Sunday, June 30, 2013

oh what do you do in the summertime...

when it's 102 degrees outside...


we've been swimming lots lately!  I won't complain because i LOVE my 
Utah summers!  We are spoiled when it comes to swimming.  We have Aunt Heather's 
awesome parents pool and LOVE swimming there with our cousins.  Charlotte and
ivy are little mermaids, seriously they swim so good!  They totally swim the length of the pool 
with no help! 


We had an absolute blast at "Cowabunga Bay" on the Hottest day of the summer!!
it was 102 degrees and it couldn't have been a more perfect day to play 
in the water ALL DAY!  

the park was so fun,  we went with the Horsley's & Boston brought Calvin. 
The food was delicious and my twins did all the waterslides, they weren't 
even scared. Made me so proud!  haha! 

the hot spot was the lazy river, who would have thought that tipping kids off tubes
could bring such humor.  geesh! 
I couldn't get Hayes out of the water, he was LOVING it!

then we hit our favorite hot spot... Maui chill for some frozen yogurt to try and 
cool off some more. geesh it was a hot day!!

my boys...

lately my boston has been obsessed with Golfing!  He goes daily to the Range
and goes golfing with his cousins.  He loves it and has a great swing.
i love his confidence he has, one time he came home and told me
He feels like a Pro when he golfs! HA!!  gotta love those teenage boys!

I love that he talked hayes into going with him and hitting balls.  Cutest
 and best older brother!  {sometimes} ha! 

love brothers...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

braces off!

Boston has been SO excited to get his braces off.  He wanted them off 
before he went on Trek and on or before his 14th birthday! whoop whoop!

He looks So handsome and loves looking in the mirror.  ha! His 
first thing he wanted to do was eat his caramel apple! 

Boston was possibly the most diligent patient with putting on rubber bands, brushing
and flossing etc.  He wore his bands so good that Dr. Fairbanks said they were over 
corrected, so he had to wait 4 more weeks! ha!  

Boston has wanted to be an orthodontist when he grows up, so we will see
what his future holds.  He's pretty serious about teeth and especially to his 
siblings, i have a feeling this will be in his future.

  after braces were off, the kids went to CrossFit, then to get snowies at our fav spot in 
Orem, Lunch with Dad at Boston's favorite "la Costa" and then night swimming to
try to cool off from our 100 degree day!  

Boston was so excited to pick up his retainer and start bleaching his teeth!
we're calling it "Boston's day!" ha!

this goofball gets "JUST ICE!"  every single time!  He's crazy!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day Camp for my little cub!

Hayes was SO excited for his first time at day camp!  Boston was telling him all about 
the BBgun shooting, and Archery!  He couldn't wait to spend the day at camp
Jerimiah Johnson!  He left at 6:30 am with his fellow scouters and had a blast.
he came home with a sling shot and some cool stuff he made. 

love that he had such a great time! 

Ward Campout!

We had our Ward Campout at Mutual dell, the weather was beautiful and the kids 
loved exploring and getting super dirty.  They had a zip line and my kids LOVED 
it!  Ivy wouldn't do it, so she just hung out with me and watched 
everyone do it! 

We had such a fun fireside that night with skits and S'mores!  
The Bishop even put up a big screen
and we watched Nacho Libre with surround sound and everything.  

my kids can now check camping off their summer bucket list!

 After our zip lining adventures we had a delicious smoked pork & chicken dinner that the Bishop had made! It was seriously SO delicious!  Then we had a dutch oven cook off for dessert... well it really wasn't a cook off, but i called it that and i would have to say out of all the dutch oven desserts {6} mine was THE BEST!! ha!  

Strawberry Days RODEO!!

Strawberry days is one of our favorite things to do in Utah!  The best strawberries & Creme EVER!
It's a staple here for summertime with the Carnival, parade and the best... the Rodeo! 

We got dressed up in our cowboy best and headed to the Rodeo grounds with some of 
the taylor cousins, Lauren and David and the Carson's!   
Right before the Rodeo started they had this thing called a "Cash Cow" where they 
put lots of money on a cow and the kids had to run after it grabbing as much money
 as they could!!  Of course Boston was all over that idea {none of the other kids wanted to, ha!}
 and he came back with $7! haha!!
it was hilarious!  

I love my Utah Summers!!!

my man enjoying everything about his "Strawberries & Creme"

"the Cash cow" ha!  Boston is right by the fence by the other cow in bright blue!

Company Showcase!

I absolutley LOVED the Vibe's year end Company Showcase!  It's a showcase 
of all the Comapany teams and it was awesome.  They threw in some new dances that 
the kids learned in a couple of weeks.  Olivia had a new hip  hop piece "chain hang low" 
that she hadher own little solo in! It was AWESOME!! She has some sweet hip hop moves!
and another piece at the end "greatest love of all" with the whole dance companies!  
it was incredible!  

We had some awesome support come and watch her dance.  Nana came along with 
Aunt Heather and lucy and lotte. 
It was also ms. Alexis' last showcase, because she is moving to Las Vegas.  
She has been olivia's dance teacher since she was 4!  
we will miss her.

"Greatest Love of all"
liv is front right {in the air} 

Lindsay was there too, and sitting right in front of us!

summertime fun...

We have so many cute little cousins on the Taylor side that are all the same age. We 
are missing Hailey in this picture of the little girls, but all 5 little girls that play so cute 
together.  It was fun having candace and judd and the girls here for a bit this
summer and we played one last day at the pool before they left back to West Virginia.

We love the Burr's pool in Alpine.  It's so fun and SO beautiful!  my kids love 
swimming and playing with their cute little cousins!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fathers Day...

We spent fathers day with a yummy prime rib brunch from the Hyatt in Huntington
Beach then we were off for a 10 hr car drive home! ha!  
Not the Ideal fathers day for cory, but he loved his cards and extra loving 
the kids gave him all day.

We celebrated him the next night with a steak bbq!  

Cory is the ultimate of fathers!  This man amazes me with all he can do and 
all he teaches his kids.  He is a way better parent than me. I always knew
he would be an amazing daddy, but he has definitely exceeded my expectations!
we love him more than words can express &  are extremely blessed 
to have him in our lives.  

Mr & Mrs Taylor Johnson...

it was an absolutely gorgeous day at the Newport Beach temple. The grounds were 
gorgeous and it was such a beautiful temple.  

After the wedding, we took pictures and then off to the wedding luncheon 
at a delicious mexican restaurant in Irvine.  The cousins were hanging out all 
day, and we are quite the bunch!  I love how close these kids are to each other. The older
cousins are such FABULOUS examples.  These kids all worship their older cousins.
 It was so fun to visit with Ben and Jacquie
and their cute little baby bennett who now live there,  My kids are now 
obsessed with Google! ha! {ben's new job}

The Beautiful couple.  
Mckenna and Taylor Johnson...

my cute little family! 

 Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

Ivy with Grandma marlene.  So sweet!!

these kids are such a blast! Just a few of the cousin pics with Taylor.

and some with Ben! haha!

 The Reception was later that evening in LA and it was a beautiful backyard, yummy food and 
again the Johnson cousins took over the dance floor.  Hey we are a fun group of kids! ha!  
everyone one would do the Chant and then that person would tear it up on 
the dance floor. It was hilarious.  Especially the littles! 
 Love these cute crazy spazzy cousins!

 My handsome Hayes with my handsome daddy, his namesake! 
Hayes Terrance Taylor

my hayesie bugs dancing the night away! 

my cute siblings, trying out a new pose! haha!!

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