Sunday, January 31, 2010


my little Haysie bugs just cracks us up!  He is so animated lately and is so into toys and gets all into character with whatever jammies he is wearing.  

Today while unpacking the play room,  Boston had a Nacho Libre mask/cape on {we've been watching alot of nacho lately, hee hee} and they were acting the scene where nacho libre and Stephen were fighting about the "e stupid Orphans" Hayes knew the scene word for word and then after the whole scene was done they started wrestling. 

it was hilarious.   

I couldn't believe that he had that all memorized and then he went on to do other scenes.  He even said to Ivy, after she squawked really loud .."and that is a crazy lady", It was awesome.  Maybe we need to watch a different movie for a while. haha

I love that kid!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"goodbye" party at School...

I brought cupcakes from our favorite bakery "the sweet tooth fairy" for Boston's farewell party at Ivy Hall. We said goodbye to his Awesome teacher and all of his best buddies. We will miss them all...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

did i mention "I LOVE my neighbors"

we are sad to announce...
The taylor's are moving from our favorite neighbors EVER!!!

We have lived here {3 different houses} for the last 5 years and most of my precious memories come from "the berkshires"

My kids have made such wonderful friends, and of course so have I.   My heart breaks and smiles all at the same time. I love these memories of mine.

We are starting new schools and are pretty excited. Boston gets to go to School with 2 of his cousins so he is so excited.
Hayes & Olivia are transferring schools too and get to have one of my friends as their teacher.

were off to new adventures...

just  20 minutes away by an absolutely beautiful canyon, where we can do a ton of mtn biking this summer, and of course closer to family...  ;)

so we partied it up this week.   We had an after school party with our friends in the neighborhood. These kids are so awesome,  and I love them to pieces...

I wanted them to always remember me, and what better way than feeding them junk for their after school treat.  My "Otis" chocolate chip cookies and krispy kreme donuts.
 I laughed when i saw aubrey's plate!  haha

Vibe Productions show "MOVE"

my beautiful and incredibly talented nieces danced in the show "MOVE" all week at the Covey center of arts in provo. This show is FABULOUS! It's so crazy how much talent is out there! My nieces dance at the Vibe and are incredible.

They had Chelsey Hightower & Mark Ballas {from dancing with the stars} there perfoming as well, it was Awesome!

afterwards we got pictures with chelsey and livi's dance teacher.  Olivia loved watching her teacher dance.
I love this show, it's definitely one of my favorites!! my 2 little nieces left during the intermission so i just snagged wit and Camry for the pictures after.

"We be loyal scouts"

every mom knows what that means...

Boston & his buddy Luke got their "Webelos" badge. They worked hard so they could get it together. It was so fun to have his Uncle Todd and Nana and Papa there to see him get his award.
now it's time to work on the Pinewood derby car!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Orphans in Haiti...

Hello fellow bloggers...  

My good friend Tricia sent me this email and i thought it would be great to pass it on &  for all of us to pull together whatever we could to help these darling little orphans in Haiti.

If you have any of these to donate, You could drop them off to me at my house {801-836-4354} or call my friend trish {801-471-6000} Thanks so much!!!

Hi Sisters,

This is Tricia Marr. I have the opportunity to volunteer at For Every Child Adoption Agency right now and am helping with the process of saving some of the orphans that were in the process of being adopted by Utah Families.  These families that have been waiting for their children in Haiti  (some for over 3 years) and are now going to be able to have these kids come home.  Please call me if you can donate any of the items.

These orphans, most of which are under the age of 4 are in need of the items below.  They will be arriving at the SLC airport Late Thursday, the 28th or possibly early Friday.  There are 70 children cleared now, and we are hoping to be able to have more cleared before departure.   They will only have the clothes they are wearing, and shoes that are not appropriate for winter weather.  Upon arrival we will be checking paperwork and getting the kids ready to go with their families, will need the following items to care for the children during that time.  Any help will be greatly needed and appreciated, THANK YOU!




Warm Hat

Winter Shoes



Underwear/ Diapers

A healthy snack bag

Books/ coloring books/ Crayons

Thank you,
Tricia Marr & For Every Child Adoption Agency

Please contact  Tricia 801-471-6000

Friday, January 22, 2010


these pictures were taken off of my iphone and i forgot to blog about it.

We went after school one afternoon with Summer and her kids and Tasha and her boys. Boston brought brogan too. it was a small little circus but actually really cute. The kids got to see the tigers in the cages and jump through fire. The acrobats were super impressive! ;)

afterwards my little ones got to go on pony rides. as you can tell it wasn't easy to capture it on the iphone. oops.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Vegas Cup"

We froze our butts off  in Vegas!
 I guess we thought 60 degrees was going to be warm...

Boston's U11 soccer team the "Utah Rangers" played in the "Vegas Cup" tournament over the Martin Luther King weekend.  The whole team plus all the other "Rangers" teams all stayed at the same Hotel and they were Crazy!  It was a BLAST, i'm surprised we didn't get kicked out. ~wink

We had so much fun supporting our boys!  Their were teams from all over playing.  They had so many fields it was awesome to see so many amazing athletes!

This was Boston's teams first time playing on the Huge fields and they mixed their team with Premier and Select {boston's on the select} so they had never played together on a big field {besides futsol} & they ROCKED!  Were pretty lucky to have the BYU soccer coach as our coach.

The teams they played were pretty awesome, and we were so close each game. We won 2 games and lost 2 games, so we didn't make it into the Monday finals. {sigh}

Regardless, my kids all had a great time, COLD or not we still went swimming and Hot tubbin' daily.  The playgrounds they had by the fields were so fun & they were thoroughly entertained with so many friends to hang out with.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It was our Joint YW activity last week and we {the beehives} were in charge.  We rented out the whole top floor of the "Noah's" building in Lindon.  They turn it into an Ice Skating rink and the roof is open to the outside.  We got to go ice skating, be in charge of our own music & some girls took breaks to FB on the computers.  It was a perfect night {no inversion} and had a blast.  We  had a hot chocolate bar with cookies and Donuts too.

This place is so awesome for hosting events, it's right off the freeway and really cool inside.


Little miss ivy is so adorable!

 I love watching her grow and learn, but she's doing it way too fast.

When she sees her siblings she lights up with excitement and gives them hugs and kisses every morning. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever, and of course my favorite part of my morning.

She's talking like crazy and copies everything you do.  She loves to follow livi and hayes everywhere they go.  We also give her everything she wants, because if she doesn't get it she Squawks really loud!!

Ivy and Mckelle are cute little friends in the making.  We attempted storytime and while all the little ones were listening and eating cookies and milk, our two little girls were destroying the place. {wink}

 Ivy tries to grab everything mckelle has and rips off her bow.  Then after I tell her no,  she says "hi" and waves to her and hugs her.  I can't help but laugh, she can be so naughty.

"birthday lunches"

 3 of my favorite girlfriends just had their birthdays!  All within 1 week of each other. haha
It's so fun to spend time celebrating them and of course eating a delicious lunch.

I love my "besties"

Cynthia & Jane
{we had a combined birthday lunch}

{with the "Boston" hat}

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

s u n d a n c e...

is one of my favorite resorts in Utah!  It's so close and convenient and absolutely beautiful.
Boston's school goes skiing or boarding every monday and Cory and I go with them.

this time i went with my friends while Cory had a meeting, we followed our boys everywhere and they took us on jumps, the terrain park  and through trees.  they were Crazy!  I love watching my boy grow up and love all the sports we love.

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