Friday, July 08, 2011


my handsome first born and love of our lives turned twelve yesterday!
boston truly is our 'buddy' we do everything with him and enjoy watching him grow 
into this wonderful boy!  
he is such a joy to be around and his energy is contagious!  
he loves all sports but mostly football, rugby and lacrosse.  
he loves doing tricks on the tramp and scooter. 
loves night games,  pulling pranks, rubix cubes {all kinds}, piano,
 spanish {yes he is obsessed with learning the language}
hanging with his friends, the list goes on and on...  he loves everything, lets just say
 he is very well rounded! he makes us laugh so hard!  
we just love this kid!! 

we started off our day with boston's favorite breakfast at 'magelby's fresh' with 
his best cousin briggs! we have the arizona taylor family
 staying with us and most of the kids were spending 
the night with other cousins so when boston found out that hayes was 
still at our house he woke him up and wanted his best brother to come with him too.  
 boston truly is an awesome big brother.  

we had the 'boston red sox' theme  since we {cory and i} are taking him to 
'Boston' and to a 'red sox' game for his 12 yr old trip!  we want to do something special for 
our kids 12th birthday and let them pick where they would want to go. 
it's the year he receives the priesthood, goes into young mens and 
gets to pass the sacrament. 
it's a big year!

it is always a hot beautiful summer day on his birthday and this year it 
down poured with lots of rain! 
by the end of the night when we were playing night games it stopped.  
we will party rain or shine! hahaha

the rain didn't stop them from having fun.

we continued on to 'jump on it' ...

we did a family party with bbq polynesian chicken, rice & macaroni salad.
we ate, played night games, and then had a big outdoor movie theater with snacks 
and watched "percy jackson's the lightning thief"

boston shares a birthday with his cousin victoria who turned 3!  she brought over her
 pinkalicious cupcakes and joined in on all the festivities!  

he loves having a birthday buddy!

 look how cute they both are blowing out their candles!

night games were in full effect!

outdoor movie with some snack packs.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a Boston filled day!! hehe

Anonymous said...

You always have the funnest Birthday Party's! Such a wonderful year for Boston, sure wish we could be there when he receives the Aaronic Priesthood such a special day! We can't wait to see everyone next month;)

Diana and Derek said...

Congrats, Boston! Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a ton of fun. We wish we could have been there.

Kierstin said...

Happy Birthday Boston! What a great celebration! I can't believe Boston, Kate and Chase are going into the 6th grade!!

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