Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rick Robinson's "MOVE!"

Last night I went to see my Nieces, Witney, Shae & Charlee Dance at the Scera Theater for Rick Robinson's Show "MOVE"  It was AMAZING!!  It goes through next monday, Seriously this is one of my favorite shows.  He also has a wonderful show in a couple of weeks called "Evolution of Dance."   
These kids dance so incredibly and are just Amazing to watch.  My Nieces were in the Show and They rocked.  They all dance for the Vibe and have danced together for a long time.  
Well it shows.  It was incredible and i am so proud of you girls.
Witney was in like Every piece, i couldn't believe it!  I loved it!

I tried to take pictures of them Dancing, they didn't quite turn out...

{L to R}
Lindsay, Rick, Britney, Brandon, Witney, Alex

All the kids dancing together
{Charlee is in the front and Center, Witney is the very top middle with the guy in the black and shae is top back left}

Charlee & Shae after their dances

 Lindsey, Witney & Blayke danced throughout the whole production
This picture was after the Last production and that Dance was my FAVORITE!!!

Chaz & Wit


Watson Ink. said...

SO fun! I can't wait to sign Rayne up for dance next year. We so wish we could see the kids out there more.

jane said...

fun! i'm sure the show is incredible!

Ali said...

Well, now I am sure of it ... I need to move out there because I love to go to dance shows, and no body here would want to go with me (not that I know of any going on anyway, but ...). Congrats to your nieces who are absolutely darling! Congrats to you for starting Atkins ... I just started it again on Monday, but what gets me the most is the whole no Diet Pepsi thing. So, I am back on track diet-wise, but I just can't give up my one Diet Pepsi per day, which I am sure is one of the reasons for my plateau! And, I agree, I love Pilates .. it just makes me feel taller and boost my self-confidence. Happy New Year!

Jenn Granum said...

I love going to their dance shows - you have some seriously talented neices. And they are all darling to boot!

Stuart Maughan said...

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