Friday, January 31, 2014

My cute girls... {valentines pictures}

These two sisters have my heart... I love that my friends did a darling little photoshoot
for them to have valentines to pass out to their friends.  They turned out so cute.

Olivia-9 yrs old
Ivy- 5 years old

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome Home ivy!!!

One of the happiest Days of my life!!! after 5 weeks in the Burn ICU, our baby girl gets to come home!!!!  she walked out of the hospital and so excited to get home and to recover there.  I was 
overwhelmed with all the medicine i had to take at different hours, but my baby was home.  
I was home, i could be a mom to all my kids! 
happy happy day!!!

Our neighbors and friends made a cute sign and balloons out by the front yard so when 
we pulled up everyone was in the cup de sac ready to welcome Ivy home! 
i cried tears of joy!  
I had no idea they would all be there to greet us. 
 It was so beautiful and tender, especially for my little ivy.  
She loved pulling up and seeing her friends.  
She got a brand new car to ride all over and guess who was there holding 
balloons with a note that said "you can hold me ALL day?"  buddy our elf!! 
That may have been the highlight of her day!  

Welcome home sweet ivy,  you are SO loved!

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