Saturday, March 31, 2007


We had a Super fun Night last night hanging out with the Taylor Cousins! Right after School we all went to see the Movie "Meet the Robinsons" It looked really cute, I didn't get to totally watch all of it, as I had Hayes and Olivia climbing all over the Chairs and then eventually playing down the Hallway, Laughing their Heads off! I did However get to see the Beginning of it, and it was cute.
Then We all went to Eat at Bajio! 3 moms with 12 children! YIKES!! It was a Beautiful Sight.
We just played all night at our house and no one was Injured, Yea! Coop and Cam, Chase and Brigham all had a Sleepover,an ALL BOY Sleepover! They all woke up at 8 am and ate a special request of Letter Pancakes ! Now they are all playing, X BOX and Gamecube! You gotta love Boys!!! (This was actually a very Easy Sleepover)
Our Dads all come home this afternoon...YEA!! Then off to Priesthood Session!
We miss you guys!

Lucy and Sophie loved pushing Olivia in the Doll stroller! (They loved pushing anything in the doll stroller) They are so close to walking!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Thursday Night!

Since Cory is Out of town, I took Boston, Hayes, Olivia, Lacey and Mc Call out last night to eat at Tepanyaki because I had a Clean House and I didn't want to Cook anything in my Clean Kitchen! (Good excuse, Right?) The kids loved to watch the fire and the Smoking Volcano. Then We went to Watch Es Dee's(Cory's Cousin, and Lacey & Mc Call's little Sister) Flyers Showcase last night! She is An amazing little Gymnist! They Literally threw her so high in the Air on all the Stunts, & She can flip like you can't believe! Good Job Es Dee!!!
She really wanted to Show off her cute little cousins to everyone!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


March 17th (St. Patricks day) was their official "2" year Mark!!!! It was their Due date, and They actually came home from the Hospital that same day! (Olivia first then Hayes) So it is a Great day for our Family to Celebrate! Hayes is talking alot better, he is trying to say Everything, but he just can't get past the First Syllable...Ba Ba (boston) Coo coo (cookie)
Da Da Po (daddy's Porsche) We love that one, Everytime we go in the Garage! haha
Baby Cew (baby Crew) mi mi (mickey) poo poo (pluto) And so forth! My Favorite is when he throws a Temper Tantrum and falls to the Ground with his butt in the air! It's so cute, he totally calms himself down.
He is also my little Lover, He loves to give cuddles when he isn't Climbing all over everything!
(How do you not want to just eat him up!)

My Baby Girl is finally able to wear Pony Tails! Her daddy just melts when she shows him her Cute hair do's!
Isn't this picture so Cute..... She sings the whole song to "Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star" and tells us " Dad, Mom, Sing with me"!

She is our little Smarty pants! She knows almost all of her colors and can count to 10! She talks for Hayes and tells us what to get for him. She L O V E S baby dolls, stuffed animals, Disney characters, anything that you can push in a Stroller, I guess thats the little Nurturing girl in her! We just love to watch these two play together, Cory and I just seriously Laugh at them!

Cory and his Brothers are off to ZIONS for a Brothers Trip to go Biking, Paint Balling, Rock climbing etc.... They were really excited when I said I needed to take a Picture before they left! hee hee (They know i have a Picture taking Disorder) I already did so much today, I am quite proud of myself.... I swam "10" laps at the Gym this morning, Sat in the Sauna, Showered & Got ready for the Day(which is a big one, if you know me at all) went to the Temple, Grocery Store, Sent the Boys off on there trip with some Treats and Movies, started Laundry and Now my babies are Napping...& it's only 12:30 !
I guess thats what happens when you wake up at 6:30 in the morning!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Family Night!

Tonight for Family Home Evening we Sent the Kids on an Easter Egg hunt with the "13" articles of Faith and then we Decorated Easter Cookies! Mmmmm
Of Course the Egg hunt was pretty fun for Boston and he was able to put all the Articles of Faith in Order. Hayes and Olivia were in Heaven, Looking all over for the eggs and putting them in their Baskets! We had a Fun Night!

Little CROCS!

