Friday, December 22, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside....

It is so dang cold here! I love the Snow, I just don't like the Cold, especially since the kids are out of School and now dragged to run errands in it.
I did take Boston and Brigham for the day to go see Charlottes Web! It is so cute. We liked it. He read the Book with his First grade class, So i thought that would be a fun Reward.

I had a Girls night out on Wednesday with my Friends in the Neighborhood! It was so fun, We all went to Jane's house and She ordered Cafe' Rio for all of us and we Made "Pomanders". It is her annual girls out Party, and I loved it! I have super Cute decorated Oranges! Thanks Jane for the Night out.
Now we have all the Christmas Shopping done, and can just finish up the Last minute details.
We are going to the Nutcracker on Saturday, Grandma Hansen's Party on Saturday night, and then I am Hosting the Christmas Eve Dinner at our House.
I love this time of year, I love to listen to Good Christmas Music, Recieving Christmas Cards in the Mail, and spending quality time with our Families!

May You all have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!


Kiana said...

i like that title

My Awesome Life!!! said...

Hey aunt shannon
heres how to put a video on your blog... first go to google and click on "videos".then look for what music video you want,after you watch it, it will ask you if you want to watch it again or post it to your click post it to my blog and it will post it :)
see ya later!

L Johnson said...

I love the picture of Olivia! Hope you had a great Christmas today!

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