Monday, December 25, 2006


This is how Boston has been, Pretty much all day! He got a Sweet IPOD video with TV Shows ,Movies and Music already loaded. He has been Watching "SHARK WEEK" all day and Loving it!
Santa sent Boston, Hayes & Olivia on a Scavenger hunt! It was so fun to watch them look all over the House for the Clues. It ended with them running to the Rec Room and finding the "Super Spiral Bouncer"! It is definitley and Outside toy, but a blast to play on inside when it's freezing cold!
Olivia literaly pushed her Bitty Baby Twins around the House for about 2 hrs. She was so much fun to watch with those babies! Their Eyes open and Shut, so when she would see them open, she would Scream, EYES, EYES~it kind of freaked her out a little! (lol)

OH and Of Course, she got an Ariel doll, and she had to feed her a bottle!
Hayes was so cute with his "Shake and GO" Race track! He totally knew how to Shake them and let them race around! It's funny how he is such a boy and just knows all of this stuff! He played this ALL Day long!

We had a Fabulous Day today! It is so fun to watch the kids open their presents and play all day with their cousins! We went to Jill and Tylers for Some deep fried Shrimp, Black bottom cups and some Delicous food! Now we need to Clean up and Pack up for our Trip to Snowbasin to go Skiing for the week! We will be their until New Years day, so I will update my blog as soon as we return! Have a Happy new year.
Good Night!


This was the Tables for our Christmas Eve dinner that we had at our House. It was so much fun to decorate and it turned out so pretty! This is one of the Adult tables (We had 19 adults) and 10 children 4 yrs old and up. Then 4 kids in Hi Chairs!

Here is the Little kids table. The cousins who were 4 and under sat here and had so many fun things to do to keep them busy! They had a great time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO REESE! She is my niece who is a Christmas Eve Baby! She is such a cutie, and had a Whole lot of fun opening up a WHole lot of Presents!

And here is the Pre- Teen table. They had Crossword Puzzles and many other little activities to keep them busy!
Cory made the Most DELICIOUS Prime Rib! We also had Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Salad, Vegetable Medley, with Chrismom's Homeade Bisquits.
I am getting Hungry just thinking about all the food we ate! I loved it!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside....

It is so dang cold here! I love the Snow, I just don't like the Cold, especially since the kids are out of School and now dragged to run errands in it.
I did take Boston and Brigham for the day to go see Charlottes Web! It is so cute. We liked it. He read the Book with his First grade class, So i thought that would be a fun Reward.

I had a Girls night out on Wednesday with my Friends in the Neighborhood! It was so fun, We all went to Jane's house and She ordered Cafe' Rio for all of us and we Made "Pomanders". It is her annual girls out Party, and I loved it! I have super Cute decorated Oranges! Thanks Jane for the Night out.
Now we have all the Christmas Shopping done, and can just finish up the Last minute details.
We are going to the Nutcracker on Saturday, Grandma Hansen's Party on Saturday night, and then I am Hosting the Christmas Eve Dinner at our House.
I love this time of year, I love to listen to Good Christmas Music, Recieving Christmas Cards in the Mail, and spending quality time with our Families!

May You all have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Boston is in the Deseret News on Dec 19th! They interviewed his 1st Grade Class. They asked How does Santa deliver the gifts in one night? the answers some of the kids said are so Funny! But that is how they think? Check out your Deseret News its the C Section! He has his picture he drew on the Front Page.
He now thinks he is Famous!!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


We have had sooo much snow here, IT ROCKS!!! We had so much fun skiing yesterday for his Birthday! We took Boston out of School for the Day! His Dad and all the Brothers and Bro- In-Laws (Except 1) all went! (We missed you Judd)
Aimee and I were the Only girls! It was Great!
Jake Skied for the First time and DID AWESOME! He was rippin' down the mountain by the 3rd run! Shea had skied only Once before and He kept up the whole time! Boston loved skiing with his Uncles and Going off of the Jumps!
It was a Great Birthday Present for Cory~ To have all his Brothers there.
Thanks Everyone for Going, Lets go AGAIN!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday CoRy!

