Saturday, September 30, 2006

CLassic SKating!

We had a Fun Filled start to our Morning at Classic Skating for Chase's Birthday Party! It was from 10-12 and I took the babies and Roller skated while Boston rode his scooter & they were in their Stroller, (it was quite comical) . They had rented it out for the Party so they didn't have a ton of people everywhere, which was great! I brought Hayes & Olivia's bikes so they could play with those also.
Geoff and I were the ONLY adults who Played red light, green light.........and WON! Sometimes you just can't help pretending to be a kid!

Oh Boston had his School Carnival on friday. Which was a blast. He shot the target with a Ball and Dunked his Principal in Water! It was great, all the kids thought it was AWESOME! He also won a huge Cake on the cake walk, he was very excited.
Then I was in Charge of the Cotton Candy station, and he & Esdee would occasionally come and help make it with me. We had a blast!

Our school had a silent auction with great Baskets of everything, Our class was in charge of the Disney theme, and each class had a theme and they auctioned them all off.
I did end up winning "DREAM DINNERS" 6 dinners valued at $150 and I ended the bid @ $80! I have been wanting to try those so bad, so Yeah ME!
I am going to the Conference session tomorrow from 2-4 with witney, We are so excited, we hope the VIP seats sit us up pretty close to the front!

I will post pictures soon, It's taking forever!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


We went to pick up My Dad & Madge from the Airport and then went to Market Street Grill for Jill's Birthday!
She absolutley loves that place, It was good.
Boston had a Birthday Party to go to at Backyard Adventures and then when we went to pick him up later he was soooooo Excited to Play with Grandma & Grandpa! He has already played Marbles, Chinese Checkers & Chess! He has a full weekend ahead of him!
Tomorrow is our School Carnival, I am in charge of the Cotton Candy, Oh NO, That could be dangerous for me, I may be a little bit on a sugar high!

Madge's Son Chris is working with Senator Orrin Hatch, so he got them and us VIP tickets to all of the General Conference sessions! So i am still deciding on which session I can go to! How fun will that be. I have never been up to the Conference center. I think I will do Sunday afternoon with Mindy. Dad and Madge said they want to stay with the kids so we can go up.
OH how nice is it when you have your parents here! I love it!
I have to get up nice and Early for my morning run........ I am now at 3 miles (that's pretty good for me)

See you tomorrow

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Awards & Birthday's!


Today is Boston's best buddy Chase's Birthday! He is now 7 yrs old!
They had the Cub scout Pack meeting tonight also, Which Chase is now a TIGER CUB!
Boston got Belt loops and Pins for Baseball, Swimming, & Soccer. He also got the Bobcat badge, and a pin that he got to Pin onto me! Very Cool night for these boys, We have a fabulous scout leader and makes it so great for these kids to be so involved.
We don't have the Pinewood Derby until March and Boston is already Sketching out his Cars.......He has like 12 sketches and they are all really cool, thanks to his Dad!

After the Pack meeting we went to Chase's for Cake and Ice cream & Video Games!
Now we are having Major meltdowns & Spaz attacks in this household, I better go and Help Cory out!

Good Night!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Olivia the Pig" Material

Here is what I am working on right now! I finally got it all cut out and now I am trying to see how I want it to lay out! Isn't it so cute! The Borders are cut out, they are just not in the Picture.
It's a little bit bigger than a baby quilt, and not quite a twin size, I don't think.
You know your a Dork, when you get excited to Blog about what your doing!

I better quit rambling and Get to Bed!
Good Night.

Monday, September 25, 2006

FHE! (Family Home Evening)

Tonight was our Family's turn to clean the Church! And it definitley needed to be cleaned. Our ward is in an older church, and you can tell nobody really tries to clean it right. So cory Pulled a "Phil Gunther", and Tore into it! We stuck the babies in the Nursery room, Hoping they would stay and Play......But they Remembered "The ROOM"! We did it and it looks great!

