Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My birth"day" seems to always be more like a Birth"week"...Isn't that how it is supposed to be??! I love it!
Cory took me out to the "Tree room" up at Sundance for my Birthday! We went on The 3oth where he Proposed to me "12" years ago to the day...Such a Sweetheart!
It was so delicious, He ordered the Scallops, beet salad, and The Elk, and i had a delicious Sundance salad & Seared Tuna, everything was to die for, then for Dessert we got the "berries & Cream" mmmmm.

We had a FUN FILLED day of Halloween Activities.....
We went to Boston's School for the Parade and then Helped with his class party. Boston told me in the morning, that i was going to LOVE today! I said "How come"...He said "because everyone always tells me, "Your mom is so cool!"...He was so cute, i always thought he gets embarressed of me coming Dressed like a Witch and doing the Witches Brew!
Hayes and Olivia kept calling me "Witch" all morning too, "Are you coming witch", "i'm thirsty Witch","are you comfy witch" it was so cute.

Our Ward had their Trunk or treat early in the night and then we went to Jane's for some delicious Soup and Treats. The neighborhood kids all stuck together when they jumped in Geoff's Rhino and Troy's Truck and headed off to Trick or treat . Cory stayed with the kids while I took Hayes and Olivia to a couple of our Neighbors houses and they were LOVING it... It was so funny to see them knock on the door and say trick or treat and then they would walk into the houses. (It was alot of work) Then we handed out Candy all night, and that was the Highlight for them.

I am so used to Boston coming home with all his candy and putting it on the counter and walking away.....Well these 2 are a different Story, They wouldn't stop eating it and wanted MORE!

Thanks so much for my Birthday Texts, Phone calls, emails, messages, and Blogs! You guys rock, it is always such a busy day and i love to get the Messages!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trunk or Treat & "Birthday" Lunch....

Yesterday my Friends and Sisters & me, went out for my "Birthday" lunch!! Yep , i am turning "33" Tomorrow (on Halloween) Woo HOO!! I love Halloween and I love that my Birthday is on Halloween!
We went to Happy Sumo, and Jenn had my Fav candy's (Sweetarts,& Chick o Stick's) when i was little, and an 80's Cd with some Sweet tunes on it as Party Favors! She's the Best! I have such "Great" Friends, Thanks guys!

Then Cory and i took the kids the the Annual "Hansen Trunk or treat" party at The hansen farm. Our Costumes didn't show up in time so we were Last minute "Gangsta's"!
O well, we are really going to be "The Munsters"!
Boston was a football player ("Peyton Manning") Hayes and Olivia were Piglet and Tigger, and they loved "Trunk Or Treating"!

We have Boston's School party tomorrow where i always go dressed up as a witch and do the "Witches Brew" the kids love it and it is kind of gross what i put in there. Then our Ward does a Trunk or Treat, and then to The Rhodes for her Famous Halloween Party. Then off to some more Trick or treating....I know i am a die hard!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Patch'

Today was another Nice Fall day, so we took the kids to Thanksgiving point to play at "Cornbelly's" (Which btw is absolutley darling).
Hayes and Olivia had a blast playing with EVERYTHING! Boston did the Corn maze with
Es Dee and we all LOVED the Haunted Hayride, except Hayes.
The reason why so many pictures? I got a new Lens and I love it. So i had to show them all!

We all came home with a pumpkin (again) so we can make our Dinner in a pumpkin tomorrow!

Boston Started his Indoor soccer league today and the Boys did awesome together, they lost by 2 points. Dang!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I have been tagged by Ally CaPally, & Candace ...
The rules:

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I LOVE being a Mother to the Most Fabulous kids ever, Sister/SIL to the Best of Friends, Daughter to some Seriously AMAZING parents, and Married to the MAN Of my Dreams!

2. I am always so Happy! I just love life and am always ready to do something fun.

3. May be Obsessed with Working out. I love to Run, Mountain bike, play tennis or Rollerblade!!!
4. Have the Greatest "Best Friend",who shares the SAME views on everything as i do ....Seriously Everybody needs a Jenn!
5. pssst.....I am listening to Christmas music already! (i have a problem)
6. I seriously LOVE to be Pregnant.( or maybe i just don't remember, hehe)
7. I have a HUGE love of Childrens Books, i love to read them to my kids and i LOVE the Illustrations!

I now tag:
Jane Rhodes
Jess Smith
Jenn Granum
Kelli Granum
Kiersten B.....I will be able to secretly see yours! hehe

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Gorgeous "Fall" Day....

Today was an absolute Beautiful day! The weather was 78 Degrees and we were loving it, it is suppose to stay like this for the rest of the week and into next.
I took the twins to the Park on Boston's Sit down Razor scooter(It was quite the sight, hehe) They were loving playing on the slides and running around playing Duck, Duck, Goose!
Right when Boston got off the bus, i took him and Cayden to the Skate park! Then they played Football in the Yard for about an hour. I love it outside!!

We are watching the "World Series" tonight and it is so funny to hear Boston talk about the Game, and he totally knows what he is talking about, it's so cute!

Monday, October 22, 2007

New York!

(This is a long post, but i am using this as my Journal, so Bare with me...)

We had an absolute blast in the "City that never Sleeps" (Literally)!! The weather was Beautiful, we didn't really need our jackets the first couple of days, and it only rained once, and it was so fun walking through Central park with our Umbrella's!

