Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chaser Boy's Baptism!

What a beautiful day! Boston's Bestest friend since they were "2" got Baptized today. Geoff did such a great job and the minute they stepped into the baptismal font the spirit was so strong. After the confirmation, chase was crying and wouldn't stop hugging his dad! It was so precious, and he is such a great little kid! These kids are coming down with such stronger spirits, i am so amazed at how strong their testimonies are at such a young age!
Congratulations Chase, and Thanks Jenn for the Delicious "Magelby's Breakfast!

It is raining here today and quite cold! These are my favorite kind of days, to just curl up with a blanket by the Fire and Watch some football with Cory(actually i am reading, while he is watching ;)!
My things that i am into latley are;
~Digital Scrapbooking-I wish i could post the Whole Baptism book of Boston's IT's sooooo Cute!

~Indoor soccer team, I am trying to put a team of Boys together for Boston, and i have a league i play on too! (SO much fun!)

~The "Eat Clean Diet" Book, by Tosca Reno~ Fabulous Recipes with Lean protein, and Whole grains.

~"The Sneaky Chef"~ SOOOO awesome, my sister told me about this book. You sneak Healthy vegetables in kids food, and they have no Idea! (It works!!)

~Christmas Shopping!- i know it's a little early, but i like to get the ideas down and mostly done, so i don't have so many projects, and can focus on the Real Meaning!

~Reading the Book of Mormon in 90 days!! I did it before and the Reading is so fast, but i can get so much out of it and DON'T want to put it down!

~Trying to Watch Our DVR'd Shows; we are loving "The Office", "man Vs. wild" is back on, "Prison Break", "Dancing with the Stars"...Vote for Marie Osmond, and "Survivor China"
oh and my favorite, not Cory's is "The Hills"!

I am off to make some Delicious Bran Muffins, then off to the RS General Broadcast with my Cousins!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Las Vegas

Cory and i just got back from a quick trip to VEGAS! It was a Last minute trip, that was so much fun!
I went with him to the "Interbike" Tradeshow at the Convention center. He is the buyer for all the bike gear and Bikes (and ski's) at "Canyon Sports".( He is now one of the Proud owners)
We met with Fox, Pearlizumi, Giro, Jamis, Titus, cliff bar, etc.... We even got to see the Tour de france winner...Alberto Contador. It was a huge line, so i went right up to the front and just took his Picture!

It was of Course right up our alley with Biking. So we were quite excited and Overwhelmed with how many Booths were there. IT was HUGE!!
We went for 2 days, the weather was Great! We stayed at the "Wynn" and ate at the "okada" Sushi resteraunt, Worked out, Enjoyed the spa, Finished "New Moon"and watched an incredibly scary, but awesome Movie "Disturbia"!
It was so fun to just hang out with him for a couple of days, since he has been so busy!

Today is My SISTER Jill's Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL and TJ (my nephew)
We went to Bajio to celebrate the Big "38"!!! Woo Hoo....Have fun this weekend Jill!
I love you to Pieces!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Need i say anything more!!
Boston found a snake today after school and has been trying to train it to be his pet! NO THANKS!! IF anyone knows me at all, then you know that i HATE snakes with a HUGE passion!! I freaked out just taking his picture! Ewwww.
We let him go "alive" in the grass, so he can maybe go visit him once in a while!!
Yesterday after school, i had Activity days with the Girls. I took them to "Jump on it" since our last activity was Service! i told Boston he could come along, and they taught me how to do a Back flip! Oh yes, and now i can land them!! WOO HOO....It was quite the Hi light, so now i have Mastered the Front Flip! ( i know you are thinking...Pretty basic, but for me No, it's not!!)
We had a delicious dinner of Talapia and Wild rice with Grilled asparagus, and Jane's "Best ever Pork Chops" that she Brought over to top it off!
Boston made his own version of "Orange Julius Smoothies" for our FHE Treat, and Hayes and Olivia picked the Game of "Duck, Duck , Goose" (guess who played for about an hour....Yes, ALL of us!) You have got to get the FHE on DVD's, they are seriously so Awesome, my kids love it!
Well I am off to my Soccer game tonight, it's quite the Workout! I don't know if it's more of a workout for Cory who has to tend the Kids there, or me! haha

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hillcrest School Carnival!!

We had so much fun tonight at the School Fall Carnival! It was a gorgeous day here, it felt like summer!

