Friday, January 26, 2007

TUBING @ Soldier Hollow!

Today We had NO SCHOOL! Yahoo, So we all went up to Soldier Hollow for a Fabulous day Tubing!! It was soooo Gorgeous, The Weather was so warm we took off our Jackets and Were Sledding with No gloves, No Beanies! They said it was almost 50 Degrees!
We went With Brigham, Lacey, Mc Call & Es Dee! Hayes and Olivia were so fun too! They loved it and even took a nap in the Chair.

Then We went to CHili's for some Dinner !

Saturdays Agenda.... Girls Party for Kelly, With Pedicures and Treats!
~Evolution of Dance at the Scera, where Witney and Shae and Charlee are Performing! IT's always a Great Show!

Have a Great Weekend!


JT said...

Thanks again Shannon, Brig had a very fun time!

Granum Family said...

Looks like so much fun! It was 2 degrees here yesterday...we avoided being outside at all costs :)

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