Boston has a Baseball game tomorrow in Taylorsville, a Pack meeting on Wednesday, and Grandma and Grandpa visiting on Thursday,& our School Carnival on Friday,& Chase's Birthday Party on Saturday Yeah! We are so excited to have some Company, especially Grandpa (my Dad), He is like another child in the House, so Boston thinks he has a friend sleeping over all weekend long, and I have to remind Grandpa to be careful, as he slide tackles my son onto the Kitchen floor and barely misses the corner.... It is quite funny!
We are getting all practiced up on our Chess Skills for Grandpa too! So you better be coming prepared!
I am loving this weather! This week is supposed to stay so nice, in the 70's! I need to get out and go biking or Something before it's GONE!

I am the Room Mom for Boston's First Grade class and we are auctioning off a huge Disney Basket full of DISNEY everything for the Carnival on friday, & I still need to get some mom's to come and help with the Carnival too. So what am I doing just rambling on when i really need to be calling around and getting it all put together!

Have a Good Night.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Boston & the Sugarkings had their first Loss! I dont even remember the Score, However they did play against a 9yr old team!
It was good for them to see what mistakes they were making, so now the coaches can help them improve the game. They really didn't lose that bad, I just had 2 babies all over the place so I didn't keep track of the score.

Boston got the Game Ball! He was the only one to hit off of this amazing pitcher! He was so excited, everyone thought he was the BOMB! It was pretty amazing for him, He even scored in 2 runs, and scored for himself also!
We have three more games and then we are done with Baseball until Spring.
Soccer is now over also, until the Spring, So I pretty much don't look forward to the Spring Craziness again!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


He really is in"The Friend", I Got it this morning, He is so excited , He thinks it's just the coolest thing ever! We sent his picture in a year ago. It takes a long time i guess.

I Had a NORMAL day today Jane! I can finally say that! I started off going to the temple, and thank goodness for the Rain cause all of our Practices were cancelled. Boston Just went to scouts tonight,and that was all we had today, It was so nice to just hang out at home and Make a yummy Sweet and Sour Chicken dinner! (Which was delicious& Very easy)
I Guess that's what happens when you start off with the Temple! You gotta love it.

So now I am off to a Purse, Pants & Jewelry party at Mindy's house!
Happy Shopping!
Just kidding Honey!

From Madge Johnson ( she actually got it in Hawaii when they were on their Mission)

1 pkt Lipton Onion soup mix
8 oz. apricot Jam
8 oz. Russian Dressing
Mix together and marinate chicken for 45 min.

cook 30 min. with foil on 350

Make your rice and then Pour Sauce and Chicken over Rice.
It's So delicious, It's one of my favorite meals!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday NIGHT!

Boston and Chase were playing tonight out front with his GO Kart and Hayes & Olivia's Toys, It was so funny to watch them push the other person while they were on the GO Kart! (kind of hard to explain...just check out the Picture) It was actually kind of Fast! They are Crazy kids.

I have got all kids down by 8:30 pm, Now that is sweet! Boston Just informed me that he wants to start Reading the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight! He's hilarious... But i said Go for it! Lets see how long that lasts. He is in his bed reading as we speak. He is reading the Magic Treehouse Books at school, he is on Book 8!

Tomorrow is a little crazy with the Car being sold by Noon. We have Soccer Practice for Boston @ 5pm, then scouts @ 6:30, & Maybe a Baseball Practice, we will find out tomorrow, Cory buddy,you better hurry home before school gets out.
I better go sew the Badges on Boston's Scouts uniform tonight. See you tomorrow!


Today I went Biking in Alpine! It was so fun, and Very Hot! This weather is Crazy< it's 88 degrees here. Well you can't complain when you are out enjoying it. We caught up with Todd, Shea,& Jake after they did all the hard stuff! We (tyler, Diana,& Garrison) Did the Uphill later though!

Boston is in these after school Programs on Monday and Tuesday with our School, He is in Arts & Crafts on Monday and Cooking on Tuesday. HE was so excited today when he came home, because they are going to make a Pizza next week! YEAH.

