Saturday, June 01, 2013

Welcome 2 Summer...

We were thinking about doing our annual neighborhood party on the last day of school, but the 
weather was kinda cold and chilly.  It wasn't warm enough {to me} for water activities. 
So some of us decided to just go to the Alpine park and have a picnic and play Tennis, 
Sand Volleyball and play at the splash pad etc.  
To my surprise it wasn't crowded at all!!  Kids got out at 12:30 and 
we headed straight to the park.

We played and played ALL DAY!!  Lately we've been obsessed with Volleyball, Witney and Jaxon showed up and we played Sand Volleyball with us.  Boston hasn't really played before, just a few times 
and he has been playing non stop and getting really good.  We've even set up a volleyball net in our backyard.  We have nightly games and tournaments.  It's hilarious how good they've gotten.   
Hayes and Livi even serve the ball and get it over the net.  

We've pretty much been partying every day since... nightly BBQ's with cousins, graduation parties,
Witney's home and David and Lauren are staying with us for a few days.  We're loving summer break!!!

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