We did everything on our list and then some... We checked into our hotel on Wednesday night and Threw on our dresses and walked to The Manhatten Temple, did a session, took some pictures and it was a perfect way to start off our trip. We then headed over to "patsy's pizza" which was sooooooo Good! I LOVE new york pizza!

We took the subway to "Serendipity's", there was No line, and i ordered the double ice cream sundae with Hot fudge and Peanut butter sauce, and Frozen hot chocolate! Thanks to Kelli granum for all the yummy and fun recommendations.

"Serendipity's" Famous Frozen Hot chocolate!

Day 1: Heather and I took off early over to Rockefeller center, saw the "Bachelors of america" outside and just barely missed seeing "Dj Tanner" from Full house! We walked through the St. Patricks Cathedral until "Saks fifth avenue" opened! We met up with the other girls and took the Subway to "Canal st" and "SOHO". Jane found this Yummy Lobster Place, where we ate Lobster Rolls and Salads. MMmmm it was so Good.

We came home got dressed and walked around the corner to the Gershwin Theatre to see
"WICKED"! Oh it was soooooo GOOD! The best Broadway show i have Ever seen! After the Show we went to get some Dessert.

Here is My SIL Jane who was like the BEST travel guide ever, On the subway with some new friends! hehehe...Good Times.... Everyone was Really so nice to us, helping us get to our destinations... Only a couple of RUDE ones.
Day 2: We hit the Shops on "5th" avenue Where there was the Coolest "NBA" store and "american girl doll" store, and LOTS of other shopping. Saks has a whole level of Shoes on a floor that is so big that they have there own ZIP Code!
Later we went to Macy's and then it started raining on us as we walked through Central Park!
We went to The "MET" and toured some of the "Rembrandt" art work.

We did have a Star sighting, We saw Gene Simmons, of Kiss, while we were walking to Macy's!

Then off to Rosa Mexicana for some delicious FOOD, there Guacamole was made right in front of us and it was seriously Fabulous!

After a delicious meal, we went to T&Co on Madison avenue, and some other shops..

Of course, i had to have a New York City, HOT DOG! (it was ok!)

Heather, Kelly and I went to see "Les Miserables" this night while the other girls went to Mary Poppins. I hadn't seen it since i was in High School, so it was soooo Good!

After we got out of the Show to meet the girls we Hailed a taxi, and as we jumped in, this guy and his Drunk friend start SHOVING us out of the Taxi, like it was his, i still can't believe that it really happened! Jerk.... Well that was the Only rude moment, so that was fine!

So instead we Hailed a LIMO. It was so fun. We all fit and were excited to go to "Cafe Lalo" where they filmed "you've got mail", but when we got there, it was closed! ughhhh...that was so weird in new york some places closed early. I have no idea why, cause everyone is up and going Somewhere!

Day 3: We woke up early so we could fit everything in. We took the Subway to the "The Staton Island Ferry" and saw the "Statue of Liberty"! It was so fun to see it and we of course took lots of pictures. That was the one thing Boston cared that i did!

Then we walked to Wall st. and saw the NYSE. (that one was for Cory ;)) then to "Ground Zero".(Very Touching)

After the Financial District, we went back to Canal street and SoHo for some last minute shopping, where i found my Oilily Store, and then went back to eat some NY Style Pizza before we headed to the Airport!

Heather and i brought back our Boys some Pizza! Yes, it was a PAIN in the Butt, but i wanted Cory to have it New York Style!!

It was so fun, and i seriously can't wait to go again
soon! We made lots of Memories and have Plenty of stories to talk about! Thanks girls for a Fabulous & Eventful trip! LOVE YOU!!

To check out more Pictures (as if this wasn't enough) you can go to my Smugmug account.

I came home to LOTS of Snow, Cute homeade signs,2 fever-ish kids,Lots of Loves and Kisses and Everybody LOVED there Suprises,

It is so GREAT to be home again!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carving Pumpkins!

Last night we carved out pumpkins and had so much fun! Hayes and Olivia loved carrying there little Pumpkins around. Hayes kept saying in a deep Voice "heavy, heavy" and they would be laughing their heads off.
Boston's actually look so much cooler looking when they are lit up outside! (it was alot of work!)

This week at his School it is "Red Ribbon Week" so today is "Backwards day"
Wednesday ~Crazy hair day
Thurs~Hawaiian day
Fri~Pajama day, They have so much fun doing this all week
I am off to my tennis lesson and then to get my hair done!! I leave for NEW YORK tomorrow with all the Taylor Girlies! I am so excited to SHOP, See Broadway shows, Eat, and just hang out with the Girls!
Wish Cory some Luck!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Brody's Birthday Party!!

This morning i took Boston, Coop & Cam to Gymnastics, for Boston's Gym Class. They and My Niece Charlee were the only ones there for about 20 minutes, so they were going Crazy and loving jumping in the Foam pit, on the Tramps, and doing the Rings and Bars!
After Boston's Gymnastics we went to JUMP ON IT, for my Nephew Brody's Birthday Party!
Brody just turned "3" and is so dang cute!
Then we went to Chuck E Cheese for Lunch and Birthday cake Party! It is so fun to have so many cousins for my kids to play with.

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