Saturday, March 31, 2007


We had a Super fun Night last night hanging out with the Taylor Cousins! Right after School we all went to see the Movie "Meet the Robinsons" It looked really cute, I didn't get to totally watch all of it, as I had Hayes and Olivia climbing all over the Chairs and then eventually playing down the Hallway, Laughing their Heads off! I did However get to see the Beginning of it, and it was cute.
Then We all went to Eat at Bajio! 3 moms with 12 children! YIKES!! It was a Beautiful Sight.
We just played all night at our house and no one was Injured, Yea! Coop and Cam, Chase and Brigham all had a Sleepover,an ALL BOY Sleepover! They all woke up at 8 am and ate a special request of Letter Pancakes ! Now they are all playing, X BOX and Gamecube! You gotta love Boys!!! (This was actually a very Easy Sleepover)
Our Dads all come home this afternoon...YEA!! Then off to Priesthood Session!
We miss you guys!

Lucy and Sophie loved pushing Olivia in the Doll stroller! (They loved pushing anything in the doll stroller) They are so close to walking!


JT said...

Thanks for the fun time for the boys. Letter pancakes? Only at your house! Cute pics.

Heather said...

You set the bar too high! Darling pictures...thanks again. Sleepovers at my house will get German pancakes for breakfast. Anyone interested?

KB said...

You are such a cute mom and aunt!! It sounds like so much fun! Yay for all of the daddies being home!!

Jenn Granum said...

Wow! 3 moms and 12 kids? You guys must be mormon! Looks like a fun sleepover! And Heather, I love German pancakes. Can I come over for a sleepover!

Granum Family said...

So fun!

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