Thursday, July 07, 2011

the fourth of July!!

one of my favorite-est holidays!
i talked my sisters and nieces into waking up bright and early to start the holiday 
off with our morning 5k freedom run in provo! they thought i was nuts
 until they did it and LOVED it!  

this just gets you starting the day off just right with over 5000 runners 
+ lots of emotion + adrenaline + the national anthem! it's wonderful!

 i love america and all those who continue to protect 
our freedoms we enjoy, we live in such a beautiful country.
and i was so proud of my sister jill who ran her very first 5k race! yeeehoooo!

um yah, witney and ally dressed like that on purpose!! haha   love you girlies!

how cute are my girls in their darling outfits... didn't they turn out darling??

we had a wonderful day field with Family, Food and Fireworks!
we had a bbq at nana and papas with all of the taylor family.  the food was delicious
 and the kids played all kinds of water games!

some of the cousins.

then dessert was to follow... i made this super duper delicious trifle.
loved it!! {white chocolate pudding. yummmm}

then we made "banana boats" with the kids.  they loved putting together their own 
little mix and then we threw them on the grill with their names marked on them.   

we all went back to our house and enjoyed a gazillion fireworks in the cul de sac.  
it was awesome!
tyler entertained us with his $800 worth of fireworks!!
{ no joke, i think we did fireworks for the whole week! haha}

we all got good at the sparklers...


olivia making her own initial.


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Anonymous said...

The sparkler pics are my favorite, nice job Olivia;0)

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