Sunday, July 10, 2011

priesthood ordination.

boston has talked nonstop about getting the priesthood! 
he was so excited to be ordained a deacon the sunday after his birthday. 
 he had to wait until tuesday to go to the temple and it was torture to him.  the provo temple was closed so mt. timpanogos temple was a 2-3 hr wait.  he was dying! ha ha
cory ended up taking him to the draper temple where he was very well taken care of and
everyone made it such a big deal.  we now go every tuesday {sometimes at 5am} to do baptisms.

he absolutely LOVES young mens and could not stop talking about it! 
they play dodge ball/basketball afterwards and loves his leaders.

he is such a fabulous kid.  the bishop said the nicest things about him
 he said he hadn't known boston for that long but what he can tell about
 him already is that he was born with it all.  
some kids have to work hard but he said boston was born with the fire. haha  it's true too,
 he is such a joy in our lives and is always reminding us to read our {personal} scriptures 
and to read every night as a family. 
he's a stud!  we sometimes wonder how we got this child! ;)

the following sunday he got to pass the sacrament with the deacons.  
in our ward they have a tradition that the first sunday the deacon passes 
the sacrament then his dad does it along with him.  it was so neat to see cory
 and boston passing the sacrament together.

 the family after the ordination.

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