Boston got his tickets and took off to hang out with his friends! He was having so much fun trying to Dunk the 6th graders in the "Dunking tank"! Boston was so excited when his first throw hit the target and DUNKED our Neighbor Caden morton!
The kids ate Pizza, Popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, cupcakes from the cake walk and played all sorts of fun games, while i got to visit with Friends and walk around the "silent auction" and Bid on some sweet Stuff! I was hoping to get the highest bid on the Rock quarry, but someone beat me by $1! I was so mad....O well, i did however get the "Arts and Crafts" basket (the one i made for the 2nd Graders) i wanted it so bad! It was a blast, i always love the School carnival.
Now the kids are all hyped up on Junk!

Tomorrow i am going on a long run in the morning, Cory is going on a bike ride, and Boston is off to a birthday party at 10, so pretty much a busy morning, then no soccer games! we are done, we had our last game on Tuesday, and played so AmAzInG, they only lost one game!!
He is doing Indoor soccer, but it doesn't start until the end of October!! FREE SATURDAYS!!!
Then Sunday is our "primary program" where Boston and 4 other boys are singing a song, Should be a good one!
Have a great Weekend!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BYU 1 Mile Race!

Today after School and Scouts, we went to the Elementary kids 1 mile Race at BYU! It was so exciting to see the kids Run the "cross country" course for their Grade! Boston did good with a time of 9:15! He had a lot of kids from his class there running too. Way to Go Hillcrest kids!

Caden G. actually placed for the 1st grade and he is only in Kindergarten. He literally ran the WHOLE race, and looked like he was going to cry when he came to the finish line. He even beat Chase and Boston's time!
They went by grades, Girls first then the Boys! Here are all the Second grade boys ready to start.We were cheering him on at the end of the Finish line and so he started rippin past these 2 kids, it was so awesome. So he can pretty much do a mad Sprint at the end!

His Biggest Fans!! !
When we left the Track, Hillcrest Elementary was 3rd overall, so we will see tomorrow if we won the HUGE trophy!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

ROCKIN' Out Family night!

We had a fun night! Boston decided that he wanted to be the Activity part of FHE , so we let him rock out to his Guitar! He is actually pretty good, Uncle Darren and Ben would be so proud, since they taught him "Smoke on the Water"! Here is Boston on the Video clip acting a little Goofy, but you can hear him Play!(be sure to press Pause on "Shannon's Tunes")


For those of you who don't know me, i have a Secret (well not too much of a secret) obsession with Chocolate Chip Cookies! Not just any kind either, it's the Otis Spunkmeyer from Costco!
I am going through some serious Withdrawls the last two days!! I CAN'T FIND THEM! Our costco just stopped selling them, i guess! It's not that i eat them all the time, i just like to know that if i want them, i can make some! They seriously must have Crack/Cocaine in them, cause i haven't felt like i was addicted ever before! SCARY!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Camping.....a new adventure!

(a new adventure that is, with Twins!)
Cory came home on Saturday around 5 pm and decided that we were going to go camping with the kids! It was a quick pull together but we were up and set up at around 7. We went up to American Fork canyon to "granite flats" campground, it was seriously so gorgeous! The leaves are changing colors and we had a perfect little spot!
Hayes and Olivia had never been before, our idea of camping out is usually on a Houseboat in Lake Powell. They were loving every minute of it!
Boston was helping cory on the Fire duties, and Hayes was quite obsessed with FIRE, just like his Daddy and Boston!!
Olivia was busy laying on this one rock and saying "Look, i on the rock like Ariel" while she was singing......"ah ah ah"

We woke up this morning to Cory's delicious Breakfast of Eggs, Sausage and Bacon.....and S'mores ;)
It was such a fun Family Bond trip, my kids were loving every minute of it and it was well worth it!
We were home by 11 am and i got dinner in the Crock pot and we were all off to Church at 1:00! (you gotta love late church)

This is the Famous Rock that i was talking about, She was loving pretending she was Ariel!
LOOK!! I got Hayes Smiling at the Camera, we have been working on him!
Of course, we went to Tibble fork and threw rocks in the Lake, and Boston was catching bugs! (what's a camping trip with out going on a hike and throwing rocks in a lake.)

These 2 boys were mesmerized by FIRE!! Seriously i couldn't get them to stop throwing stuff in it!

