Saturday, June 30, 2007

What is a Saturday without Baseball Games?!!!

It's fun to actually have a whole day to hang out instead of planning around those Double Headers, Which i do love!
Boston had a Swim meet this morning at Riverside and did his very first 100 m I/M He did so good too, i am so suprised how well he swam and didn't even show that he was exhausted! He competed in all his normal ones too!
After the Meet we were off to Magelby's for a Yummy Breakfast!
Then Off to see the Movie Ratatouille! it's so cute! Hayes and Olivia did great for about 1 hour, then it's a whole other story, but a funny one!
Have a Wonderful Sunday, i know i will, i have been needing it!

Friday, June 29, 2007

My Fav's.....

k...i promise not to post anymore pictures of my Family! hahaha
I just can't help it. I got the CD from Candace last night and went through all of them and there are so many more that i would post but you would be so Bugged with me!
They turned out so Darling! If you can't already tell with Hayes, this is pretty much how he looks at the Camera. (He DOESN'T) It is so hard to get him to look at you, he is too busy getting dirty and playing in the Water! Boys!

Notice Hayes in the Picture of all 3 kids together....Need i say anymore!

This one of Boston is my Absolute Favorite, he just looks like the little Stud Muffin that he is

These were all taken in our backyard so it was so convenient and fast! Thanks so much Candace!
I have Coop, Cam and Brigham having a Boy cousin sleepover! We were all at Nana and Papa's last night Riding Papa's Go Kart, which Hayes would not get off of!
I love it when these boys get together they just are inseperable. Cooper and Camden couldn't wait to get into Boston's Pajamas, and sleep in the Guest Room.
They requested Big Huge Waffles and Eggs for Breakfast so i better go get on it before they all wake up!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Day Started off.....

With being on the Set of "Good things Utah" for my sisters Hapari Swimwear line!
It was so much fun to talk with "The Girls" from the Show! I seriously had a blast and they were so fun and easy to talk with. Jill has been so busy with over 200 messages still waiting to be returned! WOWZA !
She has quite the Business and the Swimsuits are seriously Gorgeous, i am probably a little Biased, but they are dang cute! We went to Cafe Rio and Zupas after with everyone and had a YUMMY lunch. Then as soon as i got home we were off again to Boston's Lehi Swim Meet, it is quite a big one with so many different teams from Utah County competing. He once again amazed us with winning 1st place in the Backstroke, 2nd place in Freestyle and 1st in Freestyle Relay and 1st in Medley Relay! So he & chase placed 5th (tie) in the Breast Stroke, but they didn't really care since it wasn't First place. Hahaha They raced great and Swam Beautifully! Way to go Boys!!!!
If you zoom in on this picture of the boys you will notice that at Yesterdays Baseball game Boston got Drilled in the Face by the Pitcher~OUCH~ Poor kid was dying last night and we were afraid he wouldn't be feeling up to Racing today, but he suprised us!
Hayes and Olivia didn't mind the Swim Meet since it was at the Lehi Legacy Pool, they went to the fun pool and played around for a bit with Nana and Daddy inbetween Boston's Races!
I know these suits are a little WT But I LOVE Them and they look so cute in them!
They actually were whining to get in them, so we strapped them on and let them go!

After the Meet we went to Cold Stone to Celebrate the VICTORIES!!! Then at Home Cory suprised me with my Long awaited Picture that i have been wanting of "The Last Supper"! I was soooo excited and now i can hang it in my Dining Room! Isn't he the Best!!!

Now, that was ONE LONG DAY for me.... "whew"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mtn. Biking!

We went with Todd and Jane up South Fork today and it was so fun! Cory tried out his New bike and says it's Amazing! Jane was a Trooper and did soooo Good it was her very first time!
After our bike ride we headed to Happy Sumo (yes in our sweaty"ness" and all) and had some Lunch!
I am a little injured from rippin down the mountain ...Yes rippin'.... i went to itch my nose and Flew over my handlebars and Wrecked! ( I still don't know really what happened) What an IDIOT. I guess that is what happens when you try to keep up with Cory!
I am hoping for NO Bruises....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Family Pictures

Boston is going to be Baptized in July, so we got some super cute pictures of him in his Suit and did some Family ones too!
Thanks Candace!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


We started off our "Eventful" Day in Springville at 8 am with our first swim Meet of the Season (we missed last weeks meet when we were in California) and Boston was on Fire! He placed 1st in Freestyle, 1st in Backstroke, 1st in the Freestyle Relay and 2nd in Breastroke! He will actually win the 1st place for breaststroke because the other boy got Disqualified! So he was pretty much pumped! We love to watch this kid swim, he is a little Fish!

Since it was over at 10am we headed over to the Cracker Barrel for some Delicious Breakfast before we were off to his 12:00 Baseball game! Boston was quite the Athlete today! He seriously LOVED it! We played another game at 4 pm (may i add the weather today was 103) At least there was a Breeze for those Boys. They won both games and then we went to Riverside to Swim and Cool down for the night!
Throughout all of this we did manage to get to Costco and cory made us a Delicious Dinner of Crab legs!
I am sure Boston is Passed out on the Couch by now, he is excited to watch the new episode of Man Vs. Wild/Iceland!

You gotta love this game!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We had a super exciting night with Boston's Pack meeting! It was on Bicycle safety and so they all rode there bikes on an Obstacle course, using there bike rules that they learned, also our Cousins Coop, Cam and Lucy came to see Boston get his Tiger cub Badge!! YAhooo Boston! That was so cool to have his cousins see him get this award. He is now done with Tiger cubs and moves on to be a Wolf in a few weeks!