He is so funny, he told me today at school, the teacher gave you skittles and each person had to say something about them to the Whole class, So Boston had 3 skittles He said
1." my name is Boston"
2. " I like to be funny"
3. " I like ARIEL" He was just laughing his head off when he told me this..... He is quite the Class clown, I know i had lunch with him and His friends one day and he is definitley a little funny!

Cory is in Jackson Hole until tomorrow! He also sold my car in the Mean time! So i am Carless starting tomorrow...Or I will just put the kids in the Porsche,and run my errands. hee hee

Sunday, September 17, 2006

You gotta love Sundays!

Ok So we have had a dramatic change in Weather, Hello---it's only September and there is snow on the Mountains.....I was supposed to go MTN. Biking on Saturday morning. Oh well, So instead I Got all the Winter Gear and Clothing out and Washed!

Today was so awesome! We had a fabulous Sunday School lesson, Hayes & Olivia went to Nursery the whole time,& We had a fabulous Lunch! Then Hayes and Olivia went down for a Nap while I played BINGO with Boston and then also Had a nap! You gotta love Sundays!
OH we also found out that Boston is going to be in "The Friend"! Cory's cousin said she just got the October magazine and she saw Boston Taylor in the Friends in the News~ How cool is that.. We haven't recieved the magazine yet, We even went to the distribution center and they do not have it yet! So look for him in the October issue.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I went to Power Pump this Morning, then to Costco, where their was the Greatest stuff! Never go there when you are Starving, They had so many new things, & Everything looked so delicious. A few of my favorites ....Pita Bread to make sandwiches in, Strawberries, Oh I love their crunchy grapes, Propel drinks, Otis spunkmeyer cookies,and this new kind of Tortilla soup , which I may just have for dinner tonight! We finally bought Akeela and the Bee (Great Movie)& The Wild.

I did end up getting all of the things done that I needed to do today! YEAH!! except drop off the DVD's and Ally's Blanket! I am coming still.....

Story time @ Borders is so darling. They read to them and then they colored and brought out Cookies and Apple Juice for the kids, It's Perfect! Every Thursday @ 11:00 if you want to come.
Then Jenn & I went to BAJIO for Lunch with the kiddos.. Very GOOD.
Now I have to put together the Half time snacks for the Soccer Game, while Hayes & Olivia are napping....... Oh I love Nap time.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What a Gorgeous Day!

We had the Greatest weather today! It was 90 degrees here, a little different for Fall. But we will take it!
We went to Boston's Soccer Practice and Hayes & Olivia played the whole time on the Playground there. They were loving it, they even went up the stairs and down the slide a WHOLE lot of times. They love to play with their toys outside.

Boston has soccer Pictures and a game tomorrow. SO we did some Haircuts tonight for the Family. (except Hayes)
He has become Quite the soccer Player, It is so much fun , and Exhausting to watch them run all over for the Ball. But now they have learned to play alot better and Spread out and Pass.
His last game and the first game he scored a Goal. We will see what tomorrow brings.

I HAVE FINISHED THE DVD!!!! YEAH..... The lake powell trip! I made a DVD for the family, It it is so cool, I must say. We have been watching it non stop ,now I just have to deliver it to everyone.
That is on my list of things to do tomorrow. ....along with

-Treats for the soccer game (my turn)
-Run with babies to Borders for Story time! (11 am)
-Costco for milk, grated cheese, Fruit snacks, etc...
-Gap to get a Price adjustment
-Drop off ally's Gift
-call Bee & wasp control
-Call landscaper to fix the grass where the fence posts are.
-Call clear springs spa to clean spa

Check out My friend Kari's Blogspot! Her kids are Beautiful, YEAH another Blogger, THis is so fun!

Now I am off to Bed....Good Night.

Monday, September 11, 2006



Cory & I went and Saw the movie "World Trade Center" on Friday! It's a documentary on the life of two Policemen who were buried in the Rubble and Survived.
There were only 20 people who were rescued and they were 18 and 19! It's a great Movie. Obviously very Sad. Bring lots of Tissues.

