Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday CoRy!

I sometimes think back when I was in Young Womens, We all had to write down a list of things we wanted in a Husband. Well on my list, which was given to me by my YW leader right before I got married was:

Very HOT!
Dark Hair
Light eyes
Nice Body
Honors Priesthood
Return Missionary
Speaks a Different Language
a Good Father
My Best Friend
Drives a nice car ( I know, what can I say, it's when I was a teenager, of course)

Well I Got what I wanted and MORE!!! Isn't that so cool that I wrote that all down when I was in Mia maids!
Cory is seriously the best Husband, He treats us so good, We are definitley very Spoiled by him!
He is the Most AMAZING father ever & a Fabulous, Loving husband! We Just love you to Pieces Honey, Have a Fabulous Birthday! Oh yes, He is 35 years old today, Isn't that Middle aged? hee hee


Heather said...

Those Taylor boys...good catches! Happy Birthday, Cory.

JT said...

I just emailed the ski pics. let me know if you got them from the yahoo address.

My Awesome Life!!! said...

love ya

Darren Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Cory! Shannon is a little biased on the "Very Hot" part but everything else looks right!

Candace said...

Happy Birthday Cory! He is a good brother too!

The Davila Family said...

Happy Birhtday Cory. Wow, 35, you are not too far behind me.

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