I sometimes think back when I was in Young Womens, We all had to write down a list of things we wanted in a Husband. Well on my list, which was given to me by my YW leader right before I got married was:

Very HOT!
Dark Hair
Light eyes
Nice Body
Honors Priesthood
Return Missionary
Speaks a Different Language
a Good Father
My Best Friend
Drives a nice car ( I know, what can I say, it's when I was a teenager, of course)

Well I Got what I wanted and MORE!!! Isn't that so cool that I wrote that all down when I was in Mia maids!
Cory is seriously the best Husband, He treats us so good, We are definitley very Spoiled by him!
He is the Most AMAZING father ever & a Fabulous, Loving husband! We Just love you to Pieces Honey, Have a Fabulous Birthday! Oh yes, He is 35 years old today, Isn't that Middle aged? hee hee

Gingerbread Houses!

Tonight we made Gingerbread houses with all the Cousins...Hansens, Taylors, Carsons, Gunthers, Brems, & Kelley's. Aunt Cheer makes the Houses every year and it is so much fun to decorate (& eat)! Their were some Very Interesting Houses too!
Thanks Aunt Cheer !

Sunday, December 17, 2006

More Snow!!!!

This is How much snow we have over here in Orem! Cory Says about 1 1/2 feet of snow!
Yesterday we had alot and now today its just doubled. It is so beautiful! How much snow does everyone else have right now? Did anybody else get this much ?
( If you look really Close maybe you can see his Snow Angel he made!)

My monday Agenda is:
Dr. appt. for Hayes & Olivia-immunizations
Lunch with Neighbor friends-12:30 Happy Sumo
Achievement day Girls-2:30 (early out)
Buy Candy for Gingerbread Houses
FHE with Cousins, Building Gingerbread Houses! Does anyone know what time?
And well the list can just go on and on.....

We just got done reading books by the fire and drinking our Hot cocoa! These are the cutest books ... One of them is called "Snowmen at Night" by Carolyn Buehner, It is one of our Favorites!
This is so Adorable, I just asked Olivia "Who was born on Christmas?" and she said "Jesus" I am so serious, Boston and I were a little Shocked that she understood that!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

This is what I woke up to this morning at 7 am its so beautiful! We went running in this, and believe it or not we saw like 3 other people doing it also! Crazy kids!! This would be a great Ski day for everyone. We will go sledding this morning, as soon as Boston Wakes up. Then a movie with the Family! Oh yes, Candaces concert -Cancelled. ( I am so bummed, I wanted to hear you sing my Very Favorite song...Still Still Still. Maybe another day.)

Friday, December 15, 2006

School Christmas Party!

Today was so fun, In Boston's Class they got to decorate Candy Houses for their Christmas Party! This is one of his little Buddies, Jacob! There is only "3" more School days left of School
Then we have Christmas Break!! Woo HOO!
Cory and I went out on a date tonight to COSTCO and then "Happy Sumo"! We sat right at the Sushi Bar and just had the Guy make us something on his own...It was sooooo Delicious. We decided, that is how we are going to eat there now.......The Sushi Bar.

Tomorrow is Candaces Concert up in Salt Lake, and then To "Ruth's Chris" For Cory's Birthday Dinner. His Birthday is really on Tuesday, he just LOVES "Ruth's Chris". I maybe a little weird, But i just think it's OK.

It is totally snowing right now! I think their is seriously like 4 inches already! Maybe we will be sledding in the Morning too! Oh No i have to Run in it tomorrow!!!

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The ELVES came this morning!!!

Every Year the Elves come to our home to the kids to check and see if they are being good!

Well this morning they made a huge mess for us to clean up and dropped off the Cutest little Books for the Kids. Boston's is a book about a Wacky Christmas Journey and it's all about a boy named Boston who has Brown hair and Blue Eyes! Olivia's is called "Giddyland" she is sledding with her Brothers and is all Personalized too and it even has her Phone Number in it, Which really SHOCKED Boston! (He couldn't believe they knew his Number). Hayes has a book about Robots and He is the cutest little Blond Hair Blue eyed kid! (Boston said "Wow is Hayes going to have Blonde hair") ....He does have some hair and Yes it looks BLonde! haha

Have a Great Day!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

HaPpY BiRtHdAy HaYeS & oLiViA!!!!!!

