Sunday, April 29, 2012

spring break!

We headed to Las Vegas for some Sunshine!!  it was fabulous weather for the first few
 days then as we were heading to California for my nephew's farewell it 
got cold and stormy. boo!

we went with the Carson's and enjoyed the fabulous pool at Tahiti Village Resort!  
awesome kid friendly resort with plenty of kids activities and it was just off the strip! 
 The pool had a sandy beach area along with a lazy river! it was so perfect!

they had some fun poolside activites and contests for the kids.  
Hayes did the hula hoop contest! haha

one day we went and had a girl day with shopping and pedicures.  

 after our pedicures we went to eat brunch at "Hash House a Go Go" it's one of the famous 
stops of Man vs. Food!  the portions of food were ginormous and 
TO DIE FOR delicious!!
just look at miss olivia's plate! ha

while we were shopping in Vegas they had this darling playground where the
 kids wanted to stay.

on friday we headed to LA to play with the Johnson cousins!
we were hoping to hit the beach in california, but since 
the weather was cold we went to Vasquez Rock instead, played lacrosse, shopped 
around and celebrated Blaker's birthday. So much fun!

tons of movies were filmed here... most recently "John Carter"

Sunday morning was the farewell and then we came back for a delicous brunch.  
 it was fun to visit with blake for a bit more before we headed back to Vegas to stay one
 more day in the HOT sun!  The weather was taking a turn back to 90 degree 
weather so we decided to extend our stay!


Boston decided to play Lacrosse instead of baseball this year.  He loves it!!  It's so fun to watch, even 
though Cory and I are still trying to understand how this sport is played! 

Boston has his cousin Cade playing on his team this year so that makes it super fun for them!
the first game they played boston scored 2 of the 5 points! 

hoppy easter...

we celebrated Easter all weekend.  We had lots of parties, and 
festivities to attend to on saturday so the Easter bunny came saturday morning.  
Our neighborhood does an annual Easter egg hunt saturday morning
with the kids at our park.  Some eggs have an address on the inside of the egg where the kids
 go and pick out a toy or sweet prize!  {only 2 Star eggs per child}
We thought it was so awesome! Plus the weather was incredible!!
  Boston decided last minute to do the hunt, 
so he took a few of Ivy's and ended up winning the "Grand Prize" basket.  
 so hilarious how that kid always scores the goods!

all the kids got goggles, pool toys, treats and some treats... we are now ready for summer!

i love boston's "pretending to be excited" face. haha  

you gotta love her pick of jammies.  oh boy!

after our neighborhood party, & lacrosse game for Boston, we went to
 Alpine Country Club's Egg hunt... it was so fun!  
Ivy even won a HUGE stuffed chick! ha

we ate lunch at the country club and they were handing out lots of cotton candy! yikes!! 
 Can you say major "Sugar High"!!

On Sunday after church we went and ate a delicous Easter dinner at Nana's and Papa's house. 
 Nana hid so many eggs and made it super hard for the big kids to find.  
she even hid eggs with $$ in it!!

baby chicks.

Cory and i surprised the kids this Easter with baby chicks...  we couldn't help ourselves, 
they're so cute!
we want 'farm fresh' eggs so we decided to go all out and do the chicken coop and all, 
become our own little farmers. 

they love having chickens as their own pet. haha!
it's amazing how fast they grow, they are so big now.  

ivy is hilarious with them, she picks two up at a time like it's no big deal. 
she has no fear. ha

we gave them the chicks the week before Easter since we wanted them to 
see them little chicks, good thing we did too!

they were OVER excited to see their little chicks!

    we  also colored easter eggs that night!  we tried some new ways this year and 
experimented with rubberbands around the eggs before dipping them in the colors.  
we think they turned out pretty cool.

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