I finally found the little Sizes in CROCS! They are so cute on the little kids. Cory and I found the cutest little Jibbets for them, We just had to get them! Hayes has Mickey mouse & now Donald Duck and Olivia has Tinkerbell and Ariel. Boston has the Pirates one!
They are so funny with these shoes, Olivia wanted to wear hers to Church yesterday, she was such a stinker and crying so bad that She and I just stayed home. ( she had a little cough too, So she didn't really win the Argument. haha)

Friday, March 23, 2007


Ok So i have to brag a little! Tonight after our Ward Party, I had a Soccer game and I scored 4 of the 6 goals! (YAHOO!!!) Kari we missed you.... you would have been so proud of me! The game was at 8:40 pm So Cory stayed home with the Babies while Boston, Chase and Charlee all came to watch, They were my FAN club! They were yelling for me the WHole Game!
IT was so AWESOME!!!

I love this Kid!

I looked through Boston's Backpack today, Because we have NO School (yippee)! I found a little Booklet that he was making in his Class about Families! He is so adorable I just had to Post the Page of his Family! It's so cute how much he loves his Brother Parker! He always includes him Still, every time we talk about how many people are in our family!
I am reminded of what is really important to us and to keep our Eternal Perspective very clear!
(I will have to ask him why our Faces our all red..I am sure he was in a hurry to go to Recess ;))

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I went to Lunch today with my Girlfriends from when I worked at "Dallas Roberts" We always have so much fun when were together.....Like old Times! They are such GREAT friends, I just Love them to death!
I came Home from Lunch and got all the Kids closets cleaned out and Organized! It was a Productive afternoon! (I should have taken a picture of that! haha)
Boston is at Scouts and Hayes and Olivia are Cruising around the House in their NEW Crocs! They are so adorable, they finally have the little sizes in! (They won't take them off!)

Monday, March 19, 2007

The little Gym Gymnastics....

Ok... So I have been blogging a little tooo much today! This is what happens when you have 2 babies who take a 3 hour nap! yahoo!!
Hayes & Olivia went to Gymnastics today and were so funny to watch! There were other little kids their same age there but of course they just Played together! I was trying to get them to go and play with other kids...... Oh No, They were just off in a whole other part of the Room just playing together! O' well at least I don't have the Problem of them taking off and not finding the other one! I figured this class may just give them a little more Play Group time with other children their age, Since our Nursery only has 4 kids in it and they are 2 of the 4!

VEGAS Pics....

We are back! The weather was so Hot! It was 89 degrees and a quick fun trip!
We Stayed at the Wynn Hotel and They had a sweet spa, & such amazing Restaraunts too. We did some Spring Shopping at the Forum Shops and at Fashion Show Mall! I love to go shopping there, Especially the little girl sections! (why are girls things so much cuter than the boys?)
Cory and Geoff of course spent some time at the Ferrari dealer that was at the Wynn. While Jenn and I spent some time in the SPA!
I Loved it when we would hang out by the Pool, in the Cabana and the Cabana Host would ask us if we wanted anything to drink and He couldn't believe it when we were ordering "Caffeine Free Diet Coke"(my new Fav thanks to Phase 1 of SB Diet), and"Sprite Zero" (Cory's & Geoff's new Favorite Drink) We were allowed to have all the Alcoholic Drinks you wanted when you have a Cabana! So he was like "WOW" are you serious!
I think we watched Plenty of Basketball games.....At the Pool, in the Room, In the spa....The games were on!
Now we are back to some more Beautiful weather and a Totally Clean house! Thanks so much Lacey!
My kids were so excited to see us! Boston is sporting his New "UNC" Basketball Uniform and had made us all sorts of Cool Crafts and a Gumball machine!


We sent the kids to "Disney on Ice" on Saturday with Lacey, Mc Call and Grandma Gail! The Highlight was....THE LIMO! They were loving every minute! We were sad that we missed being there to watch it with them, But we knew they would be in Heaven! Boston could not stop talking about it! The Limo arrived at 4:45 and they stopped to get some Drinks and Bug Juice before the Drive up!
Caden, Chase & Boston stocking up on all the Disney Stuff!

Olivia loved looking at the Stars on the ceiling in the Limo! She was telling everyone all the different colors they turned!
Just hanging out drinking "Bug Juice"....Yum!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Cory and I are off to Las Vegas with Geoff & Jenn! They were supposed to go to Italy, but they still have NO PASSPORTS! Her mom is here to watch the Kids and now we all decided to just go by ourselves. Lacey & Mc Call are watching our Kids for the weekend and Taking them to "Disney on Ice" it's the Disneyland theme this year and is supposed to be so Good! Take lots of Pictures lacey!
We are just excited to hang out Once again and Catch up on a Good book & some Sun! The Weather is 89 degrees there right now, Not too Shabby!

