Thursday, January 29, 2009


It has arrived already?

The Cadbury creme egg is my all time Favorite candy ever!!! Have you ever tried these things? Oh they are Delicious!    It's not even Valentines day and i just saw these babies in Albertsons today! {Don't think i didn't eat "3" of them right there while walking through the Isles.}   Seriously it's that Bad!
This is the reason why i work so hard to lose weight so when Easter comes around i can devour these things, without so much guilt. I thought i had at least a few more weeks before the arrival, well i was wrong!! Mmmmm

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's Open finally!! 

We have been anxiously awaiting for the Grand Opening of this Restauraunt.  It's one of Cory's Favorite places to go and Eat while watching the Games!  They have Huge screen TV's everywhere with all sorts of Sports Channels so you don't miss anything.  I ordered the Fish tacos and they were Delicious.  The Strawberry lemonade is Cory's and the Kids favorite.  Then we all at their Delicious Lava hot cake with Ice cream all over it. Mmmmmm.... Yummy!
{it was my free night of Dessert}

After Dinner we were off to Pack Meeting where Boston got a Badge for doing a Service project and also a ton of awards, i guess we've missed a couple of pack meetings! haha

We got Talent!!

We had a Talent Show the other night for our family night and it was so fun to see what the kids would do for their Talent.

Boston impressed us with his Amazing Basketball skills {between the legs, Spin on the finger etc...} Olivia decided to play the Piano {she has potential} Dad decided to show off some Head Stands and I did the Traditional somersault accompanied by some Cartwheels. haha
We had a good time, but the best of the night was given to Hayes! He kept telling us all night that his Talent was "Madagascar" and we couldn't quite understand what he was saying, so when it was finally his turn he came over to  i tunes and said "the Madagascar song" and Boston immediately picked up on what he was saying and turned on "I Like to Move it Move it!"

Well this was his Talent....
{Notice his tippy toes the whole time. hahaha}

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ski day!

We are pretty much spoiled when it comes to the best Snow!  Today was Ivy Hall's Ski day so Cory and I decided to take advantage of all the fresh powder and go with  Boston.   We took our Amazing neighbors  Zach and Luke, who are fabulous Skiers with us and we had so much fun.   The Powder was AWESOME, and definitely a Perfect day for Skiing!  Boston decided to Ski instead of Snowboard since his buddy's were coming and he was excited to hit some Jumps! 

Jumps we Hit... Don't let these kids fool you, they dragged my butt through some Serious Terrain and i even questioned some of the jumps they would hit!  
Before we got on the  Chair lift, Zach asked me if i was a "Lodge" Skier or a "Skier?"
  Uhmmmm, well i wasn't going to Admit that i liked to Chill in the Lodge & drink my Hot Cocoa  to get warm after a few runs that would be what "Losers" do!  Ha ha
So  Yes,  I was the Only girl hanging with all these boys and they are so much fun!! I love that i tried it, Hit it and Even landed most of them!  It was a Perfect Day...
Sometimes i think i should have had ALL BOYS.
Luke, Boston & Zach
Luke landing a "180"
Boston, getting some Sweet air.
I love this one of Cory,  doesn't that look so fun with all the Powder?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Dear Lizzie"...

This is one of my favorite stores ever! "Dear Lizzie" is a boutique in Highland,with a place to eat lunch inside. They have the Yummiest cupcakes and treats, & is decorated soooo Darling.

I went with my Cuddle bug and met my cousin Tasha and her boys while all my kids were in School. It was so Yummy and so adorable inside. It has the cutest decor and jewelry and of course the cutest baby stuff!  The food was seriously delicious!

ew... I could just eat her up!

Carson ordered the YUMMIEST "Cherry Cream Soda"....oh my!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Broken leg!

Boston was playing  Tag at recess on friday with his buddies and his foot got stuck in this net and somebody pushed his friend and he fell on Boston's ankle!  He was in so much pain so Cory and i took him into Urgent Care  and of course he broke it! 

It's a Hairline crack, so he is in a Splint for just a couple of weeks.  We will find out more tomorrow when they look at his ankle again.  Poor kid, he LOVES Basketball and has only got to play in 1 game, hopefully he will be back up and Snowboarding, Skiing and playing ball in a couple of weeks!

