Monday, January 31, 2011

Science fair

Boston was very into the science fair this year.  He looked online for all sorts of awesome experiments.  
and literally did half of them at home. {daily}
He decided he wanted to do the "Bed of Nails" project.  It was fun for him to see that 
with a bed of nails a balloon would not pop unless given a TON of pressure.  He built his own
 bed of nails and painted it too.  Come to find out you can't display nails and sharp 
objects in school. ~ oops.

It was still super fun putting it all in pictures.  His teacher was totally on
 top of all the kids projects, they could not have help from parents. 
Do you even know how hard that is?
so he did this all by himself... even the display! 
 I think he did awesome!

and the winner is...

Congratulations to Rachel Sandburg, she won the Hapari swimsuit 'giveaway'!  
~be sure to become a fan of Hapari on facebook, they do all sorts of 'giveaways'

thanks to all who entered! 
she said...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

it's a "GIVEAWAY"

let me introduce you to my favorite swimsuit line!

their '2011' suits have arrived and they are 

i can't stand it!!
 they are so adorable.  love the new prints and they have some fabulous new styles this season. 
Their one piece swimsuit is so flattering and i'm totally in love!


to enter the 'giveaway' 
~become a fan on facebook by clicking 'like' {click here}
~go to and tell what style and print is your fav!
~leave your email

winner will be picked on monday!!

happy shopping...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


we've had a fun filled busy weekend with Lots of boys...and my 2 girls!

my friend Cynthia and her hubby Michael went to california for a much needed
"birthday getaway!" 
 So her 4 boys came to play with us  these last few days.  oh yah, 8 kids!  Cory loved going
 to church with all of them on sunday, It felt like old times for him.  He is one of 8 kids!  
whomever has more than 4 children is pretty much my HERO!

Remember this post?  
 We love having these boys come and hang out with us.  they rock!  These guys were 
our neighbors in our last neighborhood and we still hang out as much as possible. 
Boston and my kids were in heaven!  playing xbox daily, dsi's, jump on it,
Tepanyaki and the Emergency Room!  

yep, apparently when you have all boys playing tackle football at jump on it then
 someone usually breaks something!  In our case it was Jacob! He broke his nose.  
He's 8 and SO SO tough.  He didn't even cry.
x-rays showed just a slight crack and everything will heal on its own, just fine. 
 ahhhhh... nothing like someone getting hurt while your babysitting them!

needless to say, this did not stop them from playing, wrestling and skiing!
we all took the day off on Monday since it was Incredibly, beautiful weather here in utah...
the two little boys had a ski day for their school on monday so they were in a 
lesson while i skied with Boston, Luke and Zach!

i pretty much just followed them everywhere and video'ed them at the "Terrain Park"  these boys seriously tried everything!  I love how awesome at skiing they are. 
Boston was catching some sweet air and criss-crossing his ski's while jumping!  
I love this!!

the pictures are lame because i only had my flip video... these pics are from my phone.

Proof that I took 5 boys skiing!

jump on it...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Utah Flash

 My friend susan invited us along with a bunch of our buddies to hang out in their "suite" and watch the "Utah Flash" basketball game.   It was so awesome!  The suite was also catered with
 "Malawi's" pizza {which is one of my fav. places to eat} We all had a blast!  

kids were plenty hyped up on pepsi and malawi's dessert pizza by the end of the night.
total madness.
total awesome madness!

and the flash won!

thanks suz, we love playing with you guys!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

my weaknesses lately...

besides online shopping and browsing at every other store i get my daily emails from,
  I am loving "GILT"
they have the greatest deals, and be sure to check out "Jetsetter" too!
my sil Jane introduced me to it a while ago, and i've been hooked ever since.

SWEET Deals!

does anyone else use this site?  Tell me your what your favorite 'deal sites'.

I'm also hooked on the "pioneer woman's" 16 minute meals!! yum!
i want her cookbook, does anyone have it, and if so do you LOVE it?

I have been trying to cook 3 fabulous homeade meals a week, with vegetables and all
 {thats quite a task for me}
 and so far we are loving them.   
I've also been having Boston cook one meal a week, which he thoroughly enjoys!
 It's usually quesadillas, taco soup, or egg burritos,  but he's quite the chef and loves 
planning his one meal for the week!
 {i love it too}

we've been busy around here with "science projects" and our new found love of "SKYPE" , we love talking to friends and family everywhere! It's so fun.
do you Skype?

we've been loving our ipad and playing all sorts of awesome games.
Boston and i LOVE  this game and play it every second we can get! ha it's super addicting...
"whirly word"
~what are your favorite apps?  tell us your "Must Have's."

Check back soon for a hapari swimsuit "giveaway!"
the 2011 suits are TO DIE FOR!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Provo Beach Resort...

is seriously so much fun!

we spent the afternoon and early evening on saturday at the riverwoods with our kids. 
 Shopping, eating at "happy sumo" and then to the new "Provo Beach Resort!"

we loved it!  

my kids love the Blickenstaff's toy store...

 after some eating and shopping we were off to play...

