Sunday, March 04, 2007

BIKING in St. George/ Talent show!

Cory arrived home from his "SWEET" BIKING excursion! He had all sorts of funny stories and Marks on his body to Prove them. He went to St. George with some buddies to Bike the "Gooseberry Mesa" Trail. It Sounded like they had a good time!
We are just glad that our Dad is home in One Piece!

Last night the kids and I went to American Forks Talent Show! Witney and her Ballroom Partner Ruger won first Place in their division. They did a Duo to "Save the Last dance for me" (Which was incredible) She is such an amazing Dancer!!!

There was this guy who Balanced all sorts of Heavy Objects from his Chin!!!! NO Joke!
He of course won 1st place overall! It was so fun to watch! ( I am sure we will be seeing him on Jay Leno :))
Boston was telling me in the Car on our way home , that when he was sitting with witney and all of her Cheerleading friends they were saying "OH my gosh witney , he is soooo CUTE!!, and He's wearing Abercrombie"! He was like "why did they say that " haha ~ I just said Girls are just Crazy!

Our weekend is not over yet.... We have no School tomorrow, and Jaxon is coming over for a Sleepover! Now I have to think of something fun to do!


Garrett said...

yeh you really need to get boston off of abercrombie.

Granum Family said...

I'm glad Cory made it back safely :) Whitney is gorgeous!!! Good genes in your family :)

Heather said...

Boston is so funny! I love that kid. The boys haven't laughed as hard as they did at him last night for a long time.

KB said...

Looks like a FUN biking trip!! I like the pic of Cory with his bike over his head. I would love to see Witney dance, I saw her on Good Things Utah awhile back and she is so amazing! Boston is so innocent :-)

Anonymous said...

Go Cory and Whitters!

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