Friday, November 21, 2008



Oh yah, i went with my girlfriends to the Midnight showing of Twilight!! It was great, and funny and exactly how i imagined it. Can i just say that in the book Bella kind of bugs me, but now i really like her. She is darling in this Movie!! And yes, i am Still a Jacob Fan...

{Becky, Jenn, Kara, Me, Kiana, Jane}

Check out our RED Shoes...

we got home at 2:30 and now my little family is off to Hawaii!!

Book Report

Each month Boston's class does a book report! Since we leave to Hawaii, we had to hurry and turn ours in early. The theme this month was in the form of "Cereal box!" He had crossword puzzles on the back, and where Ingredients goes, he had the outline of the book. It turned out darling. I love how his teacher lets the kids get super creative.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Decorations...

I know i am a little Crazy to be decorating Christmas before Thanksgiving has arrived. We normally decorate the day after Thanksgiving. But this year we will be gone and don't come home until Dec 2nd, so i wanted it to be ready when we got home. The kids are loving it and already destroying my Train under the tree {hey at least they are entertained, right?!}

{we have a new stocking on our Mantle this year, so we are waiting to find the holder that will match all of ours. So for now Olivia & Ivy are sharing.} :P
The Advent Calendars...
This is one of the kids favorites. Each day there is a surprise in each window or drawer as they count down the days til Christmas.

The Tree

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Every year my friend Jane Host's a wonderful evening with the Ladies, Dinner, Pomanders & lots of laughter! It was so fun. Each year we get more creative too. I love the Smell of the oranges and cloves together.

all the girls...

She made these yummy Party favors ..."yuja-Cha"



Huge Blowout sale Starting on Thursday!!!

30-75% off all swimsuits!!!

In Store or Online

Hapari Store hours Thurs-Friday 12-6 p.m.
Saturday 10-4 p.m.

69 E. Main St,
American Fork
{behind Allens Tuxedo}

P.S. The movie "The Eleventh hour" comes out today! To buy your copy click here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Fat Flake Festival"

The "Fat Flake Festival" was a kick off to the Ski Season. There were lots of Ski resorts and Sports booths passing out lots of free stuff. We had a Canyon Sports booth there with Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows to roast. While you were ice skating they had a Canyon Sports blimp going around and dropping t shirts. During Todd & Cory's Announcement of the New I-Phone/I-Touch App (FREE) courtesy of Canyon Sports {information on all ski resorts}. They also gave out a pair of FREE Ski's for Men and Women! It turned out so Sweet!

Some of the Team members of "Canyon Sports"

Ice Skating at the Galivan Center in Salt Lake...
{Cam, Coop, Shea, Boston}

{Cooper, Boston, Camden}

The cutest spectators of the Ice rink...

Friday, November 14, 2008

School Letters to Santa...

Today in Boston's class, we had a little Party with Krispy Kreme donuts and Hot Wassail. The kids wrote their letters to Santa and Addressed them to "Santa Claus" at the North Pole!
I will take all the letters and drop them off to Macy's for the "Make a wish foundation."
For more information on this project, click here.

DO this with your class!!

Gingerbread Festival

We went to the "Gingerbread Festival" at Thanksgiving Point and saw some interesting Gingerbread Houses. They were really Creative and fun to see. Then the kids made their own Gingerbread houses. All of the Proceeds go to the Boy Scouts of America!

The kids making their own Gingerbread houses...

And then some dancing on chairs while listening to the Band

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Disney on Ice"

We had such a great time last night with the Curry Family at Disney on Ice!
The Theme was "100 Years" and it was really Good! So good that the lady next to us was crying when it was over. {Seriously, now that is a concern. haha} We were so close to the Ice {2nd Row} it made it Really Exciting for the kids!

They played out parts of certain movies throughout the night, it was Awesome! They did Beauty & the Beast, Toy Story, Ariel, Mulan {they even made it snow}Incredibles, Pinnochio, etc...

Olivia's Favorite was seeing Jesse, Ariel and Prince Erik dancing and singing. When Erik came out skating Hayes yelled out "That's me, That's me" {they Role play at home alot.;0)

Hayes loved "Toy Story" and when Incredibles came out he was so excited to see "Dash" { oh that's him too}

Boston acted like he didn't want to come, but once he was there he really liked it. All night he was excited for the twins to see all the Characters.

My favorite, besides watching the kids really love it, was Mulan. They actually made it snow and since we were so close we could feel it.

I would have to say Cory's favorite part was dinner at The Red Rock right before the show started! haha
{he acts like he doesn't love this stuff, but it was pretty cute seeing him getting the kids excited}

Our family and little Carson in the middle

Boston Olivia & Hayes

At the very end of the Show, all the kids went up to shake the Characters hands...
Hayes with Mr. Incredible

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letters to SANTA...

My Sister Rachel is a Wish Granter for the "Make a Wish Foundation" and is asking for as many people as possible to write these letters to Santa.

She Writes this...


As most of you know I am a Wish Granter for Make a Wish and Macy's has launched a big campaign called “BELIEVE” just in time for the holiday season. Macy’s is a great supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and we are so lucky that they have come up with another way to give during these tough economic times. Make-A-Wish Foundation volunteers are encouraged to have children (and adults too!) write letters to Santa Claus and place them in envelopes that are STAMPED AND ADDRESSED TO SANTA AT THE NORTH POLE. These letters must be returned to a local Macy’s who will have collection boxes at each of their locations. (if you don’t have a Macy’s in your area, send them to me & will get them to a Macys) Macy’s will be donating $1 for each letter that is turned in to their stores, up to a $1 million limit. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is for you is to get the word out to everyone you know!!!! Collect as many letters to Santa as you can and turn them into your local Macy’s. Have your family and friends, coworkers and neighbors, maybe even your kids’ school get behind the campaign. It is a great way to teach kids about giving in the Holiday Season. Please remember each letter must be in a stamped and addressed envelope to count. Please help to fund wishes for the kids in your local area. All it takes is a letter and a stamp! (Okay, an envelope too!) If you have any questions, please give me a call or send me an email! Thanks so much! Best wishes, Rachel

So We Did it, it's a little early, but my kids were so excited! What a Great Cause!

Please take a minute and have your kids write them and maybe your kids Classes at School! Tell Everyone!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ivy's Blessing Day...

Cory gave Ivy a beautiful blessing today. I am so grateful to have a husband who honors his Priesthood and such wonderful Family to surround her on this very special day. We both have such big families that it is hard to make it a small gathering. Thank you for sharing in such a special day.

{Mama and her girls}

Victoria & Ivy
{Cousins just 6 weeks apart. We needed baby Mya there to show the 3 girls all born
this year!}

We had my niece Jackie and Justin here for the Weekend! ( I am so bugged i didn't get a picture of them with my kids) My Kids were LOVING them, especially Olivia. Jackie is her new BFF! Olivia was talking to Jackie ALL DAY LONG. They left after the Blessing back to Rexburg.
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