Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Crew has finally arrived! He was born this morning at 8:03 am and weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. 20 1/2 inches long! He has GOOD hair already! It's all spikey, and a little curly, He's so cute!
Chase and Caden are The Proud "BIG" Brothers and will get to see him today after school for the First time!
Jenn is doing great and is just loving her Beautiful baby boy!

CABO SAN LUCAS.... Here we come!

We are leaving Early Thursday Morning! YAHOOOOO.. It is a very much needed Vacation for us. It's our Anniversary on Feb 3rd and Cory and I didn't get to go anywhere last year for our 10 yr. anniversary so we are making the 11 year Celebration! We are going with our Neighbors Dusty and Jane, it's their anniversary on the "1"st ! We want out of the Cold Inversion here in Utah and Just want to hang out on the Beach, Hit the Spa, Lay out by the Pool, Eat good Food, and Watch TV (shows we have been wanting to watch forever)! We are so excited!

Judd and Candace will come and watch the kids while we are gone! Boston is very excited to be babysat by them.
I am however a little nervous leaving my Babies, We have never left them before! They are in Good hands, so that does help!

I am starting to think I am a little bit "Nazi" because I Typed out 5 pages of how the House Runs! I think it should be So helpful though. So I am sorry in Advance candace, but I need to know that I wrote everything down!

We have a Pack Meeting for Boston tomorrow night, where he will get his Skiing Belt loop and Pin, Computers, Astronomy, and Chess! It's so exciting when they Accomplish so many things, Then get Rewarded!!!!

Jenn is Having her Baby first thing tomorrow morning! He looks like he is literaly going to Fall out of her! I have to get a picture today!!!
I will Post about him tomorrow!

Friday, January 26, 2007

TUBING @ Soldier Hollow!

Today We had NO SCHOOL! Yahoo, So we all went up to Soldier Hollow for a Fabulous day Tubing!! It was soooo Gorgeous, The Weather was so warm we took off our Jackets and Were Sledding with No gloves, No Beanies! They said it was almost 50 Degrees!
We went With Brigham, Lacey, Mc Call & Es Dee! Hayes and Olivia were so fun too! They loved it and even took a nap in the Chair.

Then We went to CHili's for some Dinner !

Saturdays Agenda.... Girls Party for Kelly, With Pedicures and Treats!
~Evolution of Dance at the Scera, where Witney and Shae and Charlee are Performing! IT's always a Great Show!

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

PICTURE THIS....By Sara Staker

Here are the Cute Pictures that I was telling everyone about! Hayes & Olivia "2" Boston "7" . I love how they Turned out! Thanks Sara.

These are the Ones that will be on Canvas!

Today after School for Boston He has Math Night! It Sounds so fun! :0 Then Brigham is Staying the night! He is soooo Excited! X Box and Bounce House will be in FULL EFFECT!

Olivia now Refers to herself as "Daddy's Princess" When you ask her "Who's This" She will LET you know!
Hayes is our Little Destroyer latley! Why does he want to Rip Pages in Books? He loves you to read to him, But likes to ruin things too! He is also Quite Coordinated too, He can Climb like nobody's business.
Watch OUT Candace, You and Judd may be in for it next week! I think we just hit the TERRIBLE TWO'S!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I will have you know, I Finished The Book "Finding NOEL" for our Book Club! I read it in 2 days! It's SOOOOOOOO Good! I finished at 2a.m. NO JOKE and my eyes are all puffy and still swollen from Crying so Hard! It's a Great Read! Can't wait for Book Club!

Boston lost another TOOTH!

It's amazing how Awkward this age is, when they are losing teeth!
He is such a Great Kid! He made a list for the Tooth Fairy last night that Read....

Are you a Boy or a girl? Circle one....Boy Girl
Do you like Little Teeth or Big teeth? Circle one ... Little Big
Are you a Fairy? Little or Big

Don't you remember writing one of those letters? Well Now he cannot believe it, The Tooth Fairy is a BOY! He thinks that is sooooo Cool!

Monday, January 22, 2007


Ok! So I have been tagged from my Sis in law Jane! I am to list my Idiosyncrasies ..... So Here Goes.....

~ I Can NOT stand when people Burp! It's so Disgusting. I always feel like I have to hold my breath, so it won't go in my mouth! ( I know, it is very Bizarre)

~I absolutley cannot wear Turtlenecks.... It makes me look fat, and feel like I am Choking!

