfectly sweet.~wink

hayes and his besties being goofballs.

after more sugar! ha


Kierstin said...

You got so many cute Valentine's for you kids, you are so fun! Ivy is getting so big, she is darling! I love all of the parties and all of the pics, it looks like your kids had a blast! We got the heart shaped pizza too :) my girls love it!

LuLu said...

Shannon, you just might be THE most fun loving person I know. You ARE the party. Can I please be invited :)

Jenn Granum said...

Fun parties! I love how big Hayes and Livi look playing with their friends. Perfect Valentines!

{jane} said...

sp. sp fun! thank you for coming to our house - i know you have so much going on! and, funny thing - i wasn't on my pain meds, and out of the entire weekend my mind has literally forgotten the crush party {hopefully i was a gracious host!!!}.

i have to remember the heart-shaped pizza next year, that is just so cute - sounds like you made the day uh-mazing for all you kids!

you are beautiful & i think your braces are starting to "blend" more with your smile, seriously, they don't seem as noticeable as before. :)

Cassy said...

You are so cute! It looks like your kids had a lot of fun! BTW, Rayne just eyed that same unicorn pillow in the store and has been dying to have it ever since. We had to go straight home and make a "chart" so that she could earn it right away. haha!

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