Then we went to FUDDRUCKERS (Bostons pick) afterwards with Shea and Heather's family. The kids were loving just playing the Arcade games. Now Cooper and Camden are having a sleepover tonight and are going to go with Boston to Swim Team practice and then Out for a fun day with Aunt Shashi! We Love going to Riverside and watching these kids all jump off the Diving boards, its Hilarious!

Monday, June 18, 2007

"Bagley Family Reunion"

We had such a fun Family Reunion with the Bagleys! These were my Grandparents that I grew up with and all my Cousins! It was so fun to see everyone, We had all our family there except for one Brother (way to go Darren. haha)
We went to Six flags and then to my grandma's house to play games and Swim and Visit! We all had to Meet at the Stake Center first so we could Eat lunch, Play Bingo and have a Talent Show!
Grandma (my Mom) with Olivia!

My Grandma and Grandpa Bagley with Mindy (my sister)
My Moms Famous "BINGO" Prize table! We always play bingo when we are with my mom!
The kids totally love it! They get 4 bingos and then try to win "Blackout" It's so fun!
Camry and Olivia

This was just our Family, My mom has 3 other siblings and we Outnumbered them Big time!!
Cute Cousins....Witney, Lauren and Sarah


We started off our Family Reunion in California by going to Six Flags "Discovery Kingdom"! The Rides were SO AWESOME! They had so many fun and Crazy Rollercoasters, and Boston was DYING to go on them, After waiting in line for 1 hour they said he was just 2" too small! He was getting so Mad, and started Crying! He LOVES the Rides. He is now one of "the big kids"!
So he hung out with all the Younger cousins and still had some fun, There were some other rides he could go on that were still cool!

This is a picture after "Shouka" The killer whale splashed our WHOLE section! It was totally worth it though, since it was like over 100 degrees!

Hayes, Olivia and Brody going on all the little Rides!

All the cousins got to Feed the Giraffes carrots and i didn't get a picture of Olivia doing it but She LOVED it so much! It was so dang cute!

He shocked me by wanting to do the "Sky Coaster" YOu know the ride where you have to pay extra after you get into the Park! He was so excited after watching, Jeremy and Derek he was Bugging to go, So i went with him and Shae! They LOVED it! I was soooo Scared too!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BYU Baseball Camp & Swimming!!!!

Boston, Brigham and Chase all spent the last 2 days together at BYU's Baseball camp! It was at the Miller Field, and they had the Head coach and Assistant coach of the Baseball team Coach them on Hitting and Playing infield! One whole day was for Hitting and The boys LOVED it! They want to go back so bad!
Then after the Camp i took them with me to Riverside to Swim and they LITERALLY were jumping, flipping, Diving, etc... The whole time!! These boys are animals, Today Boston and Chase were Diving off the Hi Dive and It looked so Sweet, They could seriously be on a Diving team! Brigham did a Front flip off the Hi dive and Decided that wasn't a great idea, so he would pull the remainder of his tricks on the Low dive! Coop and Cam came over too and Braved the Diving board for the First time! yahoo!! Oh i owe you boys a Churro!!
We are having such a fun week with cousins, I now have Witney here and Ally and they are such fun Kids!! We had a Girls Spa night tonight and we were sitting in the Sauna (they couldn't believe that people actually like to sit and Sweat) and Witney asked me if i was alive when Princess diana was! haha Ok.... so i am not that old! They are sooo Funny

Chase Swan Diving off the Hi Dive... I love the Background of the Mountains in this Picture!

Boston Diving off the Hi Dive.... I have a Picture of Brigham but you can't see him with his Camo Shorts on! Heather I have a couple of cute ones of Coop and Cam too i will send you, For some reason my computer is saying there is an Error!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Do i need to say anything.......

Friday, June 08, 2007

Lake Powell Pics.....

For more pictures you can go to my smugmug account...

We're Home! We got in super late last night. It was a fabulous trip with our Family and Some Neighbors who parked there houseboat right across from ours!
It was an absolute blast except for the last two days where we were in a HUGE Wind storm and couldn't get off the Lake! No joke, the lake looked like the OCEAN with all the white caps! I was about to "abandon Ship" a couple of times!
We are so glad to be home and off of Water! Boston was off first thing this morning to Swim Team and My Brother Derek and His family are here for the weekend!

My favorite thing about Lake Powell this year was watching Boston and Chase "Jet Skiing" all day long!!!! They are seriously so good, almost better than Jenn and I!
They just took off and knew exactly what to do, and they would Rip around the Buoys on the Buoy Course!
We would just laugh our heads off! "7" years old and Jet skiing! Hilarious to watch!!!!

I also loved watching him Wakeboard! He is so good, he even jumped outside the wake!
He LOVES it too! I tried to just show a couple of my favorite pics from lake powell, but you know me....

Here are a few that I LOVE!!!!

We never let them go together, because they would probably try to race, they were really good about taking turns on the Buoy course!

Olivia, Witney and Shae!

Chase, Boston, Dusty and Myla all coming back from Lizard Beach.....Oh did i mention we brought the lizards home!! UGHHHHH I seriously hope they die soon!

Olivia and Hayes loved the Waverunner, the Tube (oh yes they did the tube!) and they loved the video Ipod!
They were such Great kids on the trip!
Tomorrow we have Boston's Double Header and Breelyn Hansen's Reception!

Good Night!

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