Thursday, August 30, 2007


So this is pretty much one of the Coolest places ever! It is in a Warehouse with TONS of trampolines everywhere, up on the side too!
The kids (oh and Shea and I) had a BLAST! we had a ton of kids too... I am tending Chase and Caden Granum for a couple of Days and the Taylor Cousins all came too!
Caden was rippin on his Back flips, and Seriously they look so good! Boston was challenged by Caden so he started trying it out and by the end of the day was Landing his Back Flips!
It was so awesome!
We have a Housefull, but we are in Heaven, Especially Boston, 6 cousins, 2 Best friends and all sleeping over for a few days! Who could ask for anything better!

This video is of Boston and Caden's Back flips!
Caden is in the Background and does his first then Boston!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hobble Creek 1/2 Marathon

WE DID IT! I still can't believe that i really did it, i've been wanting to run one and we only really trained for like 2 weeks!
I woke up this morning at 4:45 to eat some Breakfast so i would have some energy, and then we had to meet at Mapleton city park for the Bus pick up at 6 am (That's early)
The race was like 45 min late in starting, while we were waiting in line at the Port o potty's i was looking all over for Holli, my sis in law, and i couldn't find her anywhere. Then i hear the "Famous Laugh" and found her, So we were able to hang out for a while before the Race.
She must have been ahead of me the whole race, cause Caryn and I didn't pass her up.
Holli ran it in 1:54 (She ripped) and Caryn 2:08 and Me @ 2:09! We had to stop for about a 5 minute line for the Bathroom, i wonder if that really would have made much of a difference.

Here we all are after the Race! I loved it and it was such a pretty run, i am still singing in my head the Song from Aly & Aj ( my new Fav) "The potential break-up song"
I felt great besides my feet hurting for the Last 3 miles, i can't tell if it's from the run, or if my Brand new shoes weren't the best thing to wear for the Run! (i only wore them once before, oops)
Cory is sending me off to get a Full body massage tonight and i So need it!
Thanks Babe!

Friday, August 24, 2007

busy week....Fun week...

This week has been busy with Boston in School, Soccer, Gymnastics, Visiting Teaching, Ach. Days, Laundry, Scrapbooking, Swimming, Scooters, bikes and Just hanging out with the kiddos. Hayes and Olivia have been so fun to play with While Boston is in school, but we miss our Bro Bro!
Boston came home on his first day of school and said, "Ms. Braun is the BEST teacher ever", he has been playing soccer during every recess and at lunch, and came home today early because of a Soccer Inury, but he said it was sweet because he scored a goal in the process, So he has enjoyed the first week of "NO HOMEWORK" although he did have a spelling test today.

I went to some Classes at Education week on Tuesday with My aunt Sue, and my Mother in law Candy. It was awesome! I will definitley be doing more classes next year.

Tomorrow morning i am running in the Hobble Creek Half Marathon!!! The race was all sold out, so we were just going to run with no number, But today My sis in law Holli, my friend Caryn, and i just got ourselves in with Numbers and Everything! Yahoo..
I need my Photographer Jane there to take pictures of me and Cheer me on like you always do!
So i am hoping for at least one picture, We will see what we can do, (nobody wants to run 13 miles with a camera!)
Wish us luck....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of "2nd" Grade!

He was so Excited/nervous this morning! I made him his Favorite Breakfast of "Crepes" and we walked him out to the School Bus! I am excited to see how his first Day went.
Right when he gets home we are off to his First Outdoor Soccer game.

Look at my Handsome little Boys!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Day of Summer Vacation......