Jackie & Justin were here...

My cute little niece and her hubby Justin came to visit us for the 3 day weekend from Rexburg!  We love it when they come, b/c these guys are my little kids BFF's!  Seriously they love these two and play the whole time together.
We went to see "Mall Cop" and then out to eat dinner afterwards, with of course my famous "Crack" Cookies!  
Cory, Justin and Boston played dart gun wars until midnight and pretty much had a blast!

We miss you guys already!  I can't wait until you move to Logan!

bff's Jackie & Livi

Dart gun fights!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

4 months old today...

Our little "cuddle bug" is the sweetest little angel.  She loves smiling, laughing and swinging in her swing.  We all love to kiss her & snuggle with her.  She is by far my easiest and Best baby. 
{ Shhh...don't tell Boston. hee hee }

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Ivy Hall" Ski Day...

This is one of my favorite things about Boston's School.   They get the kids in these awesome Programs  and get them active and healthy!  I think every School should do this,
especially since we live in Utah!  Every Monday is his School's Ski day and it's a perfect way to start out the week. NO one is there, It is so much fun!

Boston is a total Skier, We took him all the time since he was "3" and when we found out about  this Program from his School, he decided to try Snowboarding,  well now he is a Snowboarder!! He loves it and after today with all of his friends,  i realize he is definitely old enough and Wise enough to send up all by himself and i could possibly drop him off to ski with a buddy now.

He is growing up. ;(

I got  some good runs while Boston was in his Snowboarding lesson.  When i came down the first time, he yelled really loud "Mom, Check me out of here, I don't need lessons!"   I checked him out and one of his friends Calvin and they came with me down the Mountain with some of the other kids from School.  I Played mostly with Myla, while Boston was snowboarding with Dub.    We pretty much had a Fabulous Day...

 Lots of his Buddies from School

Calvin, Boston, Myla

Roxy, Me, Michael,Boston, Dub & Myla

Boston, Me & Myla

Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday to my Sister Rachel, who is one of the greatest examples in my life. I love you tons and hope you have a fabulous Birthday!!!

& to one of my Dearest friends, Jane! You are such a sweetheart and are always thinking of Others... Have a Wonderful Birthday! It was so fun to hang out with you at lunch on your Birthday!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Ski for Nie"

Canyon Sports , Pizza Factory &  Sundance Ski Resort teamed up for a Wonderful Fundraiser for Stephanie & Christian Nielsen...

On Saturday, August 16, 2008, Stephanie Nielson was in a plane crash with her husband, Christian Nielson, and his flight instructor, Doug Kinneard, near St. Johns, Arizona. Doug Kinneard passed away soon after arriving at the Maricopa County Hospital.

It is a Remarkable story and if you want to learn more click here.

Christian & Stephanie remain in critical condition at Maricopa Burn Center. Christian has sustained burns on over 30% of his body. His wife Stephanie’s body was burned over 80%.

So we went and had a blast with Some friends and Families...

Boston w/ Chad Lewis {tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles}

Me, Cory, Boston, Todd & Jane

The Canyon Sports Crew

Me, Cory & Boston

We had a great time!  My camera died in the middle of the day so i didn't get to get pictures of the rest of the Party.  We had some neighbors come up with their kids and Boston went with them all afternoon in the Terrain Park, he had a Blast!  It was so fun to be able to Ski on a Wonderful day with my friends and Family! 

Thanks to everyone for your donations and support!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rick Robinson's "MOVE!"

Last night I went to see my Nieces, Witney, Shae & Charlee Dance at the Scera Theater for Rick Robinson's Show "MOVE"  It was AMAZING!!  It goes through next monday, Seriously this is one of my favorite shows.  He also has a wonderful show in a couple of weeks called "Evolution of Dance."   
These kids dance so incredibly and are just Amazing to watch.  My Nieces were in the Show and They rocked.  They all dance for the Vibe and have danced together for a long time.  
Well it shows.  It was incredible and i am so proud of you girls.
Witney was in like Every piece, i couldn't believe it!  I loved it!

I tried to take pictures of them Dancing, they didn't quite turn out...

