Friday, September 01, 2006

Jenn's having another BOY!!!

It's another boy for Geoff and Jenn! She just knew it! Chase wants to name him "shorty by nature" ! Let's hope not.
This is so cool, cause Jenn is a cool All Boy Mom. How fun!
In the Ultrasound it's hard to miss that he is a Boy! The other boys are so excited to have a little brother. Geoff really wanted a baby girl, and Jenn just wanted a Healthy baby. So now she can finally decorate the nursery and we can slowly wait for the Arrival of baby #3. Due in January!
We had a busy morning , with the cleaning fairies arriving at 8 am & Hayes & Olivia's Follow up clinic at 9 am for an Eye appt. which they said their eyes are perfect! We don't have to have another check up for another year! YEAH! We have been so blessed, it's amazing the Power of Prayer. Have a great Labor Day Weekend! We are off to the Lake up in Pineview with Mindy & Brian and Family!

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Kimberlee Shannon said...

Hey, thanks for the comments! I am soo looking forward to being out there for Thanksgiving and spending some time with everyone. And I love getting to keep up with what's happening out there by checking everyone's sites!
Love and miss you much...

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