Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flag football.

My hayesie bugs had a great season of Flag football this year.  This is his second year 
playing and he had a blast.  He actually had a fabulous coach and they won most 
of their games.  I love that he learned all sorts of plays and actually became more

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy October...

I LOVE surprising my kids with a bunch of halloween goodies and treats when they
get home from school!  It's become a little tradition now.  I'm sure they love halloween 
as much as i do by now, they were so cute when they came home, even my little teenager
loves this stuff! 

I love this time of year...

Even Sadie got a little costume!

That same weekend was conference, so while the boys were at Priesthood session the little 
ones and I went with my sister and her kids up to Gardners Village to the Witchfest. 
 It's so much fun to go and see the witches and shop around. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Ivy turns 5! {cowgirl style}

My baby girl is now 5!  She was so excited to do a cowgirl party!  She couldn't wait to 
ride pony's with her cute friends.   

she has been into American Girl dolls and wanted Saige for her birthday.  Saige loves to ride
horses and also is an artist.  Ivy said "mom that's just like me!" haha!!  
Love my cute little cowgirl.

We loved celebrating Ivy with pony rides and sack races.  The kids ate a light lunch of 
Grilled cheese sandwiches, carrots and ranch, grapes, chips & Root Beer.  
They all took turn on the two horses that my neighbor brought over.  
Penny and Magic were beautiful horses and I'm so grateful there were 
no soccer games in the park behind my house, and it didn't rain!! 
  It made for an absolutely beautiful day for 
a party!

My friend Stacia made this darling cake, it was so delicious too!

My cute little helpers during the party!

Her birthday was the following monday, so of course we had our tradition of waking up to a crepe breakfast before the kids were off to school.  She got to open her presents and loved every minute of it! 

Some of ivy's favorites... 
 ~She loves to whistle
                                                  ~has to kiss daddy & me 100 x a day {i secretly love that part}
~loves to play with her friends ALL day!
~is really good at coloring
~chocolate milk sippies 
~loves to do jobs, and is a great little helper
~'sofia the first'
~playing minecraft with hayes

she has the most infectious laugh and giggle, i die over her dimples!  She is a bit bossy but is 
a leader amongst her friends, so i guess thats a good thing, {wink}   
she has the cutest sayings that we love to repeat and we all laugh with her! 

then we brought pink sprinkled krispy kreme's to school for all of her friends.  
She had a fun filled day!

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