Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Company Showcase!

I absolutley LOVED the Vibe's year end Company Showcase!  It's a showcase 
of all the Comapany teams and it was awesome.  They threw in some new dances that 
the kids learned in a couple of weeks.  Olivia had a new hip  hop piece "chain hang low" 
that she hadher own little solo in! It was AWESOME!! She has some sweet hip hop moves!
and another piece at the end "greatest love of all" with the whole dance companies!  
it was incredible!  

We had some awesome support come and watch her dance.  Nana came along with 
Aunt Heather and lucy and lotte. 
It was also ms. Alexis' last showcase, because she is moving to Las Vegas.  
She has been olivia's dance teacher since she was 4!  
we will miss her.

"Greatest Love of all"
liv is front right {in the air} 

Lindsay was there too, and sitting right in front of us!

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