Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I went to Lunch today with my Girlfriends from when I worked at "Dallas Roberts" We always have so much fun when were together.....Like old Times! They are such GREAT friends, I just Love them to death!
I came Home from Lunch and got all the Kids closets cleaned out and Organized! It was a Productive afternoon! (I should have taken a picture of that! haha)
Boston is at Scouts and Hayes and Olivia are Cruising around the House in their NEW Crocs! They are so adorable, they finally have the little sizes in! (They won't take them off!)


Granum Family said...

Cute picture of you! I love having lunch with girlfriends... sooo fun!

KB said...

That is so great that you all still keep in touch~you are all so cute and of course you all have beautiful hair!! I cleaned Lauren's closet and drawers out yeaterday too! That was so nice to get done...need to make room for the Spring stuff! Still need to do Kate's though, you are one productive girl! I want to see a pic of Hayes and Olivia in their cute Crocs!!

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