Their Favorite Things......

Olivia Faith...... Her Daddy, Curious George, Shoes, Blankies, Sippee Cups, books, & Babies!
Hayes Terrance.... Hitting (his brother),Curious george, Our dog Degun, Trains, Books, Bottles & Cars!
Our Most Memorable moment?
Both Cory and I agree that there wasn't a most memorable moment with Premature Birth. It was a Memorable experience that turned into a Journey! What we will always agree on as the Most Memorable thing was a feeling. Remember all of those flower arrangments, cards, gifts and so on that we recieved in the Hospital? It didn't stop there. It was just the beginning of months of dinners being made and delivered to our home. People we never even met would call us or drop us a note saying that they were praying for our Babies, and us. Never in all my life did I feel so loved, so held in God's Precious hand. Looking back on their first few months of life, Heavenly Father carried us through it. He has given us more than we could ever have expected, or wanted. I have always dreamed of witnessing a miracle. Finally things are Crystal Clear.....Hayes & Olivia are our Miracles.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hayes & Olivia's Birthday Party!!!!

Hey thanks to Heather for letting me know about the "Compose" button on the Blogging Screen!

They Had their Birthday Party today! It was a Curious George Party, Because they are Obsessed with GEORGE... Costco did a Fabulous job on decorating the Cake, it was so cute.

We had the Party at "The Little Gym" Which is a little kids Gymnastics place. I was so suprised how great the Party was, The Ladies Centered it around Hayes & Olivia and they played all sorts of Games. We had 22 kids, Yes i said 22 kids! That is how we do our Taylor Partys! We just have so many fun Cousins and Friends!
They of Course had alot of Fun Presents, Thanks so much Everyone for coming to the Party and for our FUN Presents! (Can this be my Thank you cards, Please?)

Hayes & Olivia are Passed out in Bed right now for a nice little Nap, The weather is Gorgeous outside today so Boston is out on the Scooter, Cory & Geoff are out Riding crazy in the RHINO, and I am finishing up the Calendars.
Then we are off to Tepanyaki for the Birthday Dinner.... YIPEE!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Follow Up Clinic!

I am one Proud Mommy today!(Well,everyday really-haha) We went to Hayes & Olivia's NICU Follow up appt, which they go to once or sometimes twice a year. They had all sorts of Dr.'s there, We met with Hearing, Speech Development, Psychiatric development, Nutritionists, Physicians, etc... They checked out every part of their little Bodies from 8:30 am-12:30!
Hayes & Olivia are PERFECT! They have not one problem, The Speech dr. said that Olivia is at the level of a 28-30 month old, and Hayes is at the Level of a 22-24 month old. They always seem to show off when we go there. They did so Great, The Dr.'s and Nurses cannot believe that they are 26 weekers! They all just die when they see them.
We are so Extremely Grateful, I always get so nervous when I go to these appts. because they tell you usually everything that is not good on the Outcome of a Preemie.
I sometimes feel that Parker took on EVERYTHING, so that they could have such a Great Life!
They are Truly our Little Miracles.....Thanks to the Power of Prayer!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dr. Hammond's Christmas Party!

Today was our Dentist's Christmas Party! He always has Great Parties! So yes, We went Ice Skating at the Peaks arena. We saw Santa and drank Hot Chocolate, because it was sooooo Cold! I took the twins out on the Ice for some fun Skating! (lets just say it's a good thing i had a stroller to hang on too.)
Boston did Awesome, He was so good at it! He now thinks that he wants to play Hockey!

Tomorrow is Cory's Work Christmas Dinner, Friday is Follow up Clinic for Hayes & Olivia, Friday night is the Cousins Party and Saturday Morning is our Ward Christmas Breakfast. And Then Hayes and Olivia's Birthday Party! Whew, Busy Busy Busy!
Lets just get through the weekend!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Traffic School!

So I got a Ticket in American Fork last month,and I picked this month to go to Traffic School! It was coming down the Hill from the Temple, The undercover blue Mustang...You know that guy. Anyway so last night in Traffic School, I saw 2 of my Friends there. The Officer was taking Roll and he called my sister in law Holli's Name! Where were you HOLLI? I about died when I heard them call sweet little Holli's name! It was just one hour long and a good reminder to drive with Caution!