It's so reasonably priced, totally Clean and absolutely fantastic! 
there is so much to do... boston wished we had brought our swimsuits because
they had an amazing Indoor flowrider with a hot tub!!  

it's 2 stories with lots of arcades to play,  a ropes course, 
pinewood derby, play centers on both floors, a darling croquet course, 
simulater golf, bowling with flat screen tv's,
an area for eating and LIVE bands!!

it's even way better than i imagined.  I can't wait to take the kids back again, with my real camera.
sorry all pics taken on my camera phone!

my crazy little goofballs.

ivy loved the carousel...

the upstairs play center is so cool.  I loved that it is so new and clean it even smells like it!! ahhhhh 

Boston was Loving the "ropes course"   
it's pretty sweet!

while he was doing that we played some bowling & arcades upstairs with the little kids. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

a "rubix-cube" PRO!

it is no joke that this kid has been working on this dang rubix cube for over a month!

 he has been looking on google for tutorials and "you tubes" all christmas break!  His favorite website was "rubix cube for dummies."  but eventually he made up his own way.
It's apparently an algebra equation.

he would spend many hours on this thing.  Always asking Cory and me to help out.  
{we both have never cared to solve the rubix cube}
i think he got so into it that he got himself sick over it! {physically}

...well after 6 weeks of hard, self disciplined work he has Solved it!
He's a Genius! ha

seriously i think it's addicting for him.  he loves to play with it over and over and over! 
he  has all his friends from school into it, and cousins.  Everyone asks him how to solve it and 
he tries to teach them all.  It's crazy!

he is starting a collection of these babies.  he has solved the 2x2, 3x3 and 
soon to be {it shipped today}
the 5x5!

love this boy...and all his quirkiness~wink

a "double feature" birthday party...

 for my darling girlfriend Jane, who is Rockin "35!"

girls lunch at "smashburger"

   I'm pretty sure i lucked out in the friend department, i have the best girlfriends ever!  
I loved spending a whole saturday with friends and watching a double feature!

cory and i headed out on saturday early on a much needed "happy sumo" fix 
before our birthday festivities with the Rhodes began.  
we went to the Gateway ate lunch and then met everyone for the Movie 
"The Tourist"
LOVED this movie!!
{anything with Johnny depp is always good}

then we all went to "Cedars of Lebanon" delicious lebanese food.
 seriousy so delicious!
  I love my polaroid app on my phone. { i forgot about it until just recently} it's a "retro camera" with  different ways to take polaroids.  I love how the pictures turned out.

the birthday girl with her hubby

then on to our "double feature"
 "how do you know"

it was a fabulous "much needed" date! ha

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Vibe - Semi-Finals {for those of you who missed it}


The vibe made it to the Finals!  We didn't need to vote, they were the judges pick!

we had a party at Tasha's with the kids to watch it in the "theater room!"
 it was so fun!

the dance was pretty much amazing, and witney and all her friends are 
on their way home now!

~i promise that every post will not be about "live to dance" 
but i can't help myself right now, i am loving this show!!!

{ scroll down to the bottom and press pause on shannon's tunes }

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


~Congrats to the VIBE!!  
we didn't even have to vote... they were the Judges pick! 

onto the finals!!


tonight is the night to VOTE! Watch Paula Abudul's "Live To Dance" 
on CBS at 7pm and vote for "The VIBE"

The Vibe is our amazing Dance studio and my 
niece and all of her super uber talented dance friends are all in it!!   

There will be 6 groups dancing tonight and only 2 will be continuing on!
So every vote counts!!

I'm dying to see their dance tonight!!  
GO wit!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

dear fellow bloggers...

my amazing & oh so creative friend jane, just tweaked my blog!!  
i love it,

she is super creative and therefore she can have at it!!

but she did tweak is so good that she lost all my blog contacts! ha
so i would love it if those of you who know that you were on my sidebar would
 you please leave a comment with your blog address?!!

and for those of you who read this blog, 
i would 
love it

if you would leave a comment and let me know who you are, and where your from along
with  your blog address so i can add it to my google reader!
it makes me smile.

i love the blogging world & look forward to getting to know you.


one EXTRA week...

Of "No School!"

this past week we had one more week off of school, due to some flooding.
needless to say my kids were SO excited!

we tried to escape this cold weather, but our dad was in his busiest season of work, especially
 that particular week. bummer.

we still enjoyed the days playing while everyone else was in school.

i love love love my kids home. so we just continued on playing with our video games, 
dsi's, ipad, and our cousins.  Yep the other taylor cousins who go to our school 
were out of school too!!

we took the kids sledding, out to lunch, matinee's, play dates with friends from school,  
color me mine, and trafalga! 
{best place to go when everyone is in school}

all pictures are taken from my phone, so the quality is not so good.  but normally it takes good 
pictures.  i realized by the end of the week that my lovely little 2 yr old had messed 
with the settings. so now it's back to normal.

 trafalga in lehi is the bomb!  you remember "Liberty land" {right off the freeway}
 where we would go in the summer.  well it's new and improved and we got sucked into the 
"pass of all passes."  This place is awesome!  
Awesome laser tag, and glow in the dark golf, huge arcade area, along with
plenty of outdoor activites as well. 

these kids had an absolute blast!!

 {boston and camden}

hayes' favorite ride... "the pirate ship"

love this one.  especially when Heather went on!  

this is probably the coolest/cutest thing ever.  indoor go karts. {kid size}
we couldn't get hayes off these!!

 mini bowling.  so so cool!

laser tag.

we spent an afternoon {ivy-less} at color me mine.  one of boston's fav's.  I haven't taken the twins before and thought that would be fun.  well hayes was done after about 20 minutes. 

boston and livi could have kept painting all day long.  they loved it!
notice boston at his own table.  he apparently needed all the extra room.

look at boston's bobble head football player.  
he is obsessed with football, and very proud of his lucky #7!!

Sledding at the bowl!
 we live walking distance to one of the coolest sledding hills.  

why can't boston just sled down like all the other kids?! ;)

 today the kids started back to school, and a part of me is so bummed.  i love having my kids home.  i  think what i love the most is that they love to be home!  I love that they actually love being together as a family more than hanging with their friends. 

I am one lucky momma! 

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