Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Turning 2 In a few Days!

Here are Pictures of the Babies(Who in "5" days are not babies anymore) 2 years ago!
Of course in these pictures they were still on Oxygen! But who wants to see tubes on Sweet little babies.....NOT ME!( So it was a Quick Picture taking)

Olivia is talking so well! She sometimes shocks us with how well she is talking!
So last night I was in the Bathroom just picking things up, when Hayes and Olivia of Course are Grabbing more things to make a mess, When Olivia Grabbed the Candle that had a Mirror-like lid on it, and she says, (looking at it) "Pincess Livia" OOOOhhh Is that not the Cutest! Ok so you know That they are spoiled when they are calling themselves "Princess"
Hayes is, well not quite as good of a talker but he has the Funnest Personality! The kid is a SPAZ! He climbs up on the top of my couch and points to the Christmas Tree and says "TTTTTT" Which we assume means "Tree" Or "Train" Either way he Loves them Both!
They are turning "2" in a few Days! Yipee, I can't believe how fast they Grow up, I just absolutley love this age, They are a little bit of Maintenance at times, but so much fun to Watch!
They absolutley Love Boston! Olivia goes up to him and says "Hold me" with her arms straight up in the air and with the Most Pitiful look on her face. Boston just Loves it.

Wow, I am rambling on, So Sorry! I better get off to Bed!
Good Night


Candace said...

they are so sweet- i can't believe how little they were!

My Awesome Life!!! said...

they are so cute!!! thanks for letting me and megan stay with you. i cant believe there gonna be 2. Love ya

Kari said...

I can't believe they are two. It has gone by so fast. (Atleast for me). What is this cleanse you are doing? I need it. I have been sick for three weeks. It is driving me crazy!!!! Let me know

The Davila Family said...

Shannon, they are the cutes. Sarah & Megan won't stop talking about them. Thanks again for having them over. 2 wow. It went by so fast. And yes she is a princess, and boys are spazz. Get use to it.

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