We started a Tradition last year to Hike the "Y" the morning before school starts! So this morning at 7 am Boston and I and the Morton Boys and Caryn did it! It was a little Steeper to me this year for some Reason. :)
But they literally climbed the "Y" all the way up to the Tippity top. They of course run down the Mountain like it's no big deal. The kids loved it.
Then all of us went to "Boondocks" in our Neighborhood and had a Blast! None of us had our Babies, we all just went with the Big Kids! It wasn't very crowded so we were able to do pretty much EVERYTHING! We played Laser tag, Golf (twice) Slick Track, Bumper Boats, Arcades, etc. Seriously it was so much fun, all the kids were fighting against Jenn and I on this Jumproping game! (which we LOVED)
Boston was Rippin at the Jumprope Jackpot game, He is quite the Jumproper!
Here is all the Gang! Pretty much all the Kids in the Neighborhood. (Minus the Babies)

Here is our Famous Jumprope Jackpot! He seriously won the Jackpot like 4 or 5 times!
Now School starts tomorrow, and he is actually pretty excited about it! Then he has his first outdoor soccer game too! Here comes the Fall Schedule.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I went up to get Olivia from their nap this afternoon (hayes was still sleeping)and Found them Both "BUCK Naked" Ahhhh.... They are so funny, they took forever to get to sleep and were just laughing together and Playing Peek a boo from their Cribs!
But eventually they were out and then i went up to get her and Found this! His other half of his body was hanging out the sides, it was so funny.
(I guess i will be changing the Sheets too! haha)

i went on my 8 mile run early this morning with my friend Caryn. We parked the car at Bridal Veil Falls and ran down the canyon all the Way home. It was so beautiful, with the Rain and the river right beside you. it is seriously so gorgeous, i can't wait to do it again, and i felt great.
I saw 3 people i knew on the trail running,(the Allred girls minus ash, & jane i saw Colleen Brown, she even recognized me!) it's so awesome to me how so many people get up and out to Enjoy our Surroundings and take such good care of themselves.
I Love living in Utah for this very Reason! WE are so spoiled!

Friday, August 17, 2007


My Cute friend Caryn is having the Funnest Party EVER! She had all the kids over for the "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" Back to School Party! they are swimming and doing relay races and then watching the Show.
They are so excited...Well, you do know how we Love "High School musical" and this one is gonna be so good i can just tell!

Caryn showing off her Skills on the Cannon ball!! haha
While Boston is Partying at the Mortons, i am going on a Date with my Cutie Pie Husband! We have been dying to see the"Bourne Ultimatum" I heard it is GOOD!
Tomorrow morning i am off to run my 8 mile run! wish me luck....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HOLY Bubbles!!!

I heard this Laughing and Screaming in my Master Bathroom and when i walked in, this is what i saw! Boston was in Heaven with BUBBLES Everywhere. He said this is the Best Bubble bath EVER!!
He said "it's really easy mom, all i did was 5 squirts of Shampoo, then turn on the Jets"! Um, was it my Expensive shampoo? Uggg "YES"
Then Of course, Hayes and Olivia had to get in on that Action! It was a Bubble bath Party!
Sooooo Funny! I love these Crazy little Kids!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Jackson Hole, Wyo..Pics

We are home from Jackson! We went up to Furnish the Cabin and to see Tori Jo Carson get married! It was so gorgeous and Very Relaxing. Nana came with us and helped put everything away. Cheer, Colleen, Lacey and Mc Call stayed next door to us. Boston Loved to wake up in the Morning and watch the Planes take off and Land on the Runway. Our Neighbor there had a Plane and let Boston sit in it and check it out! Cory is Excited to Start back on his Pilot's licence, and Get himself a plane! The Airplane Hangar is outside of Jackson in a Place called Alpine.
We spent one day in Jackson Shopping on the Square and Eating at "New york Sub" one of our Favorites up there!
Friday night we had a Wedding Dinner party at John and Tasha's and they had "Bubba's" ribs and Chicken, which were so good!
The kids played outside while everyone got to hang out. Hayes and Olivia loved playing with all of Carson's toys and his Patio furniture (it was little kids Patio Furn.) So fun!
Saturday was the Wedding and then we just went back to our place and Played games all night.
Boston was in Heaven with Game night!

