Monday, July 25, 2011

knudsen soccer camp

some of our friends from 'the rangers' soccer team have an annual kids
 soccer camp down the street from us.  it was awesome.   everyone was in their own age division and played games/drills/scrimmages  and got to eat otter pops after. 

even ivy got to be in the camp this year. 
the twins loved kicking the ball at their coach. haha
they can't wait to do it again next year!

this is just a picture of the cousins with their coach.

after soccer camp we would go eat lunch and then head to 'liberty land', chuck e cheese, 
swimming or the alpine splash pad park.

i think it was the hottest week this summer...
i'm one exhausted momma!

these two wrestled for over an hour. seriously it was pretty stinkin funny all the looks they would get.
i love it!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

snowmama winter vacation 'giveaway'...

I am entering to win a park city winter vacation giveaway!  I would love nothing more 
than to be a "snowmama" this winter for park city mountain resort!  i love skiing at park city
 especially with my family and enjoying night swimming with the kids.
the summers are so fabulous as well!!  we love the alpine slide/coaster, and their 
mountain biking is so awesome!   

So PICK ME!!! ;)

also become a friend of 'snowmamas' on facebook!

we just barely went to  park city for a few days to mountain bike, golf, 
swim & shop with friends!  
we brought our kids too, because we love summertime in park city.
the weather was perfect and the view absolutely amazing!  
 it's the perfect getaway!

check out our other park city getaways we love...
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we love Park City!!

special dates...

one of my new years resolutions was to take our kids on their own special dates!  
so we decided to take the 'birthdate' of the child and that is their date night every month!   
it can be as little as spending a couple of hours playing the wii, going to get a snoasis, 
shooting some hoops, night swimming etc, etc.  just 'one on one' time!
so with the twins, it's tricky.  we don't want them to have to 
share their date so we do individual time with that child either the
same day or the next day.  
we're still trying to work that one out. 

hayes wanted to go golfing on his special date, and has been wanting to go for a while. 
 i love that he got his own time with dad and hit some golf balls.   
we have loved doing this and cherish our conversations with these guys.
they say the cutest things ever!   
i just want to freeze this stage of life! 

American fork "Steel Days"

that evening we went to the sheltons for a farewell party for candace {cory's baby sister}
 and judd and mya who are moving to west virginia for medical school.
we will miss them and can't wait to hear all about their new stomping grounds. haha 
love you guys!!

 cousins with Mya {boston is holding her}

everyone kissing mya goodbye...


we've been enjoying our beautiful utah summers with plenty of bike rides!  
cory usually goes daily or nightly.   his new big thing is mtn biking at night 
with headlamps.  it's freaky, 
i did it once and didn't love it! haha

we love biking lambert park in alpine.  so many trails and so much fun!
the other bike ride that we have loved is 'corner canyon' by the draper temple.  
it's such a good workout and so gorgeous!

i don't always take pictures every time we ride, but just needed to capture a few...
{wink wink}

corner canyon with friends

dancing and swimming...

'the vibe' was performing at seven peaks one day and olivia's dance company
 performed a couple of dances.  it was so fun to have so many friends there 
to watch her perform.  she was so proud!  
they all danced in their swim suits and cover ups and 
then afterwards we were able to play and do the waterslides!

it was a gorgeous hot summer day and then a few hours after this a huge lightning 
storm and windstorm came in and it was like a scene from 'godzilla'... haha   
tubes flying everywhere and kids crying.  i was waiting for boston and his buddy to 
find me and they were on the waterslides.  it's funny now, but at the time it was crazy! 

she also just did auditions and tryouts and made the company teams 
for hip hop and jazz! {poppin petites and jazz petities}  she's so excited.
livi is in the pink swimsuit far right.


 hayes & liv

playing with cousins!!!

we have been super busy and enjoying our summer!   
lots of cousins coming and going all the time.  swimming,  waterparks, ice cream trucks,
night games, tan lines, popsicles, butt scooters, bike rides, etc, etc, etc...
we love it!

we had the arizona cousins come to visit & johnson cousins from california and idaho!
tyler came and entertained all of us every night with fireworks.  
he is the best entertainment! haha

i absolutley love cousins! my kids have so many on both sides of the family
 and also with the hansen family {extended cousins} we have so many and
 they are all so close.  it's pure 'heaven on earth!'

cousins getting ready to head off to EFY.

 witters and ally fully enjoyed each other  the whole week!  

savvy and livi

one night our neighbors were throwing the kids so high in the air with a blanket!! 
all the little cousins had turns except hayes, he was NOT interested at all! 
 it was kinda freaky! ha
the older kids loved it, but the little ones were the ones who got big air!



  'Jump on it'

swimming at the burr's house.
Our favorite pool!

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