Here is a Great Quote from Jay Leno:

"With Hurricanes, Tornados, Fires out of Control, Mudslides, Flooding, Severe Thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of Bird flu and Terrorist attacks, "Are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegience?"

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Happy Birthday to my Mom!

This is the sweetest, most patient, rule abiding, loving Mother. I don't think she has ever raised her voice to me or any of us children.
How come I (or We) didn't inherit that trait mom. What a Great Example of Patience!

We had a busy weekend.... Boston played a Baseball game in Park City on Saturday and they won 20-6 ! It was a great game. Nana came and watched (helped)! Boston got a hit and scored two runs and then he ended up scoring too. SO it was a good day for Boston, especially since he had a fever during the game! What a trooper.

Sunday was our monthly Family Home Evening dinner at our house, Where we had a delicious Ham dinner and gave out awards from our Lake Powell trip. It was so fun to give the awards with the Gag gifts that went with.
My favorite ones were .......
Best Milks-Todd (total inside Joke with his 2 yr old daughter)
The Kelly Hog--Olivia (she would not leave Aunt Kelly alone)

Good Times.....

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I am so glad that everyone seems to be having crazy days latley! I am still trying to catch up from Monday! Ugh..... I am trying to finish a blanket for a baby shower that is TONIGHT! Soccer Practice, Soccer Pictures, Baseball Practice, Scouts,getting awards done for scouts, Grocery's for dinner on Sunday with all the Family, a DVD that is in Progress as we speak.
I just ordered all of our Halloween Costumes, and my Dog keeps escaping, after we just fenced in our whole Yard... HE is more work latley than two babies!
So I too need to get off of the computer, & Shower while I have a minute.......

Monday, September 04, 2006


WOW! Where to begin. Well our day started with Breakfast at the Blanchard familia! Where they have a huge swing that is hooked between two trees and you can get some serious Air. There was quite the line for that one! Then we went to Riverside for a carnival like day with BBQ and lots of FREE food and Rides! Then off to swim at The pool there. From 5-8 we went to our friends and Neighbors the Rhodes and had a Volleyball night with lots of friends and food! It was so fun, They have a sand Volleyball court in their backyard and it is so fun.We pick teams (adults only) and end up having a championship game at the end. We (my team) Team #2 made it to the championship with team #1 (cory's team) we did lose, but it was a pretty close game. We ended up having 5 teams playing.
Now we are back to school again tomorrow. And I am back to Laundry, BIG time!
Oh yah! I forgot my camera all day! But I did get a few pics from Volleyball. Oops!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

We're back from Pineview!

Brody & Brian hanging out on the Boat!

Big "B", Charlee & Shae

Hot mama Shae in her sweet Shades! Whew Hoo;!

Cindy & Big "J"

Brody kickin it on the Surf Board!

Oh so cute ....Daddy & Hayes
We are home from the Lake! It was awesome, the weather was Great and Hot, and suprisingly not too crowded on the Beach. We had so much fun with cousins to play with and Timbermine Food! My cousin Cindy and hubby John came up too, so the kids loved to play with "ninee" & Big "J"!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Jenn's having another BOY!!!

It's another boy for Geoff and Jenn! She just knew it! Chase wants to name him "shorty by nature" ! Let's hope not.
This is so cool, cause Jenn is a cool All Boy Mom. How fun!
In the Ultrasound it's hard to miss that he is a Boy! The other boys are so excited to have a little brother. Geoff really wanted a baby girl, and Jenn just wanted a Healthy baby. So now she can finally decorate the nursery and we can slowly wait for the Arrival of baby #3. Due in January!
We had a busy morning , with the cleaning fairies arriving at 8 am & Hayes & Olivia's Follow up clinic at 9 am for an Eye appt. which they said their eyes are perfect! We don't have to have another check up for another year! YEAH! We have been so blessed, it's amazing the Power of Prayer. Have a great Labor Day Weekend! We are off to the Lake up in Pineview with Mindy & Brian and Family!
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