~When in Bed at night, I always sleep with a Pillow in between my legs, and My feet have to circle around each other for a while to help me fall asleep!

~I Bite my lip when I am in Deep thought!

~Once in a while, I have to have a Binge-Fest with my Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip Cookies! And I mean BINGE~ It's not like 2 or 3! It doesn't even matter if I have been eating good for 2 weeks or so!

~ Oh and When I am eating a Sandwich, It has to be cut in Half Triangle way! It just tastes better to me.

That's all that I can think of for now!
Witney, Sarah, Darla, Kari- Tag YOUR TURN!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I know I say it all the time! I LOVE SUNDAYS! Their is nothing better than 9:00 church, then you have the rest of the Day to just lounge around and hang out with your family!

I was asked by my friend Caryn to Share a little of our Story about the Triplets in Relief Society. The Lesson was on Tragedy and Destiny? And How through Tragedy we found Great Blessings! It was so hard to Cram 12 or so weeks into "10" minutes, but I managed and it turned out so Good! It was so interesting , I hadn't really discussed (in a large group) the feelings that we felt through the whole experience, with anyone in a long time! It was great to be able to Share How I felt so much closer to the Savior at that time, than ever before in my life! And a great reminder of how We should always keep an Eternal Perspective! When we put our trust in him, He will TRULY bless us!

Alot of people didn't really know that I had 3 babies and what we went through, so I was glad that I got to Share it!
It was a Fabulous lesson, and a great Reminder to why we have Trials in life, I sure am glad that I got to experience it first hand, Being able to see that with FAITH, you can get through it and it can only make you Stronger and a Better Person!

(wow it sounds like Testimony Meeting. lol) ...I am now Reading the book "Finding Noel" by Richard paul Evans for the Taylor Book Club! I already love it! I am now on chapter 7! Who knows if I will ever get a free moment to Finish! Who has time to Read books?

We are off to Taylors tonight to finally give Candace her Long awaited Birthday Present! (Sorry) Her Birthday was in December! oops... and to return Brigham's Tamogochi (sp?)

Anyway that was my Spiritual thought for the Day!
Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 19, 2007

FRIDAY, Already?

Wow, It has been a whole week since I have Blogged! Oops..

We had a Yummy, Baby Shower Lunch for Jenn and Crew at Sundance yesterday! She is so close to having her baby . He is not due until Jan 31st but he could come anytime!

I did however get a new Camera, It's so cute, it's the Canon Elph, that is Pink! I love it, but am still trying to figure it out!
I was also Busy this week with Pictures being taken of the Kids! Hayes and Olivia had the cutest pictures taken for their "2"nd birthday and Boston (Just because) They turned out so Darling, I am having them put on Canvas to hang in my House.
I will post those pictures too!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Today I went and ate lunch with Boston at School with Hayes and Olivia! I forgot my Stroller so when I got to his School, I was Carrying 5 kids meals with Drinks, Car Keys, Phone, and Hayes and Olivia in a TON of SNOW!!
One Drink Fell and then 3 straws! Ugh.... I think every single kid wanted to sit by me with 2 Babies and they kept asking if I could open their Chips, Drinks, etc.... I wonder why they didnt' ask anyone else? Was I not busy enough trying to watch my 2 little ones so they didn't fall off the Bench, visit with Boston, make sure Hayes and Olivia weren't grabbing peoples lunches!!! Ughh... I don't think I will be doing that again any time soon!
Boston did love that we were there though!

We have a 3 day weekend! Yeah!
Cory and Geoff are Taking the Boys skiing tomorrow. Sunday we have a Baptism Preview for all the kids turning 8 this year! and Monday We are all going up to Park City to Ski with Pam and Brian and kids, sit in the Hot tub, and hang out in the Hotel!

After School Cory and I took Boston to see "Night at the Museum", which is the GREATEST movie! We loved it!
Now Chase is Having a Sleepover and they are doing Magic Tricks with Cards while listening to his IPOD! They are getting so BIG, and I am Definatley ready for Bed!!
Good Night!

Lots of Birthdays this month!!

Happy Birthday to My sister Rachel on the 9th and my nieces Charlee and Megan today the 12th, & Tyler on the 24th ! Hope you have a Fabulous Day!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Birthday DEGUN!!!