Happy St. Patricks Weekend!

Monday, March 12, 2007

"RACE FOR THE CURE"! In Celebration of "Kelly Taylor"

Here is the Link to the "Race for the Cure" in Salt Lake City May 12th! If you are interested in Running a 5K or just 1 Mile walk/Run Please Register NOW.... We have until April to sign up! It will be so much fun! IF you never got the Email for this Please let me know. Just click on the Link and Then Enter under "Join existing Team" The team Name is "Team Kelly"! Very Quick and Easy!

This Little PIGGY....

Check out the Cute little Pig Tales on Olivia!! Lacey Styled Olivia's Hair so cute and She kept it in all day! I was very suprised that she even let her do it. She told me to "Don't Touch her Pretty Hair"
So Yes, It is Possible to put her hair in cute little Piggies! FINALLY!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007


Holy COW! I am a little Irritated with who got Voted off Last night!
First of all "Sundance" over "SanJaya" um Hello.... That is just ridiculous!
And I loved Jared, I thought he did way better than the Bald Guy or Brandon!
Oh Well, I am a little bugged that "Sabrina" was voted off before "Haley" That is quite a Concern that America thinks Haley is Better than Her!
I don't really know if I can watch it anymore, Maybe I will have to find a new show to watch.
I do LOVE Blake, MY family loves him... I hope he wins!

Is it just me or is everyone else a little Frustrated?

Cute Kids!

I walked in the room to find Hayes and Olivia watching The IPOD Video, they had it on Backyardigans (some how?) and were justing sitting on the Step eating fruit snacks and watching a show! It was so adorable...They are getting so big, it's so funny to watch them together, they are Best Friends!
Hayes is so Nice to her and she is so the Boss! When they haven't seen each other for a while ( if I have one baby and Cory has the other) They get so excited and run up and Hug each other! I remember Ally and Witney doing that all the Time, and I just love it.
Yesterday Boston got to go Horseback riding on a "REAL Horse" (his exact words). He was so Excited he said to just let go so he can take the Horse on a Run! Ya Right! He's a crazy little kid!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Boston and Chase have been "Best Buddies" since they were "2" years old! They call themselves the "Best buddy Rangers"! Chase used to call Boston "Bopin". haha ~It's one of our Favorite memories.
It so cute that they have been such good friends at such a Young age!
Here is Chase with his New Haircut! He LOVES it so much! Now they both will have sweet little Fowhawks!

I know Both his Grandma's will be so HAPPY!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

BIKING in St. George/ Talent show!

Cory arrived home from his "SWEET" BIKING excursion! He had all sorts of funny stories and Marks on his body to Prove them. He went to St. George with some buddies to Bike the "Gooseberry Mesa" Trail. It Sounded like they had a good time!
We are just glad that our Dad is home in One Piece!

Last night the kids and I went to American Forks Talent Show! Witney and her Ballroom Partner Ruger won first Place in their division. They did a Duo to "Save the Last dance for me" (Which was incredible) She is such an amazing Dancer!!!

There was this guy who Balanced all sorts of Heavy Objects from his Chin!!!! NO Joke!
He of course won 1st place overall! It was so fun to watch! ( I am sure we will be seeing him on Jay Leno :))
Boston was telling me in the Car on our way home , that when he was sitting with witney and all of her Cheerleading friends they were saying "OH my gosh witney , he is soooo CUTE!!, and He's wearing Abercrombie"! He was like "why did they say that " haha ~ I just said Girls are just Crazy!

Our weekend is not over yet.... We have no School tomorrow, and Jaxon is coming over for a Sleepover! Now I have to think of something fun to do!

Friday, March 02, 2007


Last night Olivia said "Mom, watch American Idol" ok more like (Amewican Idow) It was so funny! Because we of course watch American Idol ! Our favorites so far this season is mainly "Blake" We also like "Jared" and Now I kind of like "Sundance" .... He's kind of steppin it up!

Boston and Charlee had Gymnastics today! They love their teacher Courtney, Boston is Doing so good, He absolutley loves it! Hayes and Olivia just got to play around in the kids area with Brody and Wait for the kids to finish up!

Cory went on a Biking Weekend with some friends to St. George. They are planning 6 hr bike rides on this trail that is supposed to be quite famous! It's called "Gooseberry mesa" (sp).
I have a Soccer game tonight and that is about it for our Weekend , Just hanging out with the kids!

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