Sunday, April 29, 2012

baby chicks.

Cory and i surprised the kids this Easter with baby chicks...  we couldn't help ourselves, 
they're so cute!
we want 'farm fresh' eggs so we decided to go all out and do the chicken coop and all, 
become our own little farmers. 

they love having chickens as their own pet. haha!
it's amazing how fast they grow, they are so big now.  

ivy is hilarious with them, she picks two up at a time like it's no big deal. 
she has no fear. ha

we gave them the chicks the week before Easter since we wanted them to 
see them little chicks, good thing we did too!

they were OVER excited to see their little chicks!

    we  also colored easter eggs that night!  we tried some new ways this year and 
experimented with rubberbands around the eggs before dipping them in the colors.  
we think they turned out pretty cool.

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