Yes, Degun is now "1" yrs old!! Yeah... Is he still a puppy? Boston insisted that we have a Party for him! " What? He's our Dog! You don't give partys for the Family Dog!" I said.
Well Look who won! He did get groomed today and we all gave him lots of treats!
He is a Good Dog, and the kids just Adore him!! I just want to know How much longer until he just Lays around and doesn't need much attention. lol ;)

Yesterday at Costco Olivia and Hayes were so funny! This man behind us in line was a big guy with a White nasty Beard! Olivia said " Santa" and Hayes said after her "ho ho ho" and they would not stop talking like that! (very embarassing for me.) We were also just shopping around and Olivia Said..... six, seven, eight, nine! We just started laughing, We couldn't believe that she said that! We don't really know where she learned that from either!

Monday, January 08, 2007


Today Boston Skipped school and we went skiing for the day at Deer Valley! It was such a Beautiful day, We went with my Sis in law Candace and her hubby Judd (who is Ski Patrol there) and Judds Mom , Jan!

Candace is a Great Skier, She is no longer allowed to do the Easy runs!
Boston was always a Blast to watch! He took me through the Trees quite often and then we went through this Secret place that one of the Guys told us about called the Oompa Loompa land! It was very fun, with a WHOLE lot of crazy quick turns through trees. Now Imagine someone with Big skis whipping around the turns after the little one and almost hitting trees! (yes, that would be me)

Then we came home and I made a delicious Salmon dinner with Brussel sprouts dipped in our Special Lemon sauce.

And off to Camry's Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese! (While the Championship football game was on)

We had a Very fun filled Monday!
Tomorrow is My Friend Jane's Birthday so we will eat out with them and some more friends up in Salt Lake at Ruth's Chris! MMMMmmm

Happy Birthday to Camry! she is "3" yrs old!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Freestyle MOTOCROSS!

Cory and Boston went with our Neighbors Joe, Ethan and Caden to the Delta Center to watch the Monster Trucks and The Freestyle MotoCross! They were so excited to see it! They get to be in the XANGO Box Seats, where they got to eat Prime Rib and lots of other Yummy Food! They will have a Good time!

Boston had a Sleep over at Brighams last night and went to his Super Fun Birthday Party! He still is talking about how he was in 3rd place in Bowling!
Thanks Jane for the Party and Sleepover!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Boston and Cory just got done building a 564 piece Spongebob Lego set and a 169 piece Ferrari fuel stop! It's amazing how much work it is to put those things together! Well they are done and Boston wants me to Remind him to do his Star Wars lego set tomorrow!

I DON'T think I am going to do that. hee hee

Monday, January 01, 2007


Yes, that is a picture of my Babies awake for the New year! Not on purpose of course, It's because Cory put them down for a Nap at 4 pm, And yes they did sleep for 3 1/2 hrs. So they went to Bed at like 12:30 am ! CRAZY but fun, So they got to make all sorts of Noise!!
Now it is Back to School for Boston tomorrow and on to my New years Resolutions!
Which are beside, Being a Better wife and Mother, Staying Physicaly Fit, & Attend the Temple more often! I have decided to make more Healthy meals, and a Menu each week that I can stick too! (That's a huge one! Right?)
So I am hitting the Cook books and The Internet for some Tips! Maybe Classy Cuisine too?
I also am going to BYU tomorrow to have my Body Fat tested! The real way!!! It will be good to see what it is at the Beginning of the Year! Then Off to POWER PUMP!
Hope you all had a Great Start to a Brand NEW YEAR!

New years EVE!

Powder Mountain & Snowbasin!

We are back from Skiing! We had a great time with lots of cousins, and Lots of Skiing! Boston is so fun to watch this year, It's like he is so grown up. He rides the Chairlift all by himself, and I have to yell at him to SLOW down! He was taking me through all of these trees and then off big Jumps. He was so fun!
Jaxon and Witney went Snowboarding for the First time and loved it! They had a Lesson and then Mc Call and Alex helped Witney down the Slopes!
We went mostly to Powder Mountain, because the Snow was so GREAT there. But on New years day, we went to Snowbasin with Mindy and Shae!
We just played games all night , Every night! We are now huge "DEAL or NO DEAL" fans Boston is so into it! We sat in the Hot Tub, Played Soccer, Watched Movies, laughed our heads off,(mostly at Tyler) Danced, ate Prime Rib, and ate and ate!!!
We did have some Sickos for the Week, It was like a 24 hr flu that went between the Two Condos. Each day it was a new kid sick or 2!
We had a Blast!
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