Saturday, June 30, 2007

What is a Saturday without Baseball Games?!!!

It's fun to actually have a whole day to hang out instead of planning around those Double Headers, Which i do love!
Boston had a Swim meet this morning at Riverside and did his very first 100 m I/M He did so good too, i am so suprised how well he swam and didn't even show that he was exhausted! He competed in all his normal ones too!
After the Meet we were off to Magelby's for a Yummy Breakfast!
Then Off to see the Movie Ratatouille! it's so cute! Hayes and Olivia did great for about 1 hour, then it's a whole other story, but a funny one!
Have a Wonderful Sunday, i know i will, i have been needing it!


KB said...

Way to go Boston!! We saw Ratatouille today too! (Did I spell that right?) Well...Kate and I saw it, the Lo isn't quite ready for a movie as she can't even watch a cartoon for more than 48 seconds :-)

Granum Family said...

Good job Boston! Magleby's breakfast.... I miss it!

Heather said...

Hope to see you at Taylors' tonight!

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