{L to R}
Lindsay, Rick, Britney, Brandon, Witney, Alex

All the kids dancing together
{Charlee is in the front and Center, Witney is the very top middle with the guy in the black and shae is top back left}

Charlee & Shae after their dances

 Lindsey, Witney & Blayke danced throughout the whole production
This picture was after the Last production and that Dance was my FAVORITE!!!

Chaz & Wit

Monday, January 05, 2009

I started Today...

The Atkins Diet...

This is one of the Diets that some of my Friends do and it WORKS!! They look Fabulous!!

It starts with 2 weeks of  no Sugar and no Carbs and no Caffeine.  It is lots of Protein and only 20 grams of Carbohydrates a day.  I know it sounds crazy, but you have to cleanse your body of all the sugar cravings and junk & Restart your Body!   I have done it before and it's not easy at first.  I know by day 3 or 4 I am going to be very crabby, but after that it gets alot easier.   It's only for 2 weeks, then you slowly add more Complex carbs each week until you are at your desired weight.  It works, and it is such a Great way to eat!

Something else that i have been doing and LOVE is ....


James Urianza is the Owner & Instructor at Studio Physiques in the Riverwoods and he knows his stuff!  I go 2 times a week and Love the Pilates stretching & especially the barefoot workout!

My body feels great and i am not beating it up.  It was hard for me at first to get into this, because I am so used to working out Hard.  It is so great how flexible you become and how stretching your muscles actually helps you lose inches.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

S U N D A N C E ...

We enjoyed our New years Eve weekend up at a Cabin in Sundance. We spent 4 super fun nights with The Carsons, The Curry's & Tori jo & her new little baby. We enjoyed playing Games, watching games, Snowboarding, Skiing, Hot tubbing & just hanging out!
Tasha found this Cabin and The Cabin was so big it slept 30 people, so they had fun sleeping in different bunk beds and playing games!

Guess who went skiing for their first time...

We put Hayes, Livi's and Carson in their own lesson for 2 days and they did Great! They had their little camp called "The wild Bunch" and they each had their own teacher. It was so fun to watch them do this & be all together.

Olivia & Matt {her Instructor}



Boston did a little bit of Skiing and then some Boarding. He only took 2 lessons last year so we hoped he could do it. He suprised us and did so Awesome, i think he even suprised himself. At the end of the run he said "MOM, I don't suck!"

He loved being able to ski with his Cousins Witney and Jaxon and then another time he went snowboarding with his Friend Dub and his family. I could not believe he is old enough to do the Chairlift all by himself now! I wondered when that day would come. ;)

He is a great skier, but he really wants to Snowboard...

All of the gang skiing/snowboarding at the end of the day!
Tyler came to help out Jaxon and Wit, & Olivia passed right out on him. haha

Boston just started skiing on the "Sundance Ski Team" his first time was on Saturday and he skied in all the Powder and the Black diamond runs. He is the youngest one on the Ski team, and he did great. Cory even said he was exhausted, so he can't believe how these kids did it all day!
Way to go Boston!!

New Years up at the Cabin.

The Cabin was so fun with cousins and games! We played in the Hot tub after Skiing, or the kids would make up their own sled hill and go sledding! We had Delicious Dinners and Desserts, and enjoyed lots of Ipod time and X Box and of course the Bowl Games! GO UTES!!

Witney, Camden & Tori Jo

Balloon making Skills, By Witney!

Ivy & Daddy

Homeade S'mores

Carson & Hayes playing with their Swords, made by Witney. haha

At night we would turn up the Music and the kids would start Jammin out. I love to watch Carson and his Moves, i do NOT know where he gets them, but we were just laughing our heads off at his stuff. It is Awesome!
Hayes and Carson were our Dancers. Hayes is more of a Mosh Pit dancer! ;)

Tori & her new little baby girl, Blayke.

We think the older kids liked the swings more than the babies. They would all take turns rocking in it.

John won the Air Hockey Tournament against everyone!

Baby Vinny & Boston


Some Cereal before the New Year!!

We had 3 little babies. Ivy, Blayke & Camden (Vinny) & they all did so awesome.
Ivy {3 1/2 months}

Blayke {6 weeks}

& Some Ipod time...
{Camry & Olivia watching "The Grinch"}

We let Boston do the Fireworks out on the Deck. It was so cold that the little ones just enjoyed watching him through the window.

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