This was taken in Tasha's Backyard, it is seriously Breathtaking, and i can't believe it is her Backyard! There was a mtn. bike trail right behind her house!
This is at our Place in Alpine, with Nana and the kids!
Here we are at Tori Jo's wedding on Saturday. The View was Beautiful and of Course my kids don't cooperate when you are in a Beautiful setting for a picture... Oh and Cory! haha

So we are home now and Boston found out today that his 2nd grade teacher is Ms. Braun, whom we requested! yah!
He is getting so excited for School next week!
We have one more fun week of No school so we are doing everything possible this week!
Today we all rode bikes to Bajio and ate lunch then Rode to Stonegate to go Swimming, it was so fun and Hayes and Olivia did great in the Bike Buggy!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rock Climbing Camp!

Boston has been in Rock Climbing camp all week from 8-12 ! He loves it! They had him Swinging off of the Top Deck and Climbing to the Top of the Ceiling and then he did this HUGE Swing and Repelled down, he said he was the only one to get to the Ceiling!
He has his Friends from our Ward in it too, so that makes it fun.

We are off to Jackson Hole, Wyo for the Weekend for Cory's Cousins Wedding!
Tori Jo Carson is getting married on Saturday so we will be hanging out with Family out there!
We bought a Cabin with an Airport Hanger :) So we have to meet the Furniture Truck there and i have to Put everything together this weekend too, Like Kitchen stuff, and Towels and Sheets! Fun, but alot of Work!
Have a great Weekend!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Swim Team Awards and BBQ!

Tonight we went to the Swim team Banquet at Riverside so they could give the kids their awards, Swim and Eat! Boston got the "Truly Gold" Trophy and Plaque's in Backstroke and Freestyle in the County Meet! Way to go Boston!!

After the BBQ and Swimming, we went to Get Boston his Fish he has been dying to get! He now has 4 pet fish, since they were 26 Cents each. haha ("Save up" your money doesn't really work here in this situation)
Now Cooper and Camden are having a Sleepover while Boston Passes levels for them on their Gameboys.( they think that is SOOOO Cool)
Olivia told Cory last night that "you need to eat your Dinner or your going to get a Flick" Hilarious!!! She also says she is Daddy's Princess, which means i can get what i want!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Absolutley LOVED IT!!!

We had a Fabulous Saturday today, first Boston had a Soccer game and Scored a goal against a hard team, then My Sister in Law Heather called and Invited me last minute to see the Matinee of MAMMA MIA at the "Capital Theatre"!
We Loved it, had Fabulous Seats, and Absolutley LOVED the Music!!!
If you haven't seen it yet Kelli, i highly suggest it!!

We went with My sis in law Heather, Natalie, Matt, Kelly, Candy and I... Jane we were so sad you weren't there!

Mtn. Biking

He did it!! I have been waiting for this day for a l o n g time! Boston got his first Mountain Bike and i took him up to the South Fork Trail, and he did great, He even made it all the way to the Meadow. He was saying it was not that fun as we climbed, but he LOVED it when we were coming downhill! He kept screaming, i love mountain Biking!
He had to take a few breaks going up, but Seriously he Ripped going down, and he wanted to be first so i let him go and just tried to remind him of the Bridges with jumps. He Did so good for his first time, he says he wants to go again today!

After the Bike ride, we went to Cory's Cousin Wedding reception and then i had a Soccer game at 9:3o (we won)
We have only Boston's Soccer game today at 11:30 (indoor) and then we are hanging out at the Pool! We won't have alot of Saturdays like this for a while, once school starts!!

Friday, August 03, 2007


Absolutley LOVED IT!!!
I went with Jenn and Caryn on a Girls night last night and Saw this Movie!!
I have to get the Soundtrack today! It was sooooo Good!
We came out of the Theater just a Dancing and Singing! (Well i did!)
I loved the Music, and John Travolta is so Funny in this, it just makes you want to Dance!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Primary Activity

We had our Primary Activity yesterday. We started at 9am and rode the TRAX up to Salt Lake to the "Museum of Church History and Art".
We ate Lunch out by the Temple and the Weather was just Perfect!
The kids learned alot about the Pioneers and The Tabernacle. It was a Daring activity to take that many Kids on the "Trax System" to Downtown Salt Lake and to a Museum, but we did it and they Had a Good time".

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