I took the kids to see Santa last night! We think he is the Real one, because he said Olivia's name and we didn't even tell him. Olivia kept saying "Scary" which is so weird cause she loved the Characters at Disneyworld. Hayes liked him cause he had Candy, Boston told him that he wanted a Firefly Phone! WHAT! Is he crazy, he is 7 and he wants a Cell Phone? Special thanks to my Niece Charlee on that one! I told him Santa only Gives out Phones to kids who are "12". ha ha

I finished my Christmas Letters and Cards and now i just need to mail them out! I also got alot of Christmas Shopping and Wrapping done today. Actually, My nieces Megan and Sarah did all the Wrapping, it was sooooo Awesome, Thanks Guys.
We have a Christmas Pary today at the Peaks Ice Arena for My Dentists office (I know, they always have these fun parties for the kids)! It will be so much fun!

Turning 2 In a few Days!

Here are Pictures of the Babies(Who in "5" days are not babies anymore) 2 years ago!
Of course in these pictures they were still on Oxygen! But who wants to see tubes on Sweet little babies.....NOT ME!( So it was a Quick Picture taking)

Olivia is talking so well! She sometimes shocks us with how well she is talking!
So last night I was in the Bathroom just picking things up, when Hayes and Olivia of Course are Grabbing more things to make a mess, When Olivia Grabbed the Candle that had a Mirror-like lid on it, and she says, (looking at it) "Pincess Livia" OOOOhhh Is that not the Cutest! Ok so you know That they are spoiled when they are calling themselves "Princess"
Hayes is, well not quite as good of a talker but he has the Funnest Personality! The kid is a SPAZ! He climbs up on the top of my couch and points to the Christmas Tree and says "TTTTTT" Which we assume means "Tree" Or "Train" Either way he Loves them Both!
They are turning "2" in a few Days! Yipee, I can't believe how fast they Grow up, I just absolutley love this age, They are a little bit of Maintenance at times, but so much fun to Watch!
They absolutley Love Boston! Olivia goes up to him and says "Hold me" with her arms straight up in the air and with the Most Pitiful look on her face. Boston just Loves it.

Wow, I am rambling on, So Sorry! I better get off to Bed!
Good Night

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nordstrom Fashion Show!

Ok, So my kids looked so Cute Struttin down the Carpet for the Fashion Show! I cannot believe Hayes & Olivia even did it, I thought I would have to help them. They were so cute, once Hayes Got on the Platform he started Dancing around! Everyone was Dying laughing & Clapping, and I couldn't Get them off!
Boston Looked like a little Hottie with his new Outfit on too. That was so much fun, The best part is the 15% off Shopping Mom got to do afterwards!

I finished my Ultimate Fasting Cleanse.....5 days of just Juice and a WHole lot of Vitamins! I don't know how much Weight I lost, but I am pretty sure I lost Some, which is always a Plus.

Of course my little ones do not look at me when I am taking their Picture! Stinkers.

This was just a Practice run! The Bag She is holding is the Gift bag they gave them for coming. Of course, she did walk with it down the Runway like it was her purse.

Boston looking So dang Cute!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Time sure does fly by around the Holidays! I am still trying to get the Christmas Tree up! I have missed alot of Happy Birthday Blogs, SOrry But Happy Birthday to you all! I have a Crazy December, with Hayes and Olivia's Birthday, Cory's B-day, Christmas Parties everywhere,3 Calendars, Christmas Cards etc..... So I am a little Slow on the Blogging this month!
Boston, Hayes and Olivia are in the Nordstrom Fashion Show on Saturday Morning at 9:30! Come and See them strut down the Red Carpet! It should be so cute.

It is soooooo Cold here with Lots of Snow on the Ground and in the 30's! We are having a low tonight of 2 degrees. NO JOKE! BURRRRR I am soo cold just thinking about it.
I am on Day 4 of my Ultimate Fasting Cleanse..... I am Cleansing The BODY! I feel Great but am SO Hungry! I have not seen the Benefits yet though... It Builds up your Immune system and lots more! I am aloud to have as much Juice all day long as I want, Oh and Water.
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