And Last but not least, HE wanted me to blog this picture especially, of him Catching a Grasshopper with his own two hands! He was quite proud! Then his dad told him to eat it!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Biking to BORDERS!!

We attempted Borders again for Reading time today! It was so fun, Becky came with max, and the kids were hilarious! Lets just say, we may still be a titch too young still.. ...heehee (o well, were still going)
We were pretty much laughing our heads off, our children can sometimes be little handfuls!!!
Becky's little butt could actually fit in the little chairs for the kids, and when she would get up to help max with his drink, her chair was stuck to her!!!
Sorry becky, i just had to share it! after the Story time, they had fun little coloring activities, and little sized smoothies,with whipped cream and Cookies! It was once again so cute for the kids!
Crew sucking down his little Smoothie, and loving every minute of it!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Soooooo Cute!!!

k... so i just have to tell you what Olivia said this Morning!
Cory asked Hayes if he wanted to have Mini-wheats for Breakfast, and Olivia says
"No daddy liv's wants mini wheats and Hayes wants Mickey Wheats"!
Ok so my kids are a little Obsessed with Mickey and Minnie! heeheehee;)
They are so adorable and say the Cutest things!

Their favorite Show is "Mickey mouse clubhouse", and "Backyardigans" and Ocassionally "The Suite life of Zach and Cody" since Boston and I HAVE to watch it!
How did i get so lucky!

Friday, September 07, 2007

On the Agenda for today....

This is supposed to be so great! I am excited to check it out, if anybody goes to this, check out the Hapari Booth there.

These Petiskirts were at the EXPO and they are seriously so dang cute! It's a new store in Riverwoods called "Trendy Tots". She is going to wear it everywhere!!! Oh and the cutest little polka dot shoes, i don't know if you can see them, but they are darling.
Little Girls are so much fun!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Story Time"

Jenn and i took the kids on a bike ride to Borders and they had the cutest story time today about Princesses! Lots of cute books and lots of kids.
Then we went and ate Bajio for lunch, shopped at the Riverwoods and just had a great afternoon with our little kids. The weather is still so nice and warm, so i am trying to get all my fun outdoor activities in before it's too Late. Hayes and Olivia love to look at books, and love, love, love to go in the Bike Buggy.
So we came home with some fun halloween books.

We were talking about how we used to do so many fun things with our older child as babies....Like story time (i took boston twice a week to the orem library), Zoo stuff, Rollerblading up the Canyon, picnics, etc. Which we still occasionally do all these things, but there isn't enough time to do it everyday like we used to. We have turned into Full time mama's now. Soccer games, Practice, Gymnastics, Scouts, carpools, etc...Which i wouldn't change for the world!!!

Of course Hayes doesn't look at the Camera for me, but Crew was looking so happy!

Monday, September 03, 2007

"LABOR DAY" part 3!

ok, so three times is a charm! Sorry to bore you with some more "Jump on it" stuff, but it is so much fun and we went today with the Johnson Cousins! My nephew Ben is here visiting with his friends and so we Just had to go AGAIN!
We saw a ton of our friends there today too, Check out the Video's of Boston doing his Backflips and Cory and The Twins!

We had so much fun with Todd, Jane and Kids. Brynn and Olivia played so dang cute with their Belle, and Ariel dolls. Boston Was LOVING his Sleepovers, and nowBen and Aaron leave tomorrow and i am back to a boring Schedule.
We LOVE hanging out with Cousins, Boston and Ben have been jamming out to his Electric Guitar all night, and Boston actually sounds really good!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Part "2"!

We loved it so much that we had to go again this morning!!
We were the first ones there at "Jump on it" this morning!
Boston decided to tear it up again, and Showed us a "Triple" Backflip! NO JOKE! (ok, well 3 backflips in a row ;))
This place is so cool! They are starting a Trampoline Aerobics class on Tues, and Thurs nights.

Brynn and Olivia
Hayes & Olivia Posing.(Olivia is doing the Famous Ally Pose, haha)

Mamma and Hayes-er Boy!( Olivia and Hayes LOVED this place) ALL Cousins, Brooke, Boston, Brigham, and the Birthday Boy Cade!! Happy Birthday BUDDY!
Boston is off to the BYU football game with uncle Todd and the Taylor Boy cousins